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this time we have no party
report because in this month
there was no party.we decided
to make a CRUNCHER TEST and a
story about the death of ORION.

so let's start with the test :

to see which one is the best we crunched an old
sex'n crime (147 blk),which was
only packed with sledge hammer:

01 cruelcruncher 2.2/??? 86 blk

02 cruelcruncher 2.2/scs 87 blk

03 cruelcruncher 2.2/atg 87 blk

04 darksequenzer /sharks 90 blk

05 timecruncher 4.2  /bb 91 blk

06 timecruncher 3.0 /??? 92 blk

07 timecruncher 2.0 /mat 94 blk

08 news packer     /news 95 blk

09 timecruncher 5.1/grml 97 blk

10 crambcruncher  /nato 107 blk
this are only the 10 best
crunchers !!! we know some are
better but as we tested the
crunchers sum crunched programse
had the same memory location !
for example :
fab packer/fbi

location : 0801-65df 95 blocks

mega packer/2000 ad

location : 0801-65df 95 blocks

mega cruncher/powerrun

location : 0801-65df 95 blocks
------------------------------- you know which cruncher
is the best !!! yeaaahh you can
make now shorter versions of ya
cracks !!!

 now a strange story about the
      death of ORION !!!
(this report was written by all
 ex-orion members and spread as
 a disc note !!!)

when you read 'ORION IS DEAD'we
are sure that you think 'hey i
have seen something from them
lately !'.
well,we wrote this letter to
let you know the facts ...

arround june 1989 ORION died
because all members left and
joined other groups.
in august it was rebuild by sum
of the original members and sum
new ones !!! it was done after
the original ex-ORION memmbers
agreed !!!

in december/january a few
members left because of some
troubles in the group,and
joined new groups !!!some would
go on under the name ORION and
everyone said that it was okay.

now these guys who continued
for some weeks also left and
some lamers got in the group,
and took over the name , and
started to give ORION a LAMERS-
REPUTATION...this could not go
on !!!

so all ex-ORION members decided
that the group orion is dead !!

the dudes who were working
under the name hadn't got the
permission  of the original
members !!!

ORION was a cool name,but now
it's a lame one !!!

these dudes were the only ones
who had the permission to
continue :

- NINJA       (now f4cg)
- KID         (now in the army)
- SCORPIE     (now crest)
- HITCH       (now ???)
- COMJA       (now manowar)
- JACK DANIELS(now atg)
- DAVE        (now on amiga)
- MET         (now ???)
- WAVE        (now legend)
- FLUOMAN     (now ???)
- ZOD         (now rti)
- TFD         (now falcon)

this are'em all,no more,no less

these lamers have still spread
the numbers of the old orion
boards in the states (such as
well , these boards stopped in
december !!!

this was the end of the letter
but now what happened after...

some ex-ATRIX members joined
orion in the beginning of 1990,
but they thought we were all
still in !!! but as they got
this note,they phoned SCORPIE
and appologised !!!so they left
orion in peace and will join
W.O.W. (probably) !!!

so we two phoned INDIANA JONES
and told him what has happened
and that he should stop every-
thing under the orion label !!!
(in that moment he and slide
were the only members in orion)
indy agreed and said that he
would rebuild his old group
EXOS !!!

so finally ORION IS DEAD !!!

in the next month you will find
some ....... and ...... in this
article called reports !!!
(hehehe don't be so curious !!!
let it be a surprise !!!)

but if you have got sum reports
then send them to :

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