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    INTERVIEW in addybook issue #13     
another issue, another interview. this  
time we did for you an interview with a 
coder, known as YUP of offence.the audio
in this chapter was exclusively composed
by smc /tia/pretzel logic.              
kick your joy left to enter the hall of 
? hello yup, please give our readers    
  some facts and info about yourself and
  your family!                          
! my real name is andreas schneider and 
  at the moment i'm studying computer   
  business. i'm a daydreamer (yup the   
  daydreamer) and i have a wonderful 25 
  