Brutal Recall 10 ch15

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      W<Y                      W<Y
     ZÅÅÄÓ   a brutal party   ZÅÅÄÓ
    WÖÜ !"Y                  WÖÜ !"Y
    #$   %&                  #$   %&

 you are now reading the invitation for

        the brutal demoparty '92

              we give you:
        the greatest demoparty
        ever held in the world!

          prizes for more than
        100.000 dkk (15500 us $)

          ten competitions with
        more than seventy winners!

            great facilities!

         giga powerful equipment!

this c64/amiga-party is not an ordinary
brutal and hurricane(amiga) are proud to
introduce you for the g-r-e-a-t-e-s-t
demoparty in history of the personal
computer - more than three times greater
than aars-xmas-party'91 (denmark) - and
this is no joke!     the party will take
place in the centre of denmark on an
island called samsä, from 26/6 at 0800
cet to 29/6 at 1300 cet.

we give you best party-facilities ever:
1. we have room for more than 3000
   people and their stuff.

2. one 600*500 cm screen and one 500*400
   cm screen in the two halls for the
   competitions, commercials etc..

3. giga powerful music-equipment in both
   halls with eight booseloudspeakers
   which together gives a total of
   2*1000 watt and a frontarea of 12

4. cafeteria in both halls where you can
   buy whatever you like f.i. disks and
   r-e-a-l food. the cafeterias are open
   day and night (if you want real food
   for supper then you'll have to order
   it before 1300 cet - else you'll have
   to wait.).

5. we have hired an electricitian to
   take care of any electricity problems

6. cleaning personnel is also hired.

7. free bus to the party from the ships,
   both the first and the last day.

8. a hst-modem(amiga) will make sure
   that the products of this party will
   be known around the world.

9. about the surroundings we can inform:

  a. that we have arranged two different
    discos and hired a dj for all the
    tourists on the island (this means
    girls too).here you can buy whatever
    you like to drink(f.i. the party-
    cocktail). the entrance for the
    disco is 30 dkk.

  b. that the nearest beach is only 2 km
    away from the partyplace.

  c. that the party is placed in the
    middle of the town: tranebjerg.

  d. that a great fun fair is in town.

the competitions:
we have arranged ten different
competitions which are:

 1. demo-amiga.
 2. demo-c64.
 3. music-amiga.
 4. graphic-amiga.
 5. music-c64.
 6. graphic-c64.
 7. fastest-demo-amiga.
 8. hrc-partygame-amiga.
 9. hrc-partygame-c64.
10. lottery.

rules for competitions:
 everything on amiga must be able to run
on the 1/2 chip, 1/2 fast amiga.

1. demo-amiga: only one demo per group.

2. demo-c64: only one demo per group.

3. music-amiga:only one tune per person.
    the tune must either be delivered as
    executable or along with the music-
    program and replayroutine. if your
    tune isn't executable you'll have to
    write the name and directory of the
    tune on the disk. if your tune isn't
    among the six rewarded tunes you are
    welcome to have it back and deleted
    from our computers.

4. graphic-amiga: only one picture per
    person. the picture must be loadable
    from dpaintiv (hampictures are
    allowed).you must give the file your
    name!! if your picture isn't among
    the six rewarded pictures you are
    welcome to have it back and deleted
    from our computers.

5. music-c64: one tune per person. the
    tune must be delivered run-able!
    (this means that when we press 'run'
    your tune starts!!) it is permitted
    to use samples in your tune.*

6. graphic-c64: your picture must also
    be run-able! (also here 'run' shall
    be able to put the picture on the
    screen!) you can use any form of
    format.even interlaced afli pictures
    are permitted!*
* (notice that in the music and graphic
   competition(on c64) no code but an
   interrupt which play the music or
   show the picture is allowed!!!!)

7. fastest-demo-amiga: this - is the
    fastest-demo-competition for any
    demogroup who dares, where the
    competing groups only have three
    hours to create a demo - from the
     three members of the competing
    groups will be locked up in a room
    with three computers and are only
    allowed to bring:

the coder:
 a. books.
 b. handwritten notes.
 c. any kind of programs (assemblers,
   iffconverters etc.)
 d. a replayroutine for the music. other
   sourcecodes are strictly forbidden!!!
 e. every thing are first to be approved
   by the partystaff!

the musician:
 a. any kind of musicprograms.
 b. keyboard/synthesizer.
 c. all the instruments will be
   delivered from the staff and you must
   not use other samples!
 d. everything are first to be approved
   by the partystaff!

the artist:
 a. any kind of art & animationprograms.
 b. drawing board, light pen, mouse etc.
   but digitizers are forbidden!!
 c. all the programs are first to be
   approved by the partystaff!

8. hrc-partygame-amiga: this game is
    made by hurricane!  you'll get
    information at the party.

9. hrc-partygame-c64: this game is made
    by camelot! - thanks!  you'll get
    information at the party.

