Brutal Recall 10 ch17

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      something you never expected!

is this crazy or what?!?
we from brutal recall found ourselves a
fantastic test to find out if you are
a complete game-psycho or one of those
simple-minded,no fun,nerds...
it is...

XYZÅÄÓ                            XYZÅÄÓ
ÖÜ !"#  the test of which you're  ÖÜ !"#
$%&'()                            $%&'()
*+,-./ afraid to hear the result! *+,-./
012345                            012345

there will follow 20 question which you
have to answer by truth!!  cheating
will only make you look dummier than the
result will give you!!

here we go...
1.while playing a hot new card on your
  megadrive,the electricity supply is
  suddenly cut off. do you:
a.invite your familie to a relaxing game
  of cards;
b.rush round to your friend's house to
  continue play on his console;
c.spike your hair,paint yourself blue
  and run around the house stealing your
  mother's rings.
----------------------------------------'s been twenty minutes since you
  joined the bus queue and there still
  isn't one in sight. do you;
a.shout a lot and stamp your feet in
  anger at the shambles which is public
b.give it another five minutes - it's
  bound to be along soon;
c.whip out a pickaxe and dig a tunnel
  in the road in order to collect the
  diamonds hidden underground.
3.the day of your driving-test is here
  and you're sitting in the car,about to
  join the oncoming traffic. do you;
a.panic and stall the engine;
b.correctly judge speed and distance and
  join the traffic with no problems;
c.veer sharply to the left to join the
  stunt track,do a loop-the-loop,jump
  across a broken bridge at 100mph and
  laugh like a loony as you smash your
  head-first into the concrete.
4.saturday arrives and mum grabs you by
  the ear and drags you off to the cloth
  stores in town. which outfit do you
a.a pair of purple bellbottomed trousers
  and a flowery tank top;
b.a pair of jeans,white t-shirt and
  l.a.gear trainers;
c.a pair of red dungarees,a peacked cap
  with a big "m" on the front and a
  little black moustache.
5.your parents finally give in and let
  you have that pet you always wanted.
  do you choose;
a.a hamster or gerbil;
b.a cat or dog;
c.a robotic cod which can stretch its
  body,hang onto the ceiling and jig
  about from side to side.
6.jehovah's witnesses are knocking your
  door. do you;
a.invite them into the house,offer them
  a coffee and talk about god;
b.hide yourself behind the settee until
  they leave;
c.paint yourself green,strap a dustbin
  lid to your back and hit them over the
  head with a broom handle.
----------------------------------------'s party time and you are asked what
  kind of a drink you'd like.
  do you choose;
a.a small glass of orange juice;
b.a cheeky glass of white wine;
c.a small phial of strength potion to
  give you enough power to crush the
  lizard king on level three.
8.walking along the street,you tripple
  on a manhole cover. do you;
a.race to the nearest phonebox and ring
  the council to complain;
b.dust yourself down,shrug yar shoulders
  and continue on your way;
c.remove the cover,jump down the manhole
  and collect the spinning coins hidden
  down there to recieve the secret extra
9.playing for the school football team,
  you find yourself in possession of the
  ball in the six-yard area. do you;
a.go all floppy,giggle a bit and kick
  the ball into orbit;
b.launch a stunning volley,causing the
  keeper to pull off a cracker of a safe
c.set the other team in division 4,then
  run over da legs of an opposing player
  and score an easy penalty.
10.the wrestling is on the telly and
  your favourite fighter is being
  slaughtered by the baddy. do you;
a.switch over and watch open universaty;
b.swear at the tv and throw popcorn at
  the screen;
c,smear paint on your cheeks,remove your
  trousers and perform a sleeper hold
  on your little brother.
11.the love of your life finishes with
  you amd decides to go out with your
  so-called best friend. do you;
a.become all depressed and cry into
  your pillow;
b.shrug your shoulders and get on with
  your live - there's plenty more fish
  in the sea;
c.get the local wizard to turn you into
  a monkey and spit magic balls at a
  cheating chum.
12.there's one more seat left in the
  train and you're desperate to get to
  it before the fat old bloke in front
  of you. do you;
a.let him have it - he needs it more
  than you anyway;
b.race past him and leap into the seat
  coz you re quicker than he is;
c.put on a leather jacket,remove your
  one eye and shoot him with your uzi
----------------------------------------'re about to leave the house to
  start your paper round when you notice
  that someone has stolen your bike.
  do you;
a.sulk around the house for the rest of
  the day;
b.ring the police,inform them of the
  theft and carry on as normal;
c.transform yourself to another world
  and retrieve your cycle by throwing
  whirlwinds at the inhabitants before
  challenging them to a race.
----------------------------------------'re off to sunny spain for your
  hols when suddenly the pilot of your
  airplane falls ill and is unable to
  fly.  do you;
a.cack your trousers,hide under the seat
  and pray;
b.sit back and enjoy the flight - the
  co-pilot is more then able to continue
  the journey;
c.rush to the cockpit,sit down and press
  "p" to stop the plane and consider
  your options then fly through the
  mountain with the dolgy polygons.
15.a newsflash on tv warns that a gorila
  from the local zoo has escapped.
  do you;
a.lock all the doors and hide under the
  bed until it's captured;
b.continue as normal - gorillas are
  timid creatures and it will probably
  be hiding in the woods;
c.put on your red dungarees and the
  peaked cap with the big "m" on the
  front'n'climb up to some scaffholding,
  dodging rolling barrels and jumping
  over drums full of burning oil.
---------------------------------------- nip out to the toilet and return
  to discover that the dog has eaten up
  your supper.  do you;
a.kick the dog across the room - that'll
  teach him;
b.scold the animal and ask mum for some
  other things to eat;
c.chop the dog in half with your +8
  flaming sword of dobber,then read the
  magic scroll and perform a bless spell
17.the school bully has his sights set
  on you!  do you;
a.tell him that all bullies are cowards;
b.keep well out of the way - you don't
  want any trouble;
c.remove your shirt and swallow a power
  pill before performing a roundhouse
  kick and whacking him over the had
  with a beer barrel.
----------------------------------------'s your turn to go to the shops for
  mum,but it is pouring with rain
  outside.  do you;
a.bully your little brother into doing
  the chore;
b.mumble under your breath but do as you
  were asked;
c.dye your hair green and jump off the
  of a cliff before blowing up your
19.oh no. it's exam time and you haven't
  done any revision. do you;
a.write all the answers down on a small
  piece of paper and slip them into the
  barrel of your pen in order to cheat.
b.use what little time you have left to
  frantically read your notes and try to
  scrape a pass;
c.put on a black balaclava with pointy
  ears on top and a cape and push the
  examinator into a vat of toxic
20.your favourite programme is on the tv
  but your father wants to watch the
  boring old horse-racing. do you;
a.stomp out of the livingroom and cry to
  your mummy;
b.go to your room and watch the show on
  your own set;
c.put on you sister's red leotard,stick
  yourself to the ceiling and throw
  cobwebs at dad until he's stuck to the
  seat,allowing you to switch over and
  watch in piece.
okay,those were the questions and if you
hold on to this score list:

               a - 1 point
               b - 2 points
               c - 3 points

under 30:oh dear. you are a person of
  little if any knowledge in gaming.

30 to 50:my,oh my. you're just like the
  boy next door.  nothing special.

above 50:you are the ultimate gamefreak
  there can be!   there are just a few
  of your kind!!   be proud and keep on
  reading brutal recall as if you stop
  doing that you'll get weirder every
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