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           WHAT'S HAPPENING!
           WHAT'S HAPPENING!


Hi there folks, here's Carnage with yet
another news chapter. If I don't make a
mistake, this should be the 5th news
chapter, because this should be the 5th
issue of Arachnophobia.
This is the news chapter, so let's start
with the news for this issue.


The new issue of Arachnophobia will be
released over 3 months, this is because
will all needed some extra time, so the
release date of Arachnophobia #6 will
be the first of July.

Phantom is not a Spiders-crew member
anymore, he didn't send us for a pretty
long time!!!

Floyd/Willow definately is not a member
of Excess!!!               ---

Firelord is back in the scene and he
has joined Excess.

Creative Insanity has joined Angry as

Olsen, former member of Albion, rejoined
as musician.

Jetan left Agony and teamed up with
Albion as grafixer.

Crimson, a talented coder & graphician
joined Albion.

Wacek/Arise joined Albion as musician.

Nostradamus, a polish swapper, joined
Role as 3rd group.

Leo/LD/TDR joined ROLE as 3rd group and
as a graphician and swapper.

The polish group "Golden Trio" is dead.

All the ex-Golden Trio members joined
Role, all of them are polish dudes.

The new polish members of ROLE are:
Piciu, Zak, Deejay, Ms. Secret, Race and

Matyas left the scene, as he said that
he wasn't a really good composer.

Naphalm/Scorn rejoined Ascraeus.

Violator/Alphaflight joined Nostalgia
as a second group and as a swapper.

Katon/Scorn joined Miracles as a second
group and as a graphician.

JB/NoName joined Lepsi developments
as a second group and as a graphician.
He left Megeunit.

Erol/Tempest joined NoName as a coder.

Zinia/Nitros Developments joined Scorn
as a graphician.

The group "High-tech" is dead.

Flare/ex-High-tech joined NoName.

Odysseus/TC/KRG joined Civitas as 3rd
and renamed into "Braindeath".

H-Bloxx/Excess joined ROLE as a
megaswapper, he still remains a member
of Excess.

Ringleader (USA) left ROLE.

Avenger/ROLE left the scene, but one
week later he RE-joined Role. He missed
the C64 too much. Who don't!!!

G/ROLE started swapping on the c64

Ochrana, a Dutch swapper, joined Role.

H-Bloxx/ROLE (amiga) left the
amigascene, because his A500 broke down.

Gregfeel joined Unreal as a musician.

Imaic joined Unreal as a musician and

El Banditos joined Unreal as a swapper.

The 5 new amiga members of ROLE are:
Swayze, Igi, Zuber, Robin and Spider.

Swayze/ROLE became co-leader of ROLE.

Moloch/F4CG joined Scs+Trc.


Sorry guys, but this was all the news
for this issue, hopefully the next
issue will contain some more news.
Press fire to get back in the main-menu.

                         Carnage is out!
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