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 --- --- --- --- - - - - THE ZOOLOGICAL
 -   - - - - - - - - - - GARDEN WATCHER
 --- --- - - - - --  - - --------------
   - -   - - - - - -  -  BY LIZART/SPD
 --- -   --- --- - -  -
           @@   @
          @@    @@@   @@@  @@ @  @  @
          @@@@  @    @   @ @   @ @  @
             @@  @   @   @  @@@@  @ @
            @@   @    @   @ @ @    @
           @@    @  @ @  @  @  @   @
 @@@@@@@@@@@      @@   @@       @  @
                                @ @
  brought to you in association with:

           THE SPIDERS CREWtm


Feel free to skip this chapter- but now
that I've got your attention I hope that
you will read this and enjoy it.
If not give some hints to me- so that I
can make it better. Thanks in advance.

It's 9.15 and Mike is late for his work.
But Mike doesn't care at all.
A few weeks ago he was a prisoner in the
prison of Newtown and now he is a Park
watcher at the local zoo. This was a new
plan of the local government to help
prisoners get back into the real world-
after their long peroid behind bars.
Mike Mears is making intension to get
out of bed and when he arrives at the
zoo- his boss isn't angry at all.
His boss is just too nice and friendly
for Mike. So Mike starts to work with a
bad attitude- because he hates friendly
people. It's now 15.34 and Mike's feet
hurt and he wants to quit. Just when he
walks besides the monkey's a man walks
to Mike with a very friendly face.
He says: "Excuse me sir- but do you know
where the toilet is?". Mike replies:
"No- ask at the entrance and don't
bug me anymore."."Thanks a lot"- says
the man and walks away. Mike looks at
the man with anger and doesn't notice a
railing and falls against the bars of
the monkeycell- where one monkey gets a
dark haze over his eyes and tries to
kill Mike by scratching him with his
nails. Mike falls to the ground and is
unconscious till he gets in the hospital
When he wakes up in the recovery-room
he meets an irritating nice man and hits
him in the face untill he is
unconscious. He laughs like a madman and
just when he stops laughing a doctor
comes in the room and tells him that he
will be ok- but that he has to stay for
observation. Mike listens to all this
but leaves the hospital through the
window when the doctor leaves the room.
The doctor walks to his personal office
and again takes the bloodsample of
Mr.Mears and looks at the strange virus
in his blood.......

When Mike is at his new home- a very
small flat in a very friendly
neigbourhood, he turns on the radio and
tries to find a cool radiostation. When
he can't find it, he beats up the radio
and throws it out the window onto a car
which is parked there. The glass of the
car breaks and again Mike laughs like a

The nurse who is checking if everyone is
in their room has just arrived at the
room where Mike should have been. When
she sees the open window and the empty
bed see calls the doctor who examend
the bloodsample. The doctor says:"I know
that he is not in his room- because I
send him away myself". The nurse walks
away to check the other patients- while
the doctor looks at the status of
Mr.Mears to see where he works so that
he can observe him.....

Mike just goes to work- and again he is
too late- and again his boss is not
angry- but when the boss smiles Mike
grasps him by his throat and strangles
him untill his hands are covered under
blood- because of his long nails....
Mike washes his hands and drags him to
the Lions and throws him in the cage.
One lion approaches the strange meat and
starts to eat because it's lunchtime.
The rest of the lions follows the first
one. Mike laughs.....

The reporters arrive an hour after one
of the park watchers discovers the
dead body (what's left of it).
Mike is observing this but doesn't
notice the doctor who is oberving Mike
and writing something down. Mike likes
the killing and knows that he can't stop
this- there is a force which drives him
mad and orders him to kill and enjoy the
killing. The doctor is satanic and likes
the killing as much as Mike does.
Mike now goes home because they don't
need him there anymore- the doctor
follows him. After a night of terrible
dreams Mike wakes up with some dreams
clearly printed in his head and some
where inspirering so he goes to his work
and is on time. His colleagues are still
at their homes and thought about what
happened to their boss. They all hoped
that they will die in an other way- and
so they where to scared to go to work.
Mike finds a reporter who is still there
to observe the behaviour of the lions.
Those stupid reporters still thought
that the lions have commited this crime-
but Mike knew better. The reporter
didn't notice Mike and was still
sitting there with his notebook and
pencile. Mike couldn't resist the urge
to kill the reporter. He grasped a
stick and walked to the reporter- who
still didn't notice him. Mike came
closer and closer and suddenly he just
starts to hit the reporter with his
stick. The reporter tried to turn around
but before he could even do that he saw
his own blood from his head and fell
unconscious to the ground. Mike picked
him up and pushed him in the lions cage.
The lions didn't argue and started to
eat this meat which tasted better than
the one from yesterday.....

Mike is still watching how the lions eat
the reporter and turns around. He
decides to go to the snakes which are
always hungry. When he walks to the
snakes he walks along the bears and
suddenly gets a blackout because of the
hot sun- he stumbles and falls with his
head on the bars- he tries to get up-
but the bear slaps him in the face and
Mike falls to the ground and the bear
again hits him, this time harder,
and deadlier Mike dies because
he loses too much blood,
but the last thing he sees is the
monkey cage where the monkey is getting
a dark haze over his eyes and screams...

A new recrute applied for the job of
Mike Mears and after a few weeks he is
cleaning up the monkey cage and sees the
monkey with strange eyes. He is very
curious and walks to the monkey which is
on the other side of the bars. The
monkey waits for the man to come closer
and hits him with his nails. The man
falls and gets a dark haze over his blue

               THE END
               THE END

This is the end of the spooky story- I
hope you will join me the next time when
I hopefully have made up another story
which is spooky.
I'd like to thank RADIOHEAD- because
they inspired me with their music while
I was typing this story. Also thanks to
my computer which didn't crash while I
was typed this- thanks mate!
Well gotto go now- take care and watch
out for the monster under your bed......

                        L    T S    B
                        LIzaRT SAyS BYe
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