Brutal Recall 10 ch11

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      W<Y                      W<Y
     ZÅÅÄÓ      interview     ZÅÅÄÓ
    WÖÜ !"Y                  WÖÜ !"Y
    #$   %&                  #$   %&
    now we'll bring you an interview
     '8                            '8
 9*+,-.                        9*+,-.
 /0123458                      /0123458
 6789:  ; creeper of flash inc 6789:  ;
   <   =>                        <   =>
   ?  _AB                        ?  _AB
   CDEFGH                        CDEFGH

 c: creeper
 r: r.c.s.

 r: ok please tell us somethings about
    your self...

 c: well, im creeper of flash inc. and
    i have been a member for about 7
    months now. i'm about 1.80 tall and
    i will not tell my weight!! hehe!
    i live in a town called sundbyberg,
    its a mile from stockholm...
    and i hate nkotb!

 r: well when did you start on the c64
    and in witch groups have you been

 c: i entered the "real" scene back in
    1989, then i joined the famous
    legend "dual crew", and after that
    i joined antic and i stayed there
    for over one and a half year!! later
    on i joined deathsector but i didnt
    enjoy the time there because there
    where only finns in the group exept
    me, later on i visit fairlight for
    some weeks, and after that i joined
    flash inc.

 r: now please tell us something about
    flash inc., like how many members
    there are, and what there jobs is...

 c: i think we are 10 members, 10 lazy
    members exept for shade, our newest
    member.. he is producing music like
    hell. even zodiac have become lazy!
    here is the full(?) list!..

    zodiac - coder and lamer(hehe!)
    morpheus - he cant do anything!
    moon - musician?
    the spy - coder and so on...
    shade - maybe musician?!
    lubber - coder, he joined us latley
    from padua!!
    crept - norways #92 graphican!!
    zagor & zoris - italian graphicans!
    creeper - thats me! - lamer!!

    (to fhi - this is a joke!!)

 r: what do you think about the scene
    these days, and can we make it

 c: better?! better to what?! the scene
    is ok! its just all lamers around
    who thinks they can beat everybody!
    i think that people should respect
    the better onces...
    we can make it better, stop all so
    called mags!!!

 r: what do you think about the light

 c: pretty cool, there was alot more c64
    than i thought it should be!!
    and the party place is average!!
    it was 10 degrees when we arrived
    here! now its better!!!

 r: brainstorm...

    party...                 light?!
    new flash inc warez..    impossible!
    broken disks...          all over me
    girls...                 everywhere!
    lamers...                everywhere!
    rulers..           me!, antic & flt!

 r: what do you think about the so
    called elite?!?

 c: well, if you mean demogroups i think
    that there aint so much cool demo -
    groups anymore, its a few!!
    and crackergroups?! i dont care!!!

 r: what is your favorit...

    food...     cant spell it in english
    animal...                    my girl
    music...      everything exept trash
    shue...             nike, size:41-42
    girl...               cindy crawford
    single cracker...        king fisher
    single coder...         depeh & tron
    cracker group...    pandora & censor
    demo group...     all swedish groups
    magazine...         shock & explorer
    musician...       jeroen tel & danko

 r: do you have any enemy's, if yes
    then what do you wanna say to then?

 c: i dont know, maybe tronic/flt or

 r: alot of coders think that swapping
    is the easyest thing, what do you

 c: yeah! probably exept for doing
    nothing!! maybe be modemtrading!!

 r: what are your future plans?!?

 c: i dont have any, i'll have to try
    to draw something nice!!

 r: do you have a girlfriend, if yes
    then tell us a little about her!

 c: girls?! do i have to tell about
    them all?! well, i will keep this
    girl i love to my self!

 r: what do you do in your spare time,
    besides computering?!?

 c: everything that a normal person
    does, hunting girls, goes to school
    boozing etc..  = having fun!!

 r: if you could rebuild an old legend
    which would it be, and who would you
    have to join?!?

 c: i would like to rebuilt my old fav.
    group "ikari" cause they where the
    best!! and i want all former people
    to rejoin and tron/flt , depeh &
    jordan/antic, some great crackers ,
    jeroen tel , danko.. and many more!

 r: if you went to an island what 3
    things would you bring?!?

 c: at the first i'll wish another 100
    things that i can take with me and
    i hope that i dont have to write all
    100..  but for sure a nice girl!!

 r: well what is your biggest wish?!?

 c: to be god?!

 r: well wanna greet
    some friends and contacts?!?

 c: yeah!!  jordan,depeh,star,xor,exalt,
    probe and the rest of antic, tron,
    bacchus,ogami and the rest of flt,
    triad, pretzel logic, tech & grapple
    of w.o.w! , light, censor design,
    all the girls at this party...
    and many many more forgotten!!
    sorry for that pals!!

 r: well wanna
    say anything before we end this

 c: mega-interview, you shall read the
    interview with maduplec/crest in
    the comming hotshot, thats a mega
    call the subway XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for
    the latest antic & fhi warez - 2400
    bps. 24hrs/day. 3 online games etc.
    thats all....   l8r.

 r: thanks for this mega cool interview

 well if you wanna be interviewed then
     you ofcause have to be alittle
       wellknowed! just write to:

             'brutal recall'
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