10. lottery: we have 3000 tickets to
     sell. one ticket = 3 dkk.
           five tickets = 10 dkk.

n. we might arrange further competitions
    later on...

    demo-amiga    demo-c64   music-amiga
 1. 18.000 dkk.  6.000 dkk.  3.500 dkk.
 2. 10.000 dkk.  4.000 dkk.  2.000 dkk.
 3.  6.000 dkk.  2.000 dkk.  1.500 dkk.
 4.  3.000 dkk.  1.500 dkk.  1.000 dkk.
 5.  2.000 dkk.  1.000 dkk.    750 dkk.
 6.  1.500 dkk.    600 dkk.    500 dkk.
 7.  1.000 dkk.    400 dkk.    300 dkk.
 8.    600 dkk.    300 dkk.    200 dkk.
 9.    400 dkk.
10.    300 dkk.

   graphic-amiga  music-c64  graphic-c64
 1. 3.500 dkk.    2.000 dkk.  2.000 dkk.
 2. 2.000 dkk.    1.500 dkk.  1.500 dkk.
 3. 1.500 dkk.    1.000 dkk.  1.000 dkk.
 4. 1.000 dkk.      750 dkk.    750 dkk.
 5.   750 dkk.      500 dkk.    500 dkk.
 6.   500 dkk.      300 dkk.    300 dkk.
 7.   300 dkk.
 8.   200 dkk.

   fastest-demo-amiga   partygame-amiga
 1. 3*500 dkk + stuff    500 dkk + stuff
 2. 3*500 dkk + stuff    250 dkk + stuff
 3. 3*200 dkk + stuff

   hrc-partygame-c64       lottery
 1. 500 dkk + stuff       2.000 dkk.
 2. 250 dkk + stuff       1.000 dkk.
 3.                         750 dkk.
 4.                         500 dkk.
 5.                         300 dkk.

this makes a total of 100.250 dkk.

how to get to the party:
 from aarhus in jutland two busses will
go from the railwaystation to the ferry
in hou both the first and last day of
the party.
 the busses go from aarhus at:
8000 cet, 0920 cet, 1110 cet, 1230 cet,
1420 cet, 1540 cet, 1730 cet, 1050 cet,
2040 cet.
 when you come to samsä a new bus will
pick you up and drive you to the party.
this transport will only cost you about
45 dkk. remember to show up at least 15
minutes before the bus leaves.

 from hou in jutland the ferry goes to
samsä at:
0655 cet, 0845 cet, 1005 cet, 1155 cet,
1315 cet*,1505 cet, 1625 cet, 1015 cet,
1935 cet, 2125 cet*.
 this transport will cost you 35 dkk (no
car)(remember to say that you come for
the demoparty).
 if you want to bring your car you'll
have to reserve in time on these mumbers
 +45 8659 1744 (0630 cet to 1640 cet) or
 +45 8659 3134 fax.
by car the transport will cost you
135 dkk (incl. the driver).
*= here the transport of the cars are

 from kalundborg in zealand the ferry
goes to samsä at:
0955 cet, 1555 cet, 2030 cet.
 this transport will cost you 47 dkk (no
car)(remember to say that you come for
the demoparty).
 if you want to bring your car you'll
have to reserve in time on this mumber:
 +45 8659 0002 (mon-fri.1000-1200 cet &
                        1430-1700 cet)

 when the party is over two busses will
transport you to your ship.

the entrances:
 the party entrance will only cost 120
dkk. and the disco will cost only 30 dkk
 a day.

1. this party is a 100 percent legal
  demoparty and that means: we take no
  responsibility for any illegal
  activity, piracy included.
2. we will not accept any boose and/or
  drunk people inside the partybuildings
  if you want to get drunk you can visit
  our disco.
3. we have hired seven people to take
  care of normal troublemakers, but in
  case of vandalism etc. we'll call the
  policestation which are 200 meters
  from the party.
4. no one but the organizers and our
  sponsors are allowed to sell anything
  at the party.

final words:
 this party is not only made for all the
famous demogroups etc., it is also made
for the new groups and that's why we
f.i. have 18 prizes for the demo-
competitions (c64/amiga).it is also made
for those who want to experience what
technology can do, those who want to
meet lots of people with the same
interests and of course everybody who
just want to have a good time with or
without a computer (remember the shows!)

 before we finish we want to thank
everybody who've been involved in
arranging this party - the greatest
demoparty ever!

 see you... at the brutal demoparty'92!


 to reserve tables, chairs, electricity
and to make bus or ferryreservations
copy the following lines, answer the
questions and send them to hurricane.

-we won't miss the greatest demoparty!!-
-name               :                  -
-group              :                  -
-number of persons  :                  -
-number of computers:                  -
-computertype       :                  -
-ferry from         :jutland / zealand -
-bus from aarhus    :yes / no          -
-(incl.ferry) if yes,then answer the   -
-            following questions for   -
-            each person:              -
-            what bus-time:     cet    -
-            if the first buss is full,-
-            then what bus-time:    cet-
-kalundborgferry    :yes / no          -
-             if yes,answer the follow--
-            ing questions for each    -
-            person:                   -
-            what ferrytime:     cet   -
-            if the first ferry is     -
-            booked then what ferry-   -
-            time:     cet             -
-ferry from hou     :yes / no          -
-contactperson(name):                  -
-address            :                  -
-town               :                  -
-country            :                  -
-phone              :                  -

     well we hope to see you there!
     if you wanna have an invitation
  printed here in 'brutal recall' then
               send it to:

             'brutal recall'
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