Brutal Recall 10 ch19

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          "viper/rebels wrote"

here's a little text that viper/rebels
wrote to me!  it came just in time to be
published.  please read it carefully!!

      dear jerry and dear readers,

what should i write after such a brain-
less text?? well, maybe i should start
at the beginning. nearly one year ago
our group rebels was born. just as triad
got this, they pretended that some older
guys like jerry or king fisher were in
a group before that was called rebels
too and tried to force us to change our
groupname. but till today we didn't care
about their lame behaviour as for sure
95% of the scene never before has heard
from a group called rebels.
now they try to put us down as rippers
so that we give up and rebels dies !!
but when one thing is sure, then it is
that rebels never will die because of
some boasting triad'ers !!
but now to the intro jerry wrote about:
you maybe have seen our intro with a
average rebels logo at the top and in
the bottom some kind of mountains or
hills moving around !! well, jerry
thinks that the mountain scrolling
routine is ripped.
i nearly started laughing when i read
this. i talked with antiplex on the
phone as he has made the intro some time
ago. and he told me that the routine for
sure was not ripped. yes, he has taken
(or jerry would you say ripped) the idea
with the mountains and the mountains
itself. if you have seen the demo called
'rippers united' that was spread by
triadX then you easily can see that the
routine wasn't ripped, when you see that
the scrolling in our intro has an other
direction than the scrolling in the
activision intro. and if there are any
guys that can code, then they can com-
pare the both codings and they will see
that the routine was not ripped.
yes, antiplex used the mountains for
the same idea as activision did. but is
this lame ? first at all we never pre-
tended that the graphics were made by
ourselves and second, do you also wanna
call all the dudes, who see a nice
routine in a demo, and use the same idea
for their demo, lame ?? if soo, then
the whole scene would be full of lamers
as there are only maybe 5 or 6 really
original coders or painters !!
when i would have the same opinion as
you have, then i also should have to
call all the guys that have coded an
d.y.c.p. or a f.l.i routine rippers, as
only one guy has had the original idea.
all the others are 'pure' rippers then.
so jerry maybe you should think about
this again. and if you ever should try
to set similar rumours out, then please
show me that you are cool and talk 1st
with me about your problem concerning
the rebels. this way you at least can
prove that you are right and won't
handle like a lamer who sets out false
and everything concerning our group
name i just can say.... i'm now nearly
5 years in the c-64 scene. i've heard
from groups like zero boys, west end
boys, maniacs, byteriders, danish gold,
1001 crew, eagle soft inc., triad (yes),
shining 8, abc, dynamic duo, abnormal,
plasma, new formula crew (nfc), sphinx,
untouchable cracking force (ucf), annex,
mechanix, critters, city boys, count,
drive, druids, triangle, cosmos, exact,
agile, zenobits, rampar, axion,.....
you see they are quite many, but for
100% i never heard from a group called
well, maybe rebels really existed a long
time ago. but should we be allowed to
use the same name as the old rebels for
sure weren't the famous at that time !!
if we shouldn't we allowed to use this
name, then groups like plasma design,
guardian angels, paramount should have
to change their groupname, as i was in
some local groups with this names in my
hometown !!
so jerry, think about this. and if you
wanna react on this text, then do so
and send your reaction first to me and
then also to the rest of the world and
don't be a chicken and not sending it to
me so that i don't have to hear your
lies from other guys !!
ohhh, by the way, in your lame ripp of
our intro you wrote that hibisch ripped
the intro. but as he has nothing to do
with the intro except that he used it
for his cracks you should give hibisch
an excuse, to show the world that still
at least a triad member can make a
mistake (maybe you first should prove
your so called facts before you give
them out to the rest of the world) !!

well, i hope you and some other dudes
read this lines carefully and think
about what i wrote !!

                  yours, viper of rebels

yoho viper!
i know that the intro wasn't ripped as i
checked the code and for anyone that can
not code,i tell that you need a complete
different routine to make a scroll to
the left instead of to the right!!!
i also had never heard of an old group
called "rebels" on the c64!!!
i've been in 'time' myself a looong time
ago,but do i talk shit about the new
time in south africa?!?
nope,why should i!?!
anyway,keep the name as it is cool!
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