Brutal Recall 12 ch11

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          "internal problems!!"

    with help by the internal-staff!
 well we got this reaction from the
 guys in internal, so read it and after
 a reaction from both me and tch!

bah, bah bah, fucking bah bah and again
bah!! this chapter is completely
dedicated to brutal recall after i have
read their last issue (number 11)

ok, to the point...
first of all, they think they're comming
up with entirely new ideas when those so
called new ideas already exist for some
hundred years...
for example... you said, a good mag-
editor must know all the latest gossip
from the scene, he should know some
history about the scene, with other
words, he has to be updated. that is
what you ment, ain't it?

so... ok, i fully agree with you, but
now this... you guys are so proud about
yourself you find out ideas you think
they're original and were never used
i was fucking upset when you cameup with
the new idea making a quizz... a quizz,
why not anyway? but aaargh! the idea
of making a quizz was already used be-4
in another magazine... so you are so
called updated? ahum... yep, if you
had read some issues of internal, then
you would know we already did some
quizzes before. if you don't believe me,
check it out, you'll see...
              (ed. yep, internal rules!)
hehe, what did you say again? that some
lamers would steel your idea... to be
short, your quizz isn't original and you
are definately not updated. maybe you
are a bad editor? coz you said a mag-
editor has to be updated...

another thing, i'm not finished yet,
hell no!!
why always giving bad criticism on other
magazines, what the fuck is up with you?

so you wanna try a new idea to make the
charts much more fairer and better...
but hell! the idea of the country vote-
sheet wasn't ment to get better and
fairer charts, no man, the country
vote-sheet was just made to show the
people which groups are the best in
their own country... voila and that's
all, it ain't that difficult, or?...
annie lennox told it before... why?
          (ed. g'n'r, use your illusion)
why do some people make simple things
always so difficult, tell me...

i'm not jealous to brutal recall, but
please, please and please respect
the other mag-editors choice in the way
they want to make their magazine...
                (ed. we do, believe me!)
you also complained (again! bah!) about
the fact there are too many magazines
comming up into the scene. why's that?
affraid of any concurrence for brutal
you don't like it that upcomming groups
are making a magazine to get a bit more
famous? gee gee...tell me, what was and
what did brutal in the scene before they
had brutal recall? nothing much eh? don'
t say now i'm not updated cause brutal
did something... i say no, brutal
didn't do a thing...   (ed. wake up man)

you might ask now... what the hell did
wow before they had internal... well i
can tell you we atleast already existed
for about 4 years, yep, and we did
cracking, coding and having fun before
we started with internal.(ed.stl: years
before brutal excisted for sure!)
             (ed. cry, we did the same!)
but what the hell is wrong with you?
ain't it cool that there are so many
magazines around... doesn't have each
magazine something special? ofcourse, i
okay, there are many magazines, but they
are keeping the scene alive and that's
my opinion and i think i'm right too...

oh man, why are the new scene-pals
making new magazines, for their aim...
but ofcourse most of all for having
fun... why did you come up with brutal
recall? ofcourse, to have a good time in
the scene, to be apreciated and to have
fun! admit it! so let the other scenies
make as much magazines as they want to,
as long as we all have fun in the scene.

life is already too boring to make even
more troubles in the scene...

well, i hope one of you brutal recall
editors will read this, and if you
don't, one of your secret-agents will
inform you about this i suppose.

and please think about all i've said
here and note this wasn't one of those
fucking lame war-declarations, hell no.

i didn't want to make troubles... i
just told you the facts... if you wanna
make trouble about this, then you will
know what being lame is, and with that
i'll finish this chapter, going on my
way to edit another (cool) one.

if you really would want to start a war,
(i guess you're not soooo lame!)
me'n'einstein's words would be...

gett ill and go playing in the krankhouz
check your head dude!

          reaction from r.c.s.!
 well first thanks for your neat
 reaction! first let me say, and i think
 i speak for all in brutal, we don't
 want no fucking war!

