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dear redactors! please notice that in
poland is also something called "scene".
ofcourse this scene is not that big like
holland or denmark,but always...
so,please,write something about it in
chapter "point of view",ok?
these are my propositions:

crackergroups:     demogroups:
1.elysium          1.parados
2.skylight         2.elysium
3.parados          3.skylight

and no more...
howdy hain!  first,before the found of
elysium,there were only 2 groups present
in poland!!  it is not really usefull to
give rankings of a country when only 2
groups are something!!
anyway,the "point of view" is gone!!

put 1 or 2 tunes more in the mag and it
will be cooler!   and make your charts
you can load your own music from now!!
what do you mean with 'bigger'.
more or longer charts?

nice mag,getting better every issue.
my suggestion is to insert some compos.
(graphics,music etc...) with rich prizes
and beautiful girls.  keep it jojoba!

                         zoris/flash inc
yep! we will do something of that kind!
there will be more information about in
the next issue!!

thanx tch and the other editors! because
b.r.#9 was the best mag i've ever read
and seen!  i think you're right,just use
these cool musics,as you used in the
last issues! i think you always use cool
musics!  the text was very cool and
interesting!  hope the new issue'll be
as cool as this (or cooler). best wishes
to b.r.editors from a!

         your friend: stephen/triumwyrat
i always put in musics i hardly heared
before and musics which were somewhere
in the memory at $4000-$ffff and then i
relocate it to $1000 so i can use it!!
i did that last time and also this time
with an outrageous tune from zardax of
origo dreamline!!

improve your chart (votesheet). here's
some ideas. everything is ok but try to
add these:

         what about a chart for

         coverdesigners (5 best)
         best demos of the month
         best countries (5 best)
         best cracking intros...

this were just some ideas which struck
my mind when i was reading your always
interesting and cool mag.
okay,i've made an opinion poll so read
that for more...

the most ruling mag in the scene!
the heeps of chapters makes it very
better comparing it to the other mags!
but why voting for the usa on the sheet?
i think it would be cooler to stick to
europe coz i think usa is lame on c64!!
you got my number one vote!

      c-u! stormbringer/abyss connection
you might think the usa is lame on c64,
but there are people out there who like
it,so i'll just keep it in...

this is lead of house designs. i just
saw your review of our demo called animo
in brutal recall. i think it sucks. i
admit that the coding was worthless,but
the graphics were cool,and so was the
music.  if you've read the note i wrote
to the demo,you know it was only ment to
be a graphics-demo.
the music: all music in our demo was
made by our own composers. and you gave
a higher rate for music to people that
ripp music. i think that is a lousy way
of reviewing.  our composers work to get
good music out of the loudspeaker,and
this is rewarded with a 6.5 rate. other
people just load a good demo,and then
save all of the memory from $1000-$1fff
and then hope they've saved all of the
music's data. and then you still give
them a rate of 8.5 points (camelot).
i think this stinks.  why don't you be
objective and do not give points to gays
that ripp music.
i know many people will react angree,
threaten with wars,start hacking on us,
or anything like that,but we don't give
a fuck. this is our opinion about the
whole stuff.
please watch your mailboxes,because when
the next house designs demo is finished,
i'll send it to you to review.  if you
then still think it aint worth much

also about the bml-dutch breeze demo.
in the dragon part you have to press
fire in port two when the cloud is over
the dragon. then you kill the dragon.
in the fingerfuck-part you'll have to
wetten your finger and then rub it over
port 2. this causes a differential in
the resistor of the paddle port.
and then you fingerfuck the girl....

reaction: i think most people like your
mag,because it's spread well. most
people vote for what they get in their
mailbox.  that doesn't mean,that i think
your mag is lame!!  your mag got a great
quantity of text. it is also nice to
read,got a clear charset,but the menubox
and the sprite logos are not so good at
all. but as you said,i await issue 10!
dear lead,if someone makes i graphicdemo
it always stands in the demotext and not
in some note to it!!  if you make a demo
and when it's finished you think that
the code sux,then you can always call it
a graphics demo...  this is lame or...
all your musics were done by your own
composers,but if i make some tune -i can
not get any rythm at all- then you won't
hear me that i want a higher rate becoz
my music is own made!!  but it counts if
you use own-made tunes!!!  if i review
a demo and the music is own made or made
especialy made for you,then you'll get
always 1 extra point out of 10!!
you see,your music was rated 5.5 and
with this point it came to 6.5!!!
i think it's lame to give lousy tunes
higher rates than great tunes,even if
they were not made by their own!!
ps,in camelots demo were also tunes by
duck larock,and he's one of camelot and
a fucking cool composer!!

about bml's dragon shit... i watched the
demo too without even looking at my joy!
now also the dragon got struck by the
in the fingerfuck part i tried to do the
trick with the wet finger,as it was done
before in an old demo!!,but i didn't get
any results!  (btw,if you rub port 2,you
will end up dead as i gotta be port 1!!)

looking forward to the next demo???

