Brutal Recall 10 ch07

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       '8                        '8
   9*+,-.                    9*+,-.
   /0123458  ..bla...bla...  /0123458
   6789:  ;                  6789:  ;
     <   =>  ...bla...bla!..   <   =>
     ?  _AB                    ?  _AB
     CDEFGH                    CDEFGH
massive attack!!  we changed the name of
the "did you knows" into "bla bla...."!
this is done because we recieved several
short articles or texts concerning some
matters,but as there weren't enough
letters to fill an entire chapter,we've
collected them together and they are now
printed after the 'did you knows'...

did you know...
 ...that exulans/x-factor is a

 ...that bleze/brutal is tea-aholic?!
    a day without tea and he'll die!

 ...that everybody brought a computer to
    light's but the dunex guys brought
    a tosti-machine!

 ...that raise/brutal has the biggest
    panic-hair at the light party?!?

 ...that prophet/starion is stealing
    others coke when they are sleeping?!

 ...that bleze/brutal is the basic
    master, if you have any problems
    just look him up!

 ...that maniac/brutal can't drive car?!

 ...that tch/brutal is soo fucking lazy?
    (ed.yep,that's me!)

 ...that there are soo many amiga lamers
    at this light party?!?

 ...that razy/legend always loose
    in dyna-blaster! (amiga-game!)

 ...that the post lost 3 tapes that
    stormbringer of excess sent micke!?

 ...that tyrant of accuracy had birthday
    on march 13. yep,that was a friday!
    17 years,thank you mum!!

 ...that the drawing of the fucking guy+
    girl on the magascene votesheet,was
    ripped by hysteric.  this picture
    was originaly done by ronin/dunex
    and was only made for dunex!!

 ...that deff/dominators' address is one
    of the most difficult secret to
    reveal for people who want to swap
    with him,as nobody gives them the

 ...that digital designs had their one
    year birthday on 19 april 1992?!

 ...that there is no war between faces
    and chromance as was stated in the
    previous issue. but it's true that
    alex/(c) did a lame thing which the
    faces guys hate him for,but with the
    rest of chromance they're okay!

 ...that majesty wasn't in enigma as he
    told us.  now he is in talent and
    this is true!!

 ...that deluxe/sunrise irons his undies

 ...that numskull/offence wants to buy a
    ntsc c64 for fixing his own cracks?!

 ...that in the last weeks there were
    many releases of "graffity demo
    music composer (dmc)"...
    this can't be a crack(as many groups
    claim),cos it was originaly released
    by graffity themselves half a year

 ...that lots of groups cracked some
    worthless previews of "cyberiad" and
    "game got no name" which were done
    by tch and n-joi of brutal a looong
    time ago and just for fun spread
    around by baze to see if people were
    really that lame'n'stupid to release
    it...   well,the result was shocking
    as almost everybody 'cracked' them!!

 ...that w.o.w. has members in belgium,
    holland,hungary and turkiye!?!

 ...that tbb/chromance has contacts in
    27 different countries!?!

 ...that "independent" is not released
    under any group!

 ...that the game "black panther" has
    graphics in it drawn by cruise/a.c.!

 ...that rumours say that tch/brutal is
    the same as opus 3/crystal?!?
    well,i (tch) just have to say one
    thing to those lies...
    reallity check!! i got my hands full
    with the work i do for brutal...
    i'm not that crazy that i also start
    something in some giga-lame budget
    release lable... anyway,everybody
    knows how much i hate fake-lables!!

 ...that bacchus/fairlight is also an
    editor for a real swedish papermag!?
    he reviewed "brutal recall" on their
    demopages and said they could order
    it for a lost of 4 disks!
    (ed.thanx a lot pal!!)

 ...that savage/light is only 14 years
    old,but is really big!!

 ...that tch/brutal had to sleep at a
    trainstation as he missed the train!

 ...that fairlight did not crack the
    game "indy heat"!!!
    bacchus wants to know who did it in
    his name!!!

 ...that some people cut off the logo of
    the brutal recall votesheet because
    they think it is so cool!?
    ( your heart out as their will
     be a much better one out,soon!)

