Brutal Recall 10 ch14

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   Ü !                               Ü !
"#$%&'    saturday light live!    "#$%&'
()*+,-                            ()*+,-
aaaaaaahrgh! just after finding out that
the text-disk get slapped by an elephant
and i finally got myself together to
write some new lines,i got along very
well and then that one particular thing
happened!!  the fucking power blew out
into orbid and there i was left with no
text again!!  if it goes on like this
you might have the shortest issue ever
but with most work put into it!!  if the
text is a disappointment you know who to
slap,crap and blame...
but as r.c.s. wants me to write text i
better write some or he will go'n fetch
his mum'n'dad to beat me up!!
  okay,bla you might have got
by now,with your weeny brain,that this
is the live-light report and i better
give you some details about what has
happened before...
i made myself one hell of a boring trip
to kopenhagen in denmark... during those
13 hours of boredom i counted all the
votesheets i recieved,so the trip was
also fucking lame...  anyway,this was
necessary as it had to be done anyway..
being at r.c.s. place with some lame
brutalers (hai raise,bleze+maniac!) i
wasn't tired at all,but we had to get
some sleep as the journey next day would
start so goddamn early!! zzzzzzzzzzzz!
we fucking woke up at 06.00 am on a cold
friday morning and got ourselves ready
by taking a cold shower. well,i did but
i don't know if any of the other weenies
like r.c.s./legend,bleze+raise+maniac of
brutal also took the refreshing shower!!
we drove to some lame slumm in lyngby
and waited for some other freaks to show
up and there we were off to the ferry!
the trip was quite boring and sleepy but
atleast we had ourselves some serious
butt-pain as if it was worked up with a
bazooka...  searching our way through
the lame party-town and finally found
the school!!  surprise surprise!!  the
place had been changed due to an over-
dosis of reservations!!  and there we
had to search more and more till we
finally wet our pants of happiness when
we arrived at the place! (the right 1)
paying sek150,- (which was half of the
total amount of lame swedish money i had
brought along!!) we were alowed to enter
the nice'n cool icehockey-hall. ofcourse
filled with lots of smart amiga dudes!!
(i know they're lame,but i'm just one
 big slimball!!)  we picked some tables
and settled at the back of the hall...
it was quite cool to meet all those guys
and to have a little or long chat with
them,depending on their kewlness!
already after some time,the first power
failure appeared to great anoyance of
the 'party animals'. (some really look
like animals!!  including me!!)
the hall was devided into two and on one
side were mostly the so-cool amiga dudes
and on the other side were the so-cool
amiga dudes with some commodore 64 on
some abandoned places.  there are also
some amiga dudes in a gym-hall but they
don't mean anything to the party!!!
some more information about the place.
there's a small snackbar where you can
get hamburgers,hotdogs and some other
stuff,drinkable or eatable,being pretty
expensive!!  anyway,the toilets smell
like mens-parfume and i guess you all
know how that smells like don't you,you
little pants-wetters!?!
also there's a big screen which shows
you some amiga-demos,movies or just some
lame swedish information about power-
faillures and so on... i'm glad i'm sooo
good in swedish as it would really be
irritating for the guys that don't get a
sack of marbles of the swedish prattle!
that was most there was to say about
this place!  it's better as my room as
this place atleast has a roof!!
during the first nice day the following
things happened...
a big explosion with the power of a bad
condom explosing under sperm-presure!
rumours go around that it was hysteric
to have set the bomb!!!
aslive/hysteric though said they had
nothing to do with it!!
after that some guards appeared and they
keep an eye or two on all the things
happening... (well,they try hard!)
the brutal guys finished their demo and
it is one of a kind! (boast boast,heheh)
when all those lamers (hai!) went to bed
i ofcourse stayed awaken and kept my
eyes on everything that didn't happen.
playing "pinball dream" on amiga has
been my main activity,if you can call it
active if someone just stares out of his
eyes and hardly reacts on anything!
the lamers woke up again and we went to
some backery to get bread! (that's becoz
there's no bread at the butcher's as we
would then have gone there!!) okay,the
rest of the day was quite sleepy with
just writing some text and also taking
part in a scrolltext for the antic-demo!
