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          "the scene... today!"

              by tch/brutal

hello readers!
here i am again to give some comment to
a special thing which happened in the
scene lately..
before i start,i'll print a letter which
was sent to me by 'bacchus of fairlight'
in which he also discusses some points
of this scene...

howdy hackers!

after reading the mag for the last
couple of issues, i must give you my
point of view on the subjects
"the scene" and "the c64 future".
first the scene:
many things in this scene still amazes
me, but quite a few awoke my disgust.
as you might know i'm the main cracker
in the swedish group fairlight. we are
one of the oldest groups still active,
so we have a long history to look back
on. one thing, that strikes me is how
             many of the newcomers,who
    _ABCDE   lack the history of the
    _FGHIJ   scene.  one of the things
    _KLLMN   that brings you into the
    _OPQRS   scene is the fact that you
    TUVWXY   are amired by quite a few
    ZÅÄÓÖÜ   lads. finding that most
    !"#$%&   newcomers have never heard
     '()*    and do not bother about the
names of the dudes i admire; gollum/flt,
mr.z/triad, janitor/triad, mr.lee/711,
the dynamic duo to name but a few.
i think someone ought to do the job of
writing the history of the scene and
spread it, and that all major groups
demand historical knowledge before
accepting new members. do not take this
too serious, but admit that i've got a
point here!
the subject of "budget lables", which
groups release budget games on, is also
pathetic. if a game stinks,you
only release it if you can do   XYZÅÄÓ
a good version on it. a group   ÖÜ !"#
does not earn any credits from  $%&'()
releasing a crap version of a   *+,-./
crapgame, so why do the work if 012345
you don't get credits anyway?
the article in the last issue fully
covered the issue!
next; group swapping! when going to
school, i always separated classmates
from mates going to my class. following
this line of thought i also have
"computer pals" as well as "pals dealing

    IJK     IJK     IJK     IJK     IJK

with computers". a group consisting of
only "computerpals" does not have the
strength to go on forever. we in flt
have a stiff core of good friends, whom
you can trust in all weathers. they wont
leave the group for another one. i lead
the forces and push them with phone-
calls and membersendings, and during my
frequent laziness periods, aaron is
allways there to fill the gap. i'm very
sceptical to members abroad, as i want
to be able to afford frequent chats with
all members. i guess the contacting of
ayatollah/ex. t.a.t. was basically a way
to get our hands on a diskmag to be
spread under our lable. basically this
kind of using people for your own
purposes is wrong and not a lasting
arrangement. in the diskmags i can
follow the frequent creations of new
groups and the deaths of others.
mainly it's the same people jumping
around. i can't figure why!
computing is basically fun, and i want
to have fun together with my best pals.
do these people have a need for change
or is it the            pityfull fact
that groups like  H:;K  these are just
formed and guys  GLMNOP only accepted
for their jobs?? QRSTUV we also sometime
kick members who W<YZÅÄ are becomming
too lazy,even to   ÓÖ   fill a place in
the memberlists.  Ü !Ü these are too
lazy to be picked "#$% up by some other
group. a few have &'89 quited (rockstar+
servant) after a       short guest-
appearance but most like it together
with us and stay as they feel they have
a place to fill in our fellowship.
with this point of view on groups, i
can only feel pity for the notorious
"groupjmpers". changing groups too often
just proves that you have a deep lack of
wanted skills, are sociologically
dreadfully boring to talk to or that you
are a restless soul searching for
something better you'll never get.
the future of the c64:
a lot of talk has been around on this
subject. my opinion is very clear here;
the c64 will live practically forever,
but the number of users will diminish
into practically nothing. this will not
         happen over night, as the
 *+,-./0 eastern countries will become
 1234567 active and bring a new spring
 89:;<=> to the ol' commie. we can see
 ?_ABCDE this on a lot of other computer
   FGH  scenes,like: the spectrum,
       the bbc and others.
these scenes are not dead, but so
inactive that they are hardly very much
alive either. this will happen for the
c64 too. in sweden, practically no new
c64's are sold, and without the stream
of new users, no new generation will
follow the mighty traditions of the
swedish legends, fairlight, wcc, scc,
triad, relax and so on. we see the
burial of magazines addicted to the 64,
as people now buy an amiga as the first
computer. the gameproduction is going
down, and if no games are released, even
fewer reasons exist for the purchase of
a new c64, which makes it even more
stupid for any company to release a c64
game. this is in fact happening, and
there is nothing we can do about it!
for your information, i just cannot
establish enough energy to go to the
amigascene. you are lame for a very long
period, when changing systems, and i
guess i can't take that shame! so i
guess i'll stay with you on this system
untill the bitter end!

