Brutal Recall 10 ch10

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      W<Y                      W<Y
     ZÅÅÄÓ      interview     ZÅÅÄÓ
    WÖÜ !"Y                  WÖÜ !"Y
    #$   %&                  #$   %&
 this time we'll bring you an interview
      '8                          '8
  9*+,-.                      9*+,-.
  /0123458                    /0123458
  6789:  ;  walker of light!  6789:  ;
    <   =>                      <   =>
    ?  _AB                      ?  _AB
    CDEFGH                      CDEFGH

 w: walker
 r: r.c.s.

 r: ok please tell us somethings about
    your self...

 w: yo! yo! yooooo! my name is walker
    and iam a member of the ruling and
    never ending light! my real name is
    jonas nordin and iam 16 years old...
    i live 3 miles outside the capital
    of sweden in a little town called
    "akersberga"...i have a very nice
    girl that iam been together with for
    10 months...

 r: well when did you start on the c64
    and in which groups have you been

 w: i can't remeber exactly but i think
    its 5 years or so....i have been in
    these groups...p.e.(haaa!lame!) ,
    starato(even lamer)...then i joined
    oneway. got sacked! joined warrant.
    got sacked! joined paragon. stayed
    there for about 1.5 year and then i
    joined -light!-. i will stay here as
    long as i can due the cool guys...

 r: now please tell us something about
    light , like how many members
    there are, and what there jobs is...

 w: it were borned in 1988 when goblin
    left agile. many members have went
    in and out since then. like: bob ,
    etc.etc...the members right now are:

    goblin- some kind of leader and gfx!
            he mailtrade some times too!
    flamingo- excellent coder!
    icecube -cracker...
    shade-very lazy cracker...
    scooby-graphics and swapping.
    sham-modem trader,smooth criminal
         editor...laaaaazy swapper!
    spirou-sysop on our almighty board
           "the futurezone" it
           on: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...
    bappalander-musican and organizer
                for this cool party!
    waco-laaazzzy coder!
    savage-modem and mail trader...
    yabba-greeat coder!

 r: what do you think about the scene
    these days, and can we make it

 w: i think it great! everybody saying
    "it will soon day"...i haven't
    noticed that yet! i still got +-15
    discs every week and some friends
    call me some times and its some real
    good action on the boards!

    i actually don't know what could
    make it better but i think some guys
    should try to make better demos and
    learn about coding better instead of
    producting lame magazines and crack
    lame games...

 r: what do you think about this light

 w: radical! cooool! the best iam have
    been on so far! lots of cool guys
    are here...

 r: brainstorm...

    lamers... shit heads!
    elite... meeee!
    new'n'hot stuff... cool!
    food... must have to live!
    girls... nice! sofi rules!
    broken disks... booh! shit!
    first releases... quite cool
    magazines... cool!
    party's... cool!

 r: what do you think about the so
    called elite?!?

 w: yes...i'm quite cool! no,actually...
    the elite are the guys who crack
    the games fast and make the awesome

 r: what is your favorit...

 w: food... flygande jakob!
    animal... cats
    music... techno-rap-hip hop etc.
    girl... my! sofi...
    single cracker... sauron
    single coder... flamingo and yabba
    cracker group... legend
    demo group... light
    mag... sh0ck,independent,b.recall
    musician... danko and bappalander

 r: do you have any enemy's, if yes
    then what do you wanna say to then?

 w: nooooo! no need of 'em!

 r: alot of coders think that swapping
    is the easyest thing, what do you

 w: nooo! choosing your computer carrier
    before girls! and partys! always a
    lack of money and getting bad in

 r: what are your future plans?!?

 w: scene: getting more friends and
           contacts...decreasing my
           fathers phonebill...

    life: be lucky with my girl...
          partying alot!

 r: do you have a girlfriend, if yes
    then tell us a little about her!

 w: yeah! her name is sofi and she is
    cute!! i have been together with her
    for 10 months and we are having a
    great time together...tobad she
    didn't want to come with me here...

 r: what are your hobbies besides comput

 w: my girl,partying,hang aroung with
    friends,watch tv+video...etc.

 r: if you could rebuild an old legend
    which would it be, and who would you
    have to join?!?

 w: eaglesoft inc. or ikari!

 r: if you went to an island what 3
    things would you bring?!?

 w: my girl,food and a boot!

 r: hmm nice! well what is your biggest

 w: to get how many wishes i want!

 r: well wanna greet
    some friends and contacts?!?

 w: r.c.s.,tch,baze,hero,antitrack,cevin
    ,the panther,creeper,gerwin,aaron,
    oze,aktie,stiff,jayce x2,nightshade,
    touchstone and a lots more that i
    forgot right now!

 r: thanks for the greet, anything you
    wanna say before we end this

 w: just stay cool and keep the c64
    ruling...get lot of babes!

 r: thanks for this mega cool interview

 well if you wanna be interviewed then
     you ofcause have to be alittle
       wellknowed! just write to:

             'brutal recall'
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