 ...that as the guys of our party-report
    left the party,they drove over some
    streets only for cycles,just to get
    to a tank-station to fill up their

 ...that the parents of tech/wow visited
    their son at the light party!!

 ...spikes/dunex almost fell asleep on
    the trip back.. you might think:"oh,
    so what!?".  well,he was driving the

 ...that joyride/brutal's action replay
    was missing and that he found it at
    the other end of the partyhall!!

 ...that tch/brutal almost got thrown
    out of the light party!

 ...that savage/light was fucking drunk
    after he drank some booze of razy!

 ...that bleze/brutal almost got kicked
    out of the party for saying
    'fuck you' to a light member! and
    a little after zyborg/dunex got
    blame for saying it!

 ...that tch/brutal's picture of
    terminator (arnold) wasn't in the
    gfx comp. coz the lighters said that
    it was used before?!?
    (ed. lame again!)

 ...that the guys of w.o.w. wanted to
    finish internal at light's...
    they finished all text but then the
    new outfit didn't work!!

 ...that digitising pictures is the
    lamest thing a graphician can do!?!

 ...that the text-disk for brutal recall
    fucked up!!

 ...that charlie/varsity brought his
    girlfriend to light's!!

 ...that horizon will be back on c64!!

  here's a little disktrick sent to us
          by bacchus/fairlight!
my drive is kinda old,so some disks tend
to slide and thereby being close to
unreadable. for this problem,put a tiny
piece of tape on the inner-ring of the
disk,so the drive can catch on.

more text sent in by bacchus/fairlight!!
howdy hackers:

fairlight still needs you!  if you fill
any of these qualifications,

-if you are a great musician,living in
 sweden (so you can attend our meetings)

-if you are english,preferable londoner,
 and have a c64,diskdrive and a 2400 bps

if you qualify then send a letter this
very day! for possible membership.

-spreaders,be an flt swapper trainee.
 you'll get all our wares directly,and
 also access to our boards.
 send a disk with a file on your contact
 list,written with "eddie delux" (this
 is to show you have the access to some
 major group we've spread it to!) to the
 following address:

          bacchus of fairlight

ooh man!!  after writing those did you
knows and saving them on the disk,we
went for some food!  when we returned
someone had rewritten the did you knows
a little bit and also made some up...
we thought it was really funny and
therefor we decided to let you also read
please keep in mind that we are not in
any way responsible for what is written
here and that it all is bullshit!!
also the (ed.)-things are not by us!!
okay,lets go with:did you know...
 ...that exulans/x-factor is an imita-
    tion of dolly parton.

 ...that baze/illusion tried to crawl
    into r.c.s.' slepping bag, while he
    slept, in the attempt to get some
    tight young boy ass. nevertheless
    he was discovered and was beaten up
    by the swedish organisation
    "nazis against anal sex"!

 ...that bleze/brutal is a drug-addict.
    a day without drugs and he'll die!!

 ...that raise/brutal has the biggest
    panic-toupe at the light party?!?

 ...that prophet/starion was discovered
    masturbating, in the middle of the
    night, at the light party!!

 ...that bleze/brutal is the basic
    master! he changes the sideborder
    colour with poke commands, all by
    himself!  ( don't find that
    kind of genius anywhere, lamer)

 ...that r.c.s./legend is soo fucking
    lazy?!?  (ed.yep, the fag!)

 ...that razy always wins in dyna-blast

 ...that r.c.s. is contributing in the
    eastern dwarf-throwing tournaments.

 ...that brutal wants to build up a
    gay club, and will use the slogan
    "homo homo.... harder harder..."

 ...that the whole brutal gang was
    beaten up at the light party by

 ...that it's very temptating to rewrite
    a piece of mag text!

 ...that r.c.s. has stolen about ten
    diskdrives and cartridges from the
    guys in fairlight!

 ...that exulans/x-factor had burn marks
    in the right hand, after he had been
    been masturbating the whole night!
    anyway he denies everything, but we
    have witnesses, that this action
    really has taken place! (ed.poor boy
    he is never going to get any cunt)
and that were all of them!!
i think they are really cool or what?!?
anyway,if there is slagged on you,then
don't take it seriously as we're not
the ones behind this!!
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