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            SCENER'S PROFILE
            SCENER'S PROFILE

So here's the interview. This time a
very live interview with this cool
guy named Crusher.
Just you go on and read this interview!

(AP) Hello Crusher, how is it going?

(CRS) Quite well at the moment, thanks
for asking, since I've got myself some
spare time nowadays caused by some
holidays and more of that stuff..

(AP) All righty then, well let's start
with introducing yourself!

(CRS) Hah! I just KNEW you'd be asking
this.. Yes, I love original questions.
Allright then.. I'm Johan XXXXXXXXXXX
in real life, and I've been active in
a greater or lesser extend for approx.
five years or so. Most of them hardly
active and since two years or something
I've been a member of Angry, in which
I've been a mailtrader at first and an
editor of The Tribune since some time.
I've got for about thirty contacts or
something, and I'm definately the
slowest trader around these days.

(AP) Well, thanks for telling us about
yourself. By the way, what do you think
of the scene nowadays?

(CRS) Well, the illegal scene seems to
immensly decrease in popularity, and
everybody was looking towards the polish
divisions with respect, but that seems
to have changed a little lately.
The maga-scene is a bit slow nowadays,
and Vandalism News? Dead.
And Propaganda? Hence the name. No off-
ence to Newscopy, by the way, but his
mag is quite a serious disaster.
Trading-wise the illegal scene is often
seriously overrated, and I'm not really
interested in receiving hardly-working
first-release previews of utterly shite
games - but everybody to his likes.

(AP) I agree with what you said about
the Propaganda, but anyway here's my
next question.
What's the worst thing you've
experienced in this scene?

(CRS) The single most terrifying thing
I've ever had to encounter (hehehe) in
this scene must have been this interview
without much doubt, or.. seriously,
I found it quite a bitch when Colonial
Trader was being spread TWICE when it
was still in beta (test) version, in
other words: when it was still under
construction. Kinda odd, don't you
think? Someone finally makes a game
worth playing, and two guys are
instantly backstabbing. Sad.

(AP) Well, yes it is kinda odd, I also
know who one of these idiots is, but
anyway, I believe that there will be
some nice games in the future, if there
is one for the c64 anyway.

(CRS) Yes, well.. I have the 'honour'
of knowing what the games-industry of
the c64 is like these days, and like
what I stated earlier in this interview;
it is my firm believe that the games-
matter is completely overrated, and
pessimistic as I am, I have to fully
disagree with you here: the c64 holds
no future for serious games.
I mean, what serious games-producers are
left in, for example, Holland?
We've had Nuke with his game-maker-shit,
and more of that kind of crap.
As for Phoenix, well.. It's nice that he
left allright.

(AP) About those games, well I have seen
some pretty nice games some months ago,
but you could be right, than again, I
did see some nice preview of some game,
don't know which one, but I do know that
I liked it, anyway, I hope to see the
full version of that game (next year or

(CRS) Yes, and here lies the problem,
there are plenty of promising reviews
constantly being launched, and quite
frankly, I wanted to get my hands on
quite a few of the titles, but the
main problem, is that the full version
often just don't show up, and then, we
have only had the previews, and that's
not been much, or am I mistaken?

(AP) Nope...
Let's talk about something else, let's
talk about the swapping business, can
you tell us some funny stuff or some
stupid nitwits you've experienced.

(CRS) I'm constantly experiencing all
kinds of particularly weird things
trading-wise. For example the many
people who never understood the hints
with regard to the cheating-matter with
me, or the completely weird conversa-
tions I've had with quite a few of my
friends and contacts and other weirdos
during my years in this scene. The
utterly brilliant ideas from Starlight
with regard to the HIV virus, and
ofcourse the many other people who've
given me a reason to go on for those
years. I'm trading with everybody not to
get the warez, but to get the notes,
instead, and everybody understands, and
most people even appreciate my own
approach. It's been nice to see those
'big' guys such as Dr.Soft and El
Banditos contacting me, and not just for
the warez.

(AP) Hmmm... I never had such guys
contacting me, then again, maybe I had,
but I myself probably never gave them
a nice long note, but that's because of
my lack of time.
Is there anyone you really look up to?

(CRS) No, not really. OFCOURSE all
active sceners are worth of (some)
respect, and I really think there are
quite a few great guys hanging in this
scene, but to speak in terms of
actually thinking someone's superior to
you? No.

(AP) What do you think of our scenecard?

(CRS) It is completely stupid. Has no
serious function. Addresses can be
exchanged without such a "card".

(AP) It's possible...
Let's talk about some other computers,
like PC's, what do you think of the PC
and the games?

(CRS) Well, I have to honestly admit
that I own a PC myself, and I'm a
fanatic Command and Conquer player.
I'm programming in C++, and I'm not
involved in the PC scene. It's a fairly
nice computer, but if you are stupid
enough as to buy one of them in a
"computer-shop", the price is extremely

(AP) Damn!! you used my word!!
Anyway, I believe that the PC's crash
too much and those stupid virusses
really suck, but C&C is rather cool,
but don't you think that all those
virrusses suck?

(CRS) I've heard about the problems you
had with that sound-card of yours, and
you're one of the few people I know
who's ever had problems with that sorta
thing. Actually, I try to think of
virusses as some kind of experimental
software, and I'm not the kind of
person to panic whenever something
unexplained is happening with my PC.
Ofcourse there are lots of virusses
written for the PC, but there's ofcourse
a lot you can do to stop virusses from
infecting, and eventually damaging, your
computer. Nothing to worry about if
you know what's happening anyway.

(AP) Well, let's talk about the
internet, what do you think of it?

(CRS) It's nice to see that the function
of the US boards is slowly taken over
by the internet, and there are a lot of
positive aspects of the net, but like
what Intruder stated in his come-back
note: The internet can cause delays and
kill off your motivation because of the
fact the information can be aquired too
easily - to put it in other words:
Why swap for warez for hours on end, if
you can down them within seconds?

(AP) I believe that the net is a mess,
it can be fun, but sometimes, you don't
know how to get to another site, ok you
can use a sort of wordsearch programm.
Something different now, you told me
that you loved Metal music, can you tell
us what it is that you like about it?

(CRS) Hmm.. There's a lot about it that
I like. The entire style simply rules,
and that's actually everything I can
say about it objectively as I am (?)
At least Metal has always had a certain
style which is nowhere to be found in
such low-life styles as "house" - At
least more than one can find in those
titles as "De mosselman" or more of that
utter CRAP. ("De Mosselman" is a modded
version of an oldy dutch song - a house
modded version.)

(AP) You're right, the music of
nowadays is pretty simple, all the
"new" hardcore "music" are made in
a few minutes time.
Anyway, do you have something to say
to all the sceners?

NO. Ofcourse ode to all the hard-working
people all over the globe and the
beginners wondering what the fuck this
is all about, the editors of every
magazine that certainly includes The
Relax, Propaganda, and everybody worthy
of some attention. My contacts? They
don't need to be greeted (now DO they?).
Whenever I have something to say, they
will be the first ones to hear about it,
so.. Later..
Oh, and Stirf, don't alter my fucking
texts, will you?


Thanks for the interview and all the
tips you gave me while editing this
together with you. (CRS-No prob. Andre!)
OK I'm out of here!!!

           Carnage (& Crush?)
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