 well, you said that brutal didn't do
 anything at all untill we got recall
 out on the streets! wrong! brutal
 was formed at my place, and the same
 day 1 disk was already cracked and
 brutal started to show up on charts.
 also tch and n-joi did some demos for
 the fun of it,also before brutal recall
 was being released!  so you are for
 sure not updated on the brutal history,
 and i'm not gonna say anything about
 the w.o.w. history, because i really
 don't know so much about it, so when
 you don't know, then it is better to
 say nothing!

 about us never reading internal, it is
 true, as i came up with the quizz
 thing, i'm the one that has to take
 the blame for that! i only read the
 charts and news in internal, coz as you
 said your self ones, it's just one big

 i also don't care if other groups
 start a mag, then you say that we are
 affraid for some concurrence, no way,
 we know that we are not the no.1 mag,
 script is! also all are welcome to make
 mags, they do it anyway, even if we
 think that there are too many!

 about the country-votesheet, i really
 don't have anything to do with that at

 well i hope that cleared up most of
 the things! if not then i hope that
 tch (main editor) can write some things
 in his reaction!

           reaction from tch!
okay,a megha thanxx goes to these dudes
  from internal for writing such a very
  cool letter!!  and i mean this!!!
  these kind of things make the scene
  more fun to participate!!!
  i am kinda shocked it took so long
  before somebody wrote this kinda text
  to us!!     i've been expecting it for
  quite some issues now!!
  but finally somebody had the guts to
  do it....   thanxx again!!
  you probably decided to write it,after
  your unsuccessfull attempt to get
  contacted by me!  don't take it too
  personal as i gave up swapping a long,
  very long time ago!!

now to get to my reaction,as i ofcourse
  want to defend this magazine!!

first about this quizz thing that you
  consider as one of your strongest
  points against us..
  the first to ask people what they
  think about sertain stuff was brutal
  recall!!   we launched the very first
  "opinion poll" in (brutal) recall #1,
  released in may 1991!!
  several magazines,mamba included!,
  stole our idea and made all kind off
  derivations from it!!
  but now we bring our own derivation in
  a multiple choise way,which i had and
  still have not seen before,and you
  start crying to your mumsie that you
  had done it before...
  okay,have it your way and keep those
  tears rolling!!

so,i am a bad editor...  i admit i know
  shit about what is actually happening
  in the scene,and i don't really care
  as well!!!   you see the scene as your
  most important reason for being alive!
  you said: "life is already too boring
  to make even more troubles in the
  life itself is one big trouble!!
  just look at all the mess you go
  through!!!    everybody is so eager to
  learn their asses off,while it is for
  sure that nobody will survive life!!
  everyone will die!  so,why not have a
  lot of fun,instead of being too
  seriously involved in the scene!!!
  you know something.. i always wanted
  to be known by everyone and get
  contacted by lots of guys instead of
  hoping for someone to send back,but
  now that most people know me,i would
  really like to get unknown again,as it
  is much more fun!!!
  you see,if you are known,people are
  waiting for you to release things,be
  megha-active and stuff like that,while
  in the 'unknown' years,you just did
  what you wanted to do and that's it!!
  at the moment,my scene-life is one big
  mess!!!   i get more and more 'downs'
  than 'ups'...  i think the scene is
  becoming a big drag,and that's the
  opposite of fun!!  i really don't like
  doing brutal recall anymore!!
  but as being a very respected magazine
  it would not be a wise decision to
  stop it just like that..   but as you
  might have noticed,the time between
  issue has increased and this time i've
  set a new record!!   3 months!!
  look,r.c.s. is actually the one who
  keeps me doing this crap,although i am
  so sick off it that i sometimes can't
  sleep!!!      the only thing i really
  like to do on the compy nowadays is
  drawing and making intros with a nice
  looking different design. (in my point
  of view,that is!!)
  this is the reason for my texts being
  more and more provocating!!!  i simply
  didn't know anything to write anymore
  and simply started to boast and 'rag'
  waiting for someone like you to write
  something back!!