                   /bacchus of fairlight

thanx to bacchus for this article!
he's got some very good points   XYZÅÄÓ
here and that's why i'll add a   ÖÜ !"#
few lines to his text...         $%&'()
the fact about knowing the       *+,-./
history of things is important   012345
to everything as you can learn of
mistakes and successes made by other
people before you!  it's good to know
who started this and how they did it!!
i myself do not know too much about the
history of the scene as i'm only part of
it for about 5 years now,when the ruling
company and blackmail were found out of
the notorious ice-squad!
as you came up with the idea to write
the historical background of the scene,i
am now asking if you could do that for
us!!  you can write about anything you
wish and i'll make sure it's be printed!
i think this is the only way to make the
newcomers more familiar to the scene so
they will understand more about it!
and if they understand it better,they
will probably have more troubles to go
to any other systems..
  about group-jumpers now.. i also had
plans to leave brutal,in which i've been
since i formed it in august 1990,for a
'better' group.  the offer was perfect,
but when i heard the reaction of most of
the remaining brutalers,that they would
leave the scene after the brutal-party
because they were shocked that someone
like me gives more about charts than
about friendship,i really thought it
over and over again and i stayed as i
simply couldn't loose friends in this
way,just because i had to be selfish!!!
some may call me stupid,but as you also
mentioned,fun is what this is all about,
and how could i have fun by loosing some
of my best friends?!?  yes,i know that
there can also be friendship between two
guys from different groups,but it's not
the same!!  you don't have the same
goals,as you both want different groups
to kick serious ass!  you mostly won't
discuss internal groupmatters with
eachother as those facts should stay
secrets most of the time...
it's just too bad that not all brutalers
live in one country as we now only have
a groupmeeting once or twice a year!!
ofcourse some members meet from time to
time,but it's much cooler if almost all
members are present!!  and on those
meetings,we don't really care much about
computing,as you computer best when you
are alone anyway!  we just have fun like
hell,going to a snackbar at 03.00 a.m.
seeing a move,messing around..
in the time i was in denmark last year,
we could only finish 1 intro!!
the computer is nice,it brought'n'keeps
us together,but if you are together then
forget about it and spend time with
eachother and not with the computer!!

_ABCDE it's true that there are not that
_FGHIJ many people who buy a commodore
_KLLMN sixtyfour anymore,as the kids
_OPQRS want other computers like the
TUVWXY "gameboy" and sega-master-systems
ZÅÄÓÖÜ  instead of the good old cbm64!
!"#$%& i think that's the mean reason
 '()* why there are less game on the c64
     as this market is becoming smaller
and smaller due to the flourish market
of those handhelds!!  this is the newest
rage nowadays just like the cbm64 some
years ago!!  on the other hand,more kids
can afford to buy a cbm64 as the prices
of this machine go down that much!!
there is still hope that more and more
kids want a cbm64 as they see that the
games are cheaper than those cardtridges
of the nintendo and master-systems.
and as the cbm64 is pretty popular in
the eastern countries,the demand of
games will raise again!!
all in all there's a pretty good future
for this machine behind all the dark
cloudes of amiga..
just as you said,the c64 will never die!
it will always remain in my heart! this
machine gave,and still gives,me the time
of my life as it's more than just a
hobby!!  i think this counts for most of
you too!!  and just as you said,if you
move to another system you'll be lame
again!!  well,you maybe got a little bit
of experience of how to handle things,
but you'll have to start all over again!
if you quit the c64 all the time you've
spend on it is just a waste!!  you could
better have been working!!  i know this
machine is a waste of time,but as long
as it is fun to be in contact with guys
which have a c64 too,i'll stay on this
machine!! friendship is much easier if
you got something,like a c64,incommon!!
i hope you realise that!!
    okay,my text is almost bigger than
the text of bacchus,and i hope it has
not been a waste of time to write it!!

now i'll continue with the chapter and
the thing i want to talk to you about
is the following...

*+,-./0                          *+,-./0
1234567    the stealing of...    1234567
89:;<=>                          89:;<=>
?_ABCDE       our outfit!!       ?_ABCDE
  FGH                              FGH
yep,you read it right!!
someone has stole the 'outfit' of your
favourite "brutal recall"...
well,they didn't exactly steal the code
and graphics,but they stole the mainidea
of which this magazine is based!!
they stole our way of choosing chapters!
maybe you know of which magazine i'm
talking but if you don't i'll give the
name of it: "splash"...
this is the new name for cemetary news,
and also this magazine is released under
the 'accuracy' label!!  as you all know,
most people are jealous creatures!!
when someone has success in something
they will start to imitate him,in the
hope of success for themselves!! luckily
this imitating is not too easy when we
talk about magazines!!  you can ofcourse
'rip' the idea of an outfit and produce
one that's the same or even better,but
what a magazine makes is the "text"!!
and that's something you simply can't
steal and change a bit!!  i'm still glad
that it took almost a year till someone
'stole' our outfit as i feared it would
happen right after the release of the
first issue..  gladly this didn't occur
and maybe that's the reason why we kept
on doing brutal recall!!  but now we
have an enormous amount of text and that
is what makes this mag one of the best!
you can steal as much as you want to,as
the scene will be negative in overall
anyway,as they'll say it looks just like
"brutal recall"...  it might even be a
very bad selection to imitate this mag
as people will expect much more of the
text,then with the "cemetary news"..
anyway,your text-output aint that good
as an upscroller is ruling!! (hehe!)
well,before i'll make more words dirty
about this matter,i'll end this chapter
with the following words...
XYZÅÄÓ                            XYZÅÄÓ
ÖÜ !"#                            ÖÜ !"#
$%&'()  you can't steal success!  $%&'()
*+,-./                            *+,-./
012345                            012345
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