ArachnoPhobia 05 Spooky Story

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@   +-----+--+-+---+-+---+-+--------+  @
 @  |     |  | |   | |   | |++  |   | @
@ @  ---+ |  | |@@@| |@@@| ++   |   |@ @
 @ @    | +--+ | @ | | @ | | +   -+-+ @
@ @ @   | |    |   | |   | |  +   |@ @ @
--------+ |     ---+  ---+ |   +  | @ @
@ @ +-------+---+---+-+---+-----+-+@ @ @
 @ @|@ @    |   |   | |   | |   | @ @ @
@ @  ---+   |   |   | |--++ |   |@ @ @ @
 @ @ @ @|@  |   |   | |   +  -+-+ @ @ @
@ @ @ @ | @ |   |   | |   |  @|@ @ @ @ @
--------+@ @|    ---+ |   | @-+ @ @ @ @
@ @ @ @ @ @ @             |@ @ @ @ @ @ @

Welcome to spooky story. This time I
tell you a story about a woman called:
Sara Brown. This Sara had a husband but
he died in a car accident. She works in
a factory which deals with cleaning-up
chemicals. She tries to earn the money
for her 4 children- but has some finan-
cial problems and can't get a loan from
the bank.

It's friday and Sara tries to get her 4
children to school. The eldest one does-
n't cooperate and Sara gets angry.
"Hurry up- Ruben!!"- says Sara. The boy
replies"Why rush mom- we still got
plenty of time?". "I must go to work-
Ruben- don't you understand? I'm all-
ready late!"- says Sara. Now Ruben gets
his bag and goes to school. Sara kisses
the children goodbye and gives Francine
the keys:"Don't lose the keys!!"- says
Sara. Francine replies with a short
answer. Now Sara rushes to her work and
almost hits a car when she ignores a

On her work she checks-in and moves to
her working place. One of her collegues
says:"Problems with bringing the kids to
school Sara?". Sara ignores him because
he's an annoying man.
    Sara works hard and her boss is glad
that he has her in his team- sometimes
when nobody sees it he gives her some
extra money becuase he knows she has
financial problems.
    Now she works hard again but doesn't
notice that she does something wrong.
Normally this is no problem but this
time she's doing something wrong with a
dangerous acid from which the label
has gotten lost.
    Sara gets a little acid on her arm
and she makes a jumpey reaction.
Because of that she hits a barrel which
contains the rest of the acid and the
 barrel falls onto Sara. The acid breaks
through the barrel and flows onto Sara's
face. Sara screams for help and all her
collegues are standing around her.
Their boss is running to the secretary
and looks 4 the information to treat the
wound. Ofcourse the information isn't
there- so he calls the ambulance- police
and firebrigade. After 15 minutes the
ambulance arrives and they take Sara
with them. As the firebrigade arrives
their squad-leader asks what kind
of acid it is. The boss answers that
he doesn't know how to treat it and
says that it's HCL with some other
acid. The squad-leader of the firebrig-
ade removes all the people around the
dangerous acid and tests how the
pH value is. The pH value is pretty low
(1.6) and that's extremely dangerous!
    In the meanwhile Sara is in the hos-
pital and some doctors are worked on her
damaged face.
A few days later Sare gets an operation
which should make her face look better.
The doctors are pretty satisfied about
the whole operation.
They were even surprised that they
didn't have to transplantate tissue to
wrap-up Sara's face.

1 week later Sara's face has heeled from
the operation and the bandages are taken
    Sara is nervous because she didn't
know how her face is going to look.
The doctors ofcourse said that it re-
stored good but that it was not the
face wich she had. When one of the doc-
ters released the bandages the was
shocked and fell unconcsious down on
the floor. Sara is disgused by her new
face but looks in the mirror again
she saw that it was her normal face
again. Sara was so happy that see ran
through the hospital jelling that the
doctors are the best and that she never
was so happy.
    That night Sara slept very good and
when she woke up she walked to the mir-
ror too see if her face was still as
good as yesterday. Then she sees it.
Her face is crippled on the right side.
She tried to wrap up her face with her
hands. And this worked!. She is sur-
prised but wants to go to the hospital
to show it to the doctors.
Then- on the way to the hospital- she
gets a horrible idea. Sara directly
turns the car en rushes back home.
When she came home she walks to the
mirror and tried to shape her face into
an other face. She managed to make her
face completely different- and unrecog-
nised for even her own children......

The telephone rings- but Sara doesn't
pick it up because she robbing a bank...
Sara doesn't have a mask but just shaped
her face so that she becomes a total
different person. She gets about
_1c30000 pounds and gives up her job at
the chemical factory.
    She now makes a real job of robbing
the bank and sometimes even kills some-
one if he/she doesn't cooperate.
Sara doesn't have to rush in the morning
and takes her kids to school every day.
She buy's new stuff and earns about
_1c200000 pounds a month. The police can
not find the robbster because they don't
know that it's the same person each
time. But Sara is still not satisfied
and wants to make her whole body like
her face and goes back to the factory
and searches for the chemicals.
She can't find it because the boss had
to remove it for the safety of the
workers. So Sara breaks in at the office
and searches in the computer which
company brings this stuff into the fac-
tory. She notice that a factory called:
Portable technologies produced this
garbage and gets in the car again.
She drives to the building and she finds
out that the building has no guards or
something around the building. "This is
good "- says Sara "very good".
    The locks on the door are old and
she can break them easily.
She walks along the machines and
barrells. Sara finds the right barrell
and decides that if she just has to
it will probably work. What she doesn't
know that one barrell besides it has
a leak. Sara has got some of that acid
on her skin and jumps in the barrell she
just opened. A terrible scream and lots
of smoke are the last thing Sara

              THE END
              THE END.

            EDITOR: Lizart/SPD/DC
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