ArachnoPhobia 06 Last words

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               LAST WORDS
               LAST WORDS

We: Roj, Carnage, Stirf are right now
sitting in carnage's room editting and

Yes wel, Roj was using the wrong editor
the idiot!!!

Oke enough about that. You are lazy like
a dead person. What are 5 minutes in a
year and what is one year in a century
and what is one century in one
millennium and what is...

Yeah sure, I don't know what you where
talking about, it took me too long, so
I was more concentrating on the music
than on that shitty text of yours,
but anyway, I haven't heard from Stirf
for a while, maybe he has something
to say, so do you Stirf?

I totally agree with you Carnage..
Roj don't hit me, i haven't finished my
sentence yet!!!
because the music actually is cool!!!
Cranberries are always nice to listen
to. Cut the quarreling and go on
editting please!!

But Stirf you wanted to study
philosophy? And about the music it's too
loud for me.  (Roj)

To loud!? Are you insane? the music
realy rules and I can give you loud if
you want to Roj!! (Carnage)

Now let me hear.

OK, cover your ears!!! wasn't it nice!?


Hmmm, are you going? damn how is it
possible that someone can be so tired?

Well, Carnage there are people on this
world who want to work and I belong to
this category. Your category is the
lazy one.

Yeah and I love it!!!

How is your school going!!!

To fast for me Roj, because I'm to

Please, give me a direct answer to this

I believe that it was very direct, just
after you typed your question, I

I'm really going now because this level
is going lower and lower. Mmmm, Stirf
agree with me!!! Stirf stop whistling!!!
MAYBE you want to say something usefull.

OK people let's not get carried away,
maybe it will be wise to finish this
boring dialogue in the next issue of
Arachnophobia 7 which will be available
the first of september 1997.

Ok, sceners I want to say goodbye and
I will see you in the next issue of
Arachnophobia. Yoo, guys (gays? maybe,
you never know, they are everywhere)
when is the next releasedate of the mag?

People, we are getting to sleepy let's
just go home to get some sleep...
I hope that i will manage to get home,
i only wear shorts and a t-shirt
(and shoes ofcourse) and it's freezing

Bye Roj, bye Stirf and bye Carnage.

The next day...........

Hmmm, it is the next day, but I (cng)
don't have much to type right now, so
I shall say goodbye on behalf of the

Goodbye and see you soon in the next
issue of Arachnophobia!!!

                     Carnage and the
                        rest are gone!!!
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