Brutal Recall 10 ch09

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      W<Y                      W<Y
     ZÅÅÄÓ      interview     ZÅÅÄÓ
    WÖÜ !"Y                  WÖÜ !"Y
    #$   %&                  #$   %&
 this time we'll bring you an interview
      '8                          '8
  9*+,-.                      9*+,-.
  /0123458                    /0123458
  6789:  ; prophet of starion 6789:  ;
    <   =>                      <   =>
    ?  _AB                      ?  _AB
    CDEFGH                      CDEFGH

 p: prophet
 r: r.c.s.

 r: ok please tell us somethings about
    your self...

 p: well, my real name is henrik and i'm
    18 years old. i live in a average
    town in a fucking cold country cal-
    led denmark. i've blond hair and my
    eyes are blue.

 r: well when did you start on the c64
    and in witch groups have you been

 p: well, i got my c64 4 years ago and i
    entered the scene about 2 years ago.
    i started in some very lame groups
    which i will not mention here. my
    really first group was bronx after a
    few month in bronx they spilt up i
    got the offer to join genesis and
    because they were to lazy to send
    some cool releases, i joined the dk
    group x-factor. after some month x-f
    i joined bonzai which sadly now is
    dead. the whole bonzai crew joined
    the mastubation crew of crews ...

 r: now please tell us something about
    starion, like how many members
    there are, and what there jobs is...

 p: well i can't really remember the com
    plete list, but here's a try :

    savage - coder
    passion - coder
    crush - cracker
    walt - coder
    kwon - coder, graphician
    xerox - coder
    dize - graphician
    ricky - coder
    t.h.a - coder
    prophet - megaswapper
    zenox - musician, coder
    the disease - graphician
    the sacred noise:
    johannes bjerregaard

 r: what do you think about the scene
    these days, and can we make it

 p: well, i think the scene is lame bcoz
    of all the lamers who rebuild the
    goood old groups like : 711, zenith,
    cheyens and so on.. also it's lame
    with all the lame mags. every group
    have mag because they can't code a
    nice demo or crack a decent game.
    i don't think we can make to c64
    scene better. it will never be like
    in the old days with the kewl groups
    like : bones , upfront , triangle ,
    ikari , 2000 ad ,(the old) hotline ,
    eaglesoft , fireeagle , unic , crazy
    drive, papillions and so on...

 r: brainstorm...

    party... loadz of beers
    new starion warez... hey how coooool
    broken disks... aarrghhhhh.
    girls... weeeett pussssyyy
    rulers... starion, legend, illusion

 r: what do you think about the so
    called elite?!?

 p: the real elite groups are the ones
    who nearly crack all outcoming games
    thats the elite groups. the other
    people are the legal dudes. simply..

 r: what is your favorit...

    food...    pizza
    animal...  tarantel
    music...   death metal (unleashed)
    shue...    my converse basketshues
    girl...    mariah carey
    single cracker...crush/starion
    single coder...  savage/starion
    cracker group... starion
    demo group...    crest
    mag...shock, b. recall, corruption
    musician...jeroen tel, laxity, reyn

 r: do you have any enemy's, if yes
    then what do you wanna say to then?

 p: piisssss offff x-fagtor, laser.

 r: alot of coders think that swapping
    is the easyest thing, what do you

 p: i will agrre with the coders who
    says that, everyone can swap... but
    if there were no swappers,they could
    not get their stuff spread..simply..

 r: what are your future plans?!?

 p: my computer future plans are earn
    enough money to quit the c64 and
    then buy the computer over the
    computers the pc....
    my future plans considdering my job
    is that i hopefully can keep my good
    job and later can became a good

 r: do you have a girlfriend, if yes
    then tell us a little about her!

 p: nope, i dont need it.i have kwon/str
    i like to take his ass out of his
 r: what are your hobbies besides comput
 p: yes, i swim alot and i like very
    much to hear some very brutal death
    metal and then i also go t alot of
    brutal concerts...

 r: if you could rebuild an old legend
    which would it be, and who would you
    have to join?!?

 p: yearh, tough question ?? i think the
    demo group would be bones as they
    really kicked and it should be with
    all the former bones members..
    a cracker group probably be zenith
    as they also kicked aloooott...

 r: if you went to an island what 3
    things would you bring?!?

 p: maraih carey, trine michelsen ,amber

 r: hmm nice! well what is your biggest

 p: my biggest wish is that they soooon
    can smash the whole yugoslavia toget
    her so denmark can compete in the
    football europe championship in

 r: yeeeahhh cool! well wanna greet
    some friends and contacts?!?

 p: ok, here's is some greetings....
    all starion members, hero ,ayatollah
    r.c.s,jazzy d,dogfriend,deff,janec,
    nightshade,derbyshire and the rest
    of my contacts + r.c.s's mother for
    her outstanding pancakes+ the brutal
    & dunex members shown up here today
    at r.c.s. place...

 r: thanks for the greet! well wanna
    say anything before we end this

 p: see ya alll at the mega light party
    this easter...let go out and throw a
    burger in ours moughst.......ciao

 r: thanks for this mega cool interview

 well if you wanna be interviewed then
     you ofcause have to be alittle
       wellknowed! just write to:

             'brutal recall'
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