(yoho probe! great demo! see my review!)
  day number two was really one of those
"ooh my god! what can i do without
 falling asleep!"-days...   there wasn't
much action and i mainly wrote text for
this fucking lame magazine...  after
that i didn't know what to write and i
went out to look for some demos to have
my bloody hands on...  i first found the
crazycool topaz-beerline demo with the
original name "a blind marathon"...
i asked some guy of topaz if i could
review it,but i couldn't... damn i said
to myself and walked away! only 1 minute
later or so,d'arc of topaz noticed me to
come and i was allowed to review the
demo as long as i didn't spread it!!!
and there i was the first one to get
this demo...  great to play it on the
computer and see all those guys slime to
get it...  anyway,after copying it to
several guys! (haha,no way d'arc! just
kidding!!) i had done my review and you
better check it out too!!! okay,looking
for more i ran into nothing at all!!
none of the other demos were finished!!
atleast the guys of 'orbs' gave me two
of their demos and review bla bla...
some more 'bombs' exploded and the
guards appeared again...  nobody got
thrown out which i didn't enjoy at all!
some rumours say that some guys from
austria had been taken by the cops,for
stealing some hardware...  some guys in
'cross' also lost their cartridges due
to illegal crime activities...
joyride/brutal was fucking lucky to find
his action replay after he lost it!!
it was at the other side of the hall
then where his compu was,but anyway!!
the deadline to bring in your demo or
whatever was set at 20.00 pm,but as
hardly anyone was finished at that time,
it was removed to 19.00 pm the next day!
still it seemed this was not long enough
as the fairlight demo was unfortunately
not finished when it was shown!!
the horizon demo was not close to being
finished but anyway...    we went to bed
pretty early as there was nothing to
stay awake for...   really cool when i
woke up and found out they had been
showing some cool movies on the big
screen!!   okay,some guys where watching
videos on their screen,but i didn't care
to much to see some bad quality!!
the usual walking was done and we talked
to some more guys,wrote some more text
and ate some hotdogs..   one cool thing
was that the pizzaman came every hour to
bring the ordered pizzas!!!  finally it
was 19.00 pm and that was the deadline!!
24 demos contributed to the c64 compo!!
also lots of pictures were send in for
the graphics compo..   the lighters made
the selection without caring what anyone
else might had to say!!  finally it was
21.00 pm and at this time contributions
would be shown...  they started with the
amiga-music compo and the tunes that
participated were mostly fucking cool!!
we were stricktly ordered only to write
down the number of music which you liked
most,so not the name of the composer!!
well,we never heared the name of the
composers,so how could we ever write
those down!?!   next was the graphics
compo for the c64...  they showed the
directory of pictures which were 'good'
enough to participate... i got quite
shocked when i noticed my graphic wasn't
there as lots of guys said it was soo
fucking great!!   i went to the lighters
and checked it out...  they said my pic
had been used before and i couldn't
believe my ears!!  where did they get
that shit from!? i only showed it around
to some guys,but it was never,and for
sure never,used before or even spread!!
then they said it wouldn't have been in
the top 3 anyway!!  okay,i admit it was
not good enough,but is that up to them
to judge!?  my picture,the terminator in
piction 2 which was released later,was
for sure better then atleast 3 of the
pictures that did take part!!
i was really pissed off and didn't care
much for the rest... i wanted to get my
disk back,but they couldn't find it...
couldn't my ass!! they were just so lame
even to steal the disks... almost nobody
got back their disks!! lots of guys got
pissed that my picture wasn't shown,but
i didn't care as i don't even bother to
be angry on such lamebrains!!!
okay,also the brutal demo wasn't shown
for some reason,but ofcourse they showed
lots of lame demos instead!!!  how cool!
okay,you can judge for yourself about
the brutal demo and my picture as we've
spread it around!! after all was shown
we gave in our votesheets with some real
angry feelings towards some lighters!!
