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Welcome in the reactions chapter. I hope
you like this chapter. Please enjoy and
send me a reaction...

Dear Spiders-Crew,

Cool issue 4! Of course the GFX were
better this time (not because of my
logo, hehe), but that was not hard to
change if ou look the shit-gfx in the
issue 3... All in all, the magazine is
comming better and better. Maybe you
could include a keyboard-support in the
mainmenue/textviewer, I do have plugged
my joystick everytime... Ok, keep the
good work...

                        UNLOCK ALBION


Thank you for your nice logo, I hope
that you want to make a new logo for us.
I hope that you like the magazine this
time. About the keyboard-support, this
time only the music-menu works with
your keyboard. Maybe in the next issue
we have a keyboard controlled magazine,
but this is not a promise!
Oke goodbye, I wait for your send.



Hmm, I've been spreading these votesheet
a while ago (untill you told me they had
to be "new" :>), but I never saw you had
different charts for logo-graphicians
and picture graphicians untill now. And
it's neat that you guys realise there is
a difference there.
Honestly, I dislike the texts of your
magazine, its all do you put
Anyway, I've seen personal notes that
are no match for your magazine. And if
Funxilla and other good swappers are in
your charts, please don't say that all
good traders weren't in the top-ten,
because that is craptalk.
Sounds a bit old. This text, I guess,
where all you here is positive. Still
your mag needs Quite a few improvements
before it is to be taken at least a bit
seriously. Like what Nitro (#21?) stated
about Unplugged is now said about
Arachnophobia; "Did you
know...Arachnophobia/Unplugged really
isn't a fake magazine (really!)."
The best of luck with future releases,
and please change this unprofessional
approach will you?

                      Yours Sincerely,



Oke Johan I've spoken to you personally.
Now I know what your opinion is. On
some points I agree with you and on some
other points I don't. What you mention
about Nitro/Unplugged/Arachnophobia I
still don't understand. About the musics
I hope that you like the musics this



First of all another nice issue. But the
chapters logo was really ugly.
I also saw that you also put Mitch+Dane
seperate. Which lead to a 7:th place. If
you would have added all their points
they would have been on 4:th place with
Fanta, which they deserve. They are a
team so put them together next time. And
not in 3 places.
Czezso lost a second place due to that
he still goofs around with 2 handles.
But what I don't like in this magazine
are chapters like: Formula 1
                   Spooky Story

Please remove them and do some better
things with the space like some reviews,
maybe. And only use a tune once, and not
twice as you do with some. And cut the
stupid and sometimes arrogantic things
you say...

               All the best Violator...


Thank you for your reaction as usualy.
About Mitch+Dane,when people vote for
Mitch OR Dane then we thought to place
them separately. People vote for Mitch
and Dane and not for Mitch or Dane.
And Czezso, it's his own fault. Three
handles, is that lame, or what. Beteg,
PROFI 2 and Czezso. One name is good
enough. You aren't a Formula 1 fan? But
a magazine in mine opinion is for
There are lots of people who like the
Formula 1. Spooky Story. I personally
don't like this chapter, but same story.
You heard some tunes more than ones? We
are sorry for that. We didn't do this
intentional. About our text, we don't
want to say something stupid or
arrogantic things. Take a look at this
chapter I don't say that you are wrong
or stupid. I check the things what you
write to me and when they are true I
will say that they are true, when they
don't. I will also say that on a normal
I hope that you will send a reaction
again, it will help us to improve the




Surely the best issue so far. Finally
the graphis are at a good level, I hope
you will keep this standard in the
further comming issues. Try to increase
the amount of text! Greets from...




You liked the graphics in issue 4. This
time we have 2 logo's in our magazine
(thanks Madhead & Cheat). I hope you
like the amount of the text this time.
The amount of text in #4 wasn't that
much, because of my flu.



There are sooooooo many mags, soooooo
many of them suck like adollan ho'!
Yours doesn't! The layout is good and
contents are great!

             =Tha budsjoka=


  Hello to all of you in the
Spiders-crew, and especially to you,
Roj. Sorry that I didn't send you a
reaction last time but I had many
problems and no time. Hope you haven't
missed my reaction too much.
  Hmmm... Arachnophobia #4. New original
cover. Bren rules! Outfit. Black. Bad.
Menu logo. Nice. In-chapter logo. Ugly.
Zax - what a horror! But I'm at fault
since I didn't send chapter tunes for
you. Generally, the outfit looks more
"modern" but, unfortunately, is also
uglier. Reminded me of Unplugged, a mag
which I couldn't stand.
  16 chapters. More than last time. but
only at the first glance. The total
amount of text was shorter than in #3,
I guess. Formula 1 - a few lines. Hm.
Probably meant as a joke? A bad one.
Last words are no real chapter at all.
Know who? Lame as always, also short.
Even the interview and editorial are
short! The role story. Interesting. The
spooky story. Not as lame as last time,
I liked the charset illustration in it.
Messages - good idea but somehow doesn't
seem to work.
  English still bad. especially yours
and carnage's. A few examples: offcourse
is normally known as of course, "where"
means "at which place?", while the past
tense of "be" is "were". And so on.
  I don't know exactly why but this
issue seemed to me as if it was done in
a big hurry. Looks like a spadework.

              GOING DOWN!
              GOING DOWN!



Thanks for your nice reaction Wotnau.
Come on Wotnau don't even mention the
Unplugged in our magazine. Unplugged was
lame and we don't want to be lame. We
are trying to give you the best we can.

Formula 1 wasn't a joke, but because of
my flu I couldn't find the time and
power to write a chapter, and in that
time there were no races. Now we have a
big chapter full with Formula-1,news and
reports I hope like it(mmm, you didn't
like Formula 1? Why? Formula 1 is cool).

About the messages it is a good idea,
but you sceners(not everybody)don't send
me a message. So please help us and send
us more stuff we need it.

About my english and Carnage his. We are
trying to write the best English of the
world, but English is not my mothers'
language AND I don't studdy English at
school so... I'm sorry for that but I'll
try my best.

Issue 4 was a spadework issue, sorry.
But this issue wasn't done in a big
hurry. I hope you like this issue and
give me a reaction next time!!! please.


Everything must stop. So this chapter
stops here. But please send me reaction
otherwise you don't support our
magazine. Don't help only this mag, but
also support the others...


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