why i give bad criticisms to magazines?
  why giving good criticisms to mags?!
  there is no point at all in giving
  good criticims as there is nothing you
  can do about those things!!
  the bad criticisms are there,so that
  those things could be improved or
  removed!!   i consider the ratings i
  give for mags,a good criticism as that
  shows what i think of it!!
  so if it's low i hate it and if it's
  high i love it,no matter what my bad
  criticisms might say!!

i don't really know "why" you wrote
  about the country-votesheet as i don't
  see any connections to the last issue
  of brutal recall!!   the only thing i
  wrote in issue 11 was that "internal
  came up with a system,but it aint the
  ultimate sollution"..
  okay,i don't like it and i wrote shit
  about it,in issues released a long
  time ago!!   but if you wanna keep on
  talking about old stuff,than that's up
  to you,but don't expect me to write
  anything back at all..
  i don't care about country charts,as
  most groups are internationals anyway!
  but if you think that system is good
  enough than write some arguments that
  can't be made to be a point against
  the system!! if something is really
  good,there is no way someone can make
  it look like as if it stinks!!
  btw,i don't like charts at all,and the
  idea i gave to make fairer and better
  charts was written because i didn't
  know what to write else!!   i am
  certainly not going to do all that
  shit just to get fairer+better charts!
  charts spoil the scene!!   you said
  people do things because they wanna
  have fun...  but nowadays,whilst we
  got all these charts,people do things
  not for the fun of it,but for their
  position in the charts!!
  i think computing is a hobby,but
  people act more like as if it is their
  fucking job!!  hello!!  anybody home?!
  the scene is a "hobby"!!!   what is
  the point of being on the top of a
  chart?!?     will your life be much
  better?!?  nope,don't think so!!
  enough about that...

i should be afraid of competition to the
  brutal recall..   i'm not afraid as i
  don't care much the position of the
  mag in charts!   i thought you did
  this for fun?!?   i think concurence
  is something that only excists in jobs
  and not in hobbies!!  a job you do
  because you want to be the best in it,
  and a hobby is for the fun of it!
  the reason for me to complain about
  those too many mags is that i have to
  read them all to be a 'good' editor!!
  okay,you got nothing better to do than
  reading mags as you are too l?!* to do
  anything else,but i don't like to read
  over 50 mags and that's also why i
  don't do it!!  so,call me a bad editor
  and stuff like that,but fun is the
  magic word!!

r.c.s. already wrote something to the
  lines that brutal did not do anything
  before brutal-recall,but i also wanna
  say something..   before we started
  the magazine,brutal lived for half a
  year..  in this period we released 3
  small demoes,2 mega demos,about 15
  disxx of cracks and several utilities!
  not bad for half a year eh?!  well,as
  we were just formed we were not known
  at all,but atleast we appeared in the
  charts of both the cracking and the
  demo sections!!   as far as i can
  recall,in those 4 years before you
  started internal,i never have seen the
  warriors of wasteland in any of the
  charts!!!    so,if the 5 of us did
  nothing but still appeared in charts,
  and you with your 25 guys did so much
  but still were not spotted in any
  chart...i really wonder what you did!!
  reading magazines?!?
  by the way,you haven't been in wow,all
  those 4 years,while i have been in
  brutal eversince it got formed!!

okay,mags keep the scene alive,as there
  is more communication,but the mags are
  also destroying the scene!!
  anyway,cracks are also destroying it
  and i'm sure there's also something we
  can hold against demos!!
  but the most important thing to keep
  the scene alive,is just doing it for
  fun!!  if you don't like doing it,you
  will stop doing it!!  it's not always
  as simple as that,but it's actually
  the basic behind everything!!

thanxx to brutal-agent-rc7 for supplying
  us with the text!!
  man!!!  watch less tv!! and go see a
  doctor!   you really need observation!
  oh by the way...i already know what
  being lame is,i've seen internal!!

      also a little advise to you:
      life is what you make it is!
so if you think it's boring,stop living!

ps,we are bah proud to have a chapter
  completely dedicated to us...
  as a reward we did the same to you!!!
  hope you're all so happy now and go
  outside to enjoy it without a keyboard
  and a screen!!
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