(not towards you,savage!!) now the party
had turned against us and we were all
pretty pissed at light!! all we did then
was laming around and make trouble...
lots of guys were throwing empty bottles
of coke and toilet-paper and so i also
threw some toilet paper!!  lucky me!!
spirou/light and some other bigmouth
came towards me and said i had to clean
it! spirou gave me an empty garbagebag
but i gave it back as i was absolutely
not in the mood to listen to some lame
lighter making me clean mess,i but also
other people made!!  i got threatened to
get thrown out of the party if i didn't
clean it,but i didn't clean anything!!
then razy/legend came in and the only
thing he said was "fuck off!! her is not
leaving!"  if i had to leave they had to
throw me and the rest of the gang out!
i think they got scared as those words
ment the end of this matter.. later lots
of guys were even hitting empty bottles
with hockey-sticks but nobody told them
to stop!!     okay... when the lighters
were going to announce the winners of
the compos,only around 50 people were
left...  there were big trophees to give
away and also a nice amount of money.
some people who won already left too,so
where did the money go?!?  anyway,here
are the winners of the c64 compos as we
don't care about the amiga,do we!?!
  W<Y                              W<Y
 ZÅÅÄÓ  1.elysion/origo dreamline ZÅÅÄÓ
WÖÜ !"Y 2.partytrap/beyond force WÖÜ !"Y
#$   %& 3.lunacy 5/antic         #$   #$

  W<Y                              W<Y
 ZÅÅÄÓ    1.tmt/wrath designs     ZÅÅÄÓ
WÖÜ !"Y   2.creeper/flash inc    WÖÜ !"Y
#$   %&   3.electric/extend      #$   #$

the winning picture was a digitised one
of a girl!!!  how lame!! do we have the
second bizzmo,here?  just a guy who owns
a digitiser and knows how to put in some
anyway,after this everybody left the
partyplace and the lighters were left
to clean up the mess!! did you have fun?
during the trip i slept and finally we
arrived at r.c.s.' place...
i wanted to finish brutal recall,but it
simply wasn't possible due to lack of
time!!!  we had to get up early again,as
my train would leave in the morning...
when we arrived at the station we had to
wait for over an hour as the bitch of
the information point gave wrong info!!
finally i got on the train,but as soon
as the conductor came,i had to pay more
money as it was some special train! as i
was broke i couldn't pay him and i was
thrown out of the train... what the hell
i thought,and i took the next one...
i came all the way to osnabruck were i
found out that there was not leaving a
train to holland anymore!!  just great!
i took the train to rheine and slept in
an empty train-wagon...  at four in the
morning i had to get my ass out of there
as they needed it...  now i had to wait
3 more hours till the first train came!!
with only 1 piece of bread left from the
other day,i had to survive in the
freezing station...  atlast there was
the train and now it only took me five
hours to get home...  the entire trip
lasted 28 hours instead of only 13!!
it was quite fun anyway,as i was held
company in rheine by some drunk fellow!
(yoh spirou,laughed your heart out!?!)
the party was quite cool and i met lots
of guys up there...
here's a list of groups that were there:
brutal             x-factor
dunex              beyond force
censor design      origo dreamline
horizon            triad
light              hysteric
orbs               flash inc
antic              starion
topaz beerline     crest
maniax             genesis project
cross              x-rated
illusion           wrath designs
fairlight          extend
varsity            w.o.w.
legend             oxyron
conic              princes
t.p.f.             war deal lamers
chromance          noice
unity              dual crew
vision             acrise
blaze              panoramic design
offence            flame
pandora            active
booze design       enigma
alter              pretzel logic
and probably some more...
i guess that's all there is to say...
we hope you've enjoyed reading this and
also that you can imagine a bit how it
must have looked like...
hopefully more parties like this will
be arranged!!

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