Brutal Recall 10 ch03

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    XYZÅÄÓ                    XYZÅÄÓ
    ÖÜ !"#                    ÖÜ !"#
    $%&'() what has happened! $%&'()
    *+,-./                    *+,-./
    012345                    012345
yoho noozy people in the dark.
here you've got some news which might
be long forgotten but there's also a hot
dosis straight from the centre of the
c64 at the moment...the light party!!!
 -megabyte/depredators joined gbf design
  of crest!

 -blockbuster and slator both
  depredators joined chromance!

 -paramount is back, almost all old
  members rejoined, members are:
  sting, maniac, domino, staneless steal
  sky, joe cool, thage!
  also chrysagon and ignorance of enigma
  is said to have joined the new rebuild

 -skylight has started a new magazine
  called 'goldrush', it's the first
  polish mag published in english!

 -deek and bizzmo both genesis left the
  scene after the release of their demo

 -illusion was rebuild and already got
  alot of kicking releases! members are:
  pudwerx, prodigy, richie, despiser,
  here, sauron, fist, freestyle! also
  baze/brutal joined them after some
  internal problems.
  their hq is 'the forum'!

 -tbb/presence joined chromance as
  swapper! also swave/ex.extreme joined
  chromance, while exult got kicked out!

 -fresh prince of light left the scene
  for the (l)amiga!

 -most acrise members build up.. image!
  members are: crossfire, mason, dishy,
  clive, rip and zak!

 -deff/enigma joined the dominators!

 -fgth/genesis left the scene!

 -scope/death sector joined the graphic
  group plasma design, but still stays
  in death sector!

 -black samurai, van gogh and hoist
  joined the swedish group jam!

 -page and tbb both death sector joined

 -arrogance/success joined the army!

 -macronit was kicked out of dominators
  and went over to the pc!

 -crystal was build on the 64 by..
  supreme, d.a.d. and opus iii! also
  bishop/dominators joined, and
  dizzy/ex.xzess joined too!

 -janec/genesis got caught for phreaking
  by the cops!
  hulkster/dominators was caught by the
  police for vhs trading! also
  dogfriend got visited by the cops!
  duke/dominators got caught for using
  read the article "danger zone"!!

 -wrath designs has got alot of new
  members! they are...
  lobo, eliz, ed, joe stash!

 -ream/ex.hotline and jester/trc joined
  triad, they will also make
  gamers guide again!

 -the communist/success joined f4cg!

 -demon/ex.radical joined hitmen!

 -floppyman joined heartbeat as swapper
  and modem trader! also tritius joined
  heartbeat as swapper and original

 -the authentic/ex.xzess joined dunex
  after being on trail in dunex for 1

 -armitage and shocker joined extacy!

 -reyn ouwehand joined paradize just
  after the demo dutch breeze was

 -klf'n'emf/spirit joined sunrise!

 -legacy is a new build group, build by
  some old alpha flight members!
  they are now in coop with arcon!

 -a new swapper called crazy entered the
  scene, he is said to be the brother of

 -shade/contrast joined flash inc.,
  while scorp was kicked out!

 -skizz left dunex and the scene and
  went over to the (l)amiga!

 -rap/ex.x-ray joined success, while
  manx was kicked out!

 -strike zone/oxyron joined 711, but
  the group renamed into arcon!
  also alot of eternal members joined
  arcon! eternal died!

 -xen was kicked out of dunex!

 -legoland 2 from fairlight should be
  released at the light party!

 -bomb/ex.traitors joined hitmen!

 -mendrake/acrise returned to the scene
  after a short break!

 -eivind mikkelsen joined shape as a

 -andre(as)/house design joined antic!

 -lightnis/acrise joined slita design!

 -death sector died at the light party!
  we don't quite know what all the
  members did! also the death sector
  board is down as the dude quited the
  scene! motley and scope joined vision.

 -crush of starion might soon quit the
  64 scene and start on amiga to earn
  some money by selling games, and then
  go for the pc!

 -iron boss/brutal quited the scene.

 -dealer and useless/ex-level eleven
  both joined vision.

    results of the compos at lights:
      1.elysion by origo dreamline
      2.partytrap by beyond force
      3.lunacy 5 by antic

         1.tmt of wrath designs
         2.creeper of flash inc
         3.electric of extend

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 for 'brutal recall' to...

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