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         "about votes'n'charts"

                 part 2

              by tch/brutal
yohoho!  this chapter seems to be read
  by quite some guys as i've recieved
  several reactions and other things to
  my lines in issue #9!!
  here's the first reaction from one of
  the 'internal' editors: einstein/wow!!
  the text i've printed here is a little
  part of a larger text..
---------------------------------------- idea of the country-votesheet was
  not completed yet... you could say it
  is some kind of a study... what i mean
  is that it could become part of the
  charts! we (wow) have already spread a
         country and normal votesheet
      '8 together in order to get the
  9*+,-.   best results as possible...
  /0123458 i know what you mean with a
  6789:  ; lack of guys..also alex/rush
    <   => (czech) said the same...  but
    ?  _AB i think the old system is
    CDEFGH even worse.. anyhow,if there
           are pe.not enough gfx,.. in
  a certain country,you simply don't
  vote for that subject!
  and you won't have a problem with the
  rest of the world because you have to
  spread the country and the normal vote
  sheet together!  then,and only then,
  you could reach the ultimate result!!
  (or was it seduction??)

    Ü !     Ü !     Ü !     Ü !     Ü !
 "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'
 ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-

before i react on this,i'll first print
  another reaction which also reached me
  concerning this matter...
  it was written by the freak/rebels!

    Ü !     Ü !     Ü !     Ü !     Ü !
 "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'  "#$%&'
 ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-  ()*+,-

facts is that every magazine publishes
  it's own votesheets and charts,and
  everybody should know that none of
  them are really objective.  therfore i
  wonder whether the scene,i.e. we do
  really want objective and unbiased
  charts? i for myself,and i'm certainly
  not alone with this request,want to
  see objective and uncheated charts..
  the idea with the country-votes was a
  first step towards this direction.
  therefore,i have worked out a new
  suggestion which,however,requires lots
  of tolerance and cooperation by each
  group publishing a magazine..
  i suggest to proceed as      IJKLMNO
  follows;                     PQRSQTU
  each group continues to send QQVWQQX
  out its votesheets to its    YZUÅÄÓÖ
  contacts but the voters do   Ü U!"#U
  not return their votesheets  $%& $%&
  to the magazines,but to a
  central place where all the votesheets
  are collected (somewhere in europe)
  and this central place is ofcourse
  neutral,i.e. it does not participate
  in any voting and does not publish a
  mag. this central place evaluates the
  votesheets and distributes the results
  to all magazines. afterwards,the vote-
  sheets will be returned to the groups
  so that they know who has filled out
  their votesheets,for publication of
  the addresses,etc...
  ofcourse,it would also be possible to
  organize a central place for each
  individual country like it is for the
  social-music charts of the european
  countries,and a superior place will
  then publish all euro charts.

i really wonder if we all together will
  be able to achieve something difficult
  but worthwhile. this would really be a
  good achievement. to program a demo or
  to crack a game is something which can
  be achieved by everyone with some
okay,reactions time!!
  as i allready wrote in the ninth issue
  i am no supporter of the countrysystem
  as it is simply not fair to use some
  system like that!  i don't know how
  big for instance the czechoslovacian
  scene is,but i don't expect it to be
  over 15 guys big!!
  and what if only 1 of those guys is
  really good at drawing..
  you then shouldn't vote for him as he
  will be the only name in the list?!?
  really fair to this guy which tries to
  do so well!!
  the idea brought to you by the freak,
  may look like a really good idea and
  it is for sure better than the other
  one... but also here there are some
  minor problems!!
  who is crazy enough to count everyones
  votesheet for nothing?!?
  okay,this problem is not that hard to
  be solved,but what about this one..
  is there one special date when all
  magazines get released?
  nope,there isn't!!  so how can you
  ever make 'fair' charts if every mag
  needs it on another day!!
  it's ofcourse possible to release all
  mags at the same day,but will that be
  cool or what? i know for sure that a
  lot of mags will stop because they
  won't get read anymore,or they won't
  get spread anymore due to an overdosis
  of magazines at one small period!!
  and every mag will almost look the
  same as the charts will be identical
  and what if someone fills a votesheet
  for every mag??  this guy will get
  enormous influence on the final result
  and that's not what we want,is it!?
  you'll return all votesheets to every
  magazine so they can publish the
  advert and other things...  what if a
  votesheet gets lost somewhere?!?
  the guy,who's votesheet got lost might
  never fill a sheet for that mag again!
  this is bound to happen if you arrange
  something like that!!
  maybe this idea has something incommen
  to the communistic thoughts!!
  it is the best idea to create the very
  ultimate magazine,but it can't work in
  this community with individualism!!

and that's all there was to say about
  the votesheet-systems for this time!
  i'll now write some lines about the
  'single cracker'-charts...

nowadays,you see mostly the same guys in
  these charts:powerplant,doc,bod etc..
  but there are more('n better) good
  crackers nowadays!!!
  it is really tough to break through in
  these charts as hardly anyone really
  compares the cracks,now that the
  'gamers guide' is still not back!!
  but what makes crackers good or better
  than the others?!?
  is it the speed or the abilities?!?
  if we check the lists you'll always
  see the ones of groups with lots of
  first-releases topping the chart!!
  so it seems quite obvious that it does
  not really matter how good you are,as
  long as you're fast!!!
  this is in my opinion pretty lame!!
  what does 'best cracker' mean to you?
  to me it means the guy who did the
  best version of several games released
  lately!!  and mostly the first-release
  guys don't spend an awfull lot of time
  on training,shortening and other stuff
  as it has to be done fast,before any
  other guy released it!!
  so therefore i think speed-crackers
  are not always that good as the chart
  may say he is!!
  recently there was this game called
  "potsworth" from hi-tec..
  lots of guys cracked it and also lots
  of guys that are in the cracker-charts
  released it!!
  but almost everyone kept the picture
  in the main-file!!
  yes! there's a picture in the original
  tape-version! (spread by genesis!)
  it is located at $4000-$6400!!
  if you cracked this game,you better
  load your version and go to the game
  title screen,reset and then simply
  enter these pokes in basic;


  and if you see a,partly bugged,picture
  you know you did a lousy job!!
  this is not ment to slag everybody
  down who was stupid enough to overlook
  this picture,but simply ment to show
  you who is worth to be called a good
  single cracker and to show who just
  pretend to be good,or to live on the
  reputation on being fast!!
  i'll just give 3 names of guys which i
  think should atleast be in the top 5
  of 'single crackers': ignorance
  if one of these guys cracks a game,it
  is for sure a high quality version!!
  unfortunately they are mostly hanging
  somewhere aound place 10...
  i think this really is bad!! why is it
  that speedies rule,when their versions
  are hardly of any quality!!
  there are ofcourse exceptions,but this
  is mostly what happens!!
  therefore i hope that the gamers-guide
  will be back,or that someone else
  could compare all versions and make a
  list of all games,with the version
  that was best mentioned with it!
  so not that every version will be
  printed,just the ruling one!!
  if you think this is a good idea,then
  please let me know!!!
  please read the opinion-poll to see
  what kind of a system i developed to
  make the best version!!!
and that's all for this chapter as i've
  said all there was to say!!
  if you have any reactions then please
  send a letter to this address..
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