Brutal Recall 10 ch28

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      W<Y                      W<Y
     ZÅÅÄÓ    our regards!    ZÅÅÄÓ
    WÖÜ !"Y                  WÖÜ !"Y
    #$   %&                  #$   %&
yeahyeah,party on dudes...
and to make this party perfect we give
you the list of all that helped us! to the party
craziness we lost some of the votesheets
and we are therefor very sorry if you
helped us in any way and we forgot to
thank you...
if you are listed here you can be soo
happy but watch out as you might just
by accident wet your pants...

tmm                     abyss connection
stormbringer            abyss connection
lightnis                          acrise
riddler                           acrise
surfer                            active
asics                           accuracy
boss                            accuracy
darkwind                        accuracy
steve                           accuracy
tyrant                          accuracy
easy-e                             alive
incubus                            antic
joe                                antic
beast                              arcon
luke                               arcon
strikezone                         arcon
trend dealer                         arm
doc                             atlantis
anakonda                         baboons
silver                           baboons
excelsior                       bassline
slartibartfast                   battery
dope                               blaze
jojevi                             blaze
mr.ammo                            blaze
scrapper                           blaze
deathstralker                     brutal
ingaf                     brain breakers
jayce                          chromance
jazzy d                        chromance
mr.wax                         chromance
tbb                            chromance
micke                             clique
pulsar                            clique
the torch                         clique
techno                       compagnions
betadrom                        conflict
manizax                         confront
xoss                            confront
renegade                        creation
megabyte                           crest
tg-acme                            cross
bishop                           crystal
dizzy                            crystal
derbyshire ram                  deadline
motley                       deathsector
jonas                           demotion
meatball                 digital designs
shark                    digital designs
deff                          dominators
silent                        dominators
kazar                              dunex
spikes                             dunex
the authentic                      dunex
hain                             elysium
elegance                          enigma
calypso                          eternal
pacific                          eternal
scarface                         eternal
slam                             eternal
snap                            eternity
cevin                             extacy
armitage                          extacy
dr.acid                           extend
swave                            extreme
mao                                 f4cg
nit1                                f4cg
sodium                              f4cg
twilight                            f4cg
dr.hector                          faces
greg                               faces
jamie                              faces
bacchus                        fairlight
metal soan                         flame
xenex                              flame
creeper                        flash inc
unifier                        flash inc
janec                            genesis
floppy man                     heartbeat
freddie                        heartbeat
tanis                          heartbeat
bomb                              hitmen
demon                             hitmen
elektor                           hitmen
lynx                              hitmen
racoon                            hitmen
lead                        house design
steppenwolf                     hysteric
deadbone                            hype
wildcat                              ics
baze                            illusion
dishy                              image
static                             image
alien                          intruders
dr.pain                        intruders
red divel                            jam
flower                        laser inc.
jason                         laser inc.
whopper                          lawyers
delta                             legend
visage                          lethargy
walker                             light
dylan                             maniax
static                            maniax
woise                             maniax
joker                             mayhem
achilles                        megaunit
handyman                             ndc
slice                                ndc
trankard                             ndc
flatline                              o2
slayer                             origo
ammrok                            oxyron
sodan                             oxyron
sp                                oxyron
yazoo                             oxyron
defjay                           pandora
jetboy                           parados
science                         paradize
pete                           paramount
joy                              proxyon
redwing                          proxyon
clay                                rape
marcus                           rawguys
buzzard                           rebels
caesar                            rebels
neotec                            rebels
the freak                         rebels
viper                             rebels
voyage                            rebels
galland                             rush
kristian                           shape
nightdog                    silicon ltd.
gandalf                         skylight
jerry                              slita
prophet                          starion
b-wyze                           success
nightshade                       success
akay                             sunrise
klf'n'emf                        sunrise
scat                             sunrise
the audience                     sunrise
majesty                           talent
case                                 tat
extract                              tat
crystal knight                      time
bizarre                      techno ind.
the doctor j                   the force
zoris                          the force
morac                               trax                        trinomic
beat                      topaz beerline
d'arc                     topaz beerline
kirk                      topaz beerline
lobster                   topaz beerline
oze                                  tpf
action jackson                       trc
gazza                                trc
mc-t-fly                           triad
stephen                       triumwyrat
coke                          trl design
willow                             unity
bartman                        vagabonds
el'connor                      vagabonds
executor                       vagabonds
firefly                        vagabonds
l'trimm                        vagabonds
splatterhead                   vagabonds
charlie                          varsity
dannie                           varsity
marc                             varsity
venom                            varsity
cash                              vision
ferro                             vision
satan                             vision
kingpin                              wow
micke                                wow
stormlord                            wow
strider                              wow
tech                                 wow
wax                                  wow
oxidy                      wrath designs
zinia                      wrath designs
ecco                            x-factor
exulans                         x-factor
pete                            x-factor
spiderman                       x-factor
bud                             ex.xzess
fresh prince                    ex.light
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