here's some text written by tch/brutal..
i saw in script #12 a letter from action
jackson of the ruling company and he was
writing that the charts in script were
phantasy!!  i want to thank remix for
his reaction to it,but i will also give
my own opinion as he said some wrong
quote: "every dutch guy knows that trc
is the best and fastest crackergroup in
holland,hotline is dead and even brutal
says trc is better"...
yoho action jackson!  reality check!!
what good games has action jackson
released nowadays and in the past!?!
the only thing you're fast with are
those magic-disk games,but we are not
so lame to buy a mag,rip of the tape or
disk and link an intro infront of it!!
also the quality is low!!  the crack of
"heli resque" had the files nice on the
disk,but the loader didn't work!!
and when i loaded the next file myself,
it fucked up the entire game!!
have you ever heard any of the brutalers
say,that trc is better?!? i don't think
so,as it simply aint true!!!
you probably think we said it as trc was
always above brutal in the,dead,chapter
"point of view",done by r.c.s.
but r.c.s. is no brutal member!!
i think r.c.s. put you above us,as he
didn't want to get into any troubles
like... "r.c.s. is a friend of brutal,so
that's why brutal is on nr.1 in holland"
and i can understand this completely!!
if i get a disk from a.j. it always
contains the latest frontpage,nice but..
and some (s)low budget games and also
the usual "troep" releases...
i never even bother loading any of the
cracks,except when i am bored.
no hard feelings,but i think you live in
some kind of an illusion when you think
that trc beats brutal in cracking!!
i think the charts proof enough!!  and
also please don't forget we got a cool
cracker in denmark too!!!
anyway,i think a.j. made quite a fool of
himself by saying trc rules holland,as
it is just a dream for him!!
trc was once the number one in demos,but
that was a long time ago...

well,i just recieved the new b.r.,and
guess what? yes,i decided to make a
reaction,as nothing is perfect.
first of all,you really should make some
order to your news. it is no pleasure to
read that infinity rebuilt zenith,and a
few lines below stands that zenith was
rebuilt.   also you can find news
concerning the same group for 5 times!?!
(well,i haven't counted that...)
your demoreviews are far to short. you'd
better explain the technic of the code a
bit,even if some people might understand
a shit about it.  for coders plus some
other people it'd be more interesting
than reading "we have here 2000 multi-
plexed sprites with rotating flidic(!),
and a nice logo and a ripped music.
'check' some amiga-mags for example.
more about demoreviews.  you should make
a ranked list of reviewed demos! it is
no pleasure to check out 4 articles and
count was our demo the 3rd or 4th best
one this month.
no board section! most of the guys who
get the mag,don't have a modem. the ones
that have one,leech the newest "sh0ck"
from a local bbs.
articles. well,you write almost all text
by yourself. you can't have more text in
the mag because of lack of time.
why wouldn't you get other people to
write articles,by sending them the
newest b.recall before releasedate,as a
reward. there would be much more text to
read,and also different things than any
other mag. check an amiga mag again!!
not concerning da mag,but it's worthless
for r.c.s. and aslive to fight about the
best swappers spot. in brutal recall rcs
is the best with a big difference to
aslive (rcs collecting votes for b.r.!)
and in script aslive is far ahead rcs.
(aslive collecting votes for script!)...
both are very good,as swappers.
end of this,beat topaz beerline.
okay,thanx for the really cool reaction!
this is the kind of reactions that keeps
us going!!   okay,those news-errors can
occur as both r.c.s. and i write news,
and i always have to fix it...
mistakes are human!!!  there should be
some order...  well,about 5 issues ago,i
printed groups-news all together but i
got lots of negative reactions,that it's
so boring to read it like that!!
some mags also write like this...
          x of group-b joined.
         cooperates with group-b
         x left to join group-a
         cooperates with group-a
               other news
          group-a+group-b coop!
aint that fucking lame!?!  be glad we
write news at all,as this is the hardest
chapter of them all,as everybody can
write us shit and lies...and we can't
check on everything!!
too short demoreviews!! okay,you might
think so!!  ooh,i should tell how it was
done... then every lamer knows how to
do the tricks that are necessary and it
will really be fair to the original
coders!!  okay,sorry for not giving a
list of the ratings,but after writing 4
chapters i didn't really feel like doing
that work!!  i always did it before,so
don't crap i should do it!! i always did
it except for this time!!  you sound
just like a teacher... a boy always did
his homework,but once on the last lesson
he had no time left because there was
this important football match!! what did
the teacher do?!?  he let him came back
everyday in the holidays!!!
there's a list now,so eat your nose out!
some guys are interested in the usa,so
it will stay!!
yeah! why doesn't every sceneguy write
text for brutal recall!! if all write
10 blocks it will be 20 disks!!!
really cool!!  get real! do you know how
tough it is to write interesting text!?!
more editors will mean,less things to
write about as there really aren't that
many matter on which you can talk about!
also lots of guys write so fucking lame
english that it would take me more time,
even to fix the text than to write it
myself!!!  anyway,we are the mag which
has most,interesting,text on the c64!!!
i don't give a shit about the amiga and
i'm not comparing the c64 to it either!!
if i would compare c64 to amiga demos i
will give all c64 demos 1 out of 10!!!
amiga mags suck anyway,as the text is
about cows and calfs,and there's nothing
of any real interest!!
who're the best demo guys as all is
about the 'battle' between r.c.s. and
aslive...  r.c.s. beated aslive in the
latest script,so there goes your point!!
anyway,they seem to go quite along,as
aslive even congratulated r.c.s. for
that at light's!!
ps,i hope you like this outfit better!

okay,someone wrote that i should keep
the small reactions without any info,to
myself and so i did!!!
please don't be angry if you wrote that
you (dis)liked brutal recall,and it
wasn't printed...  we need reactions
that tell some interesting things,how we
could improve the mag...
anyway,other reactions are ofcourse
welcome too and also appreciated!!

well,that was all for this time...
i gotta let you go for now,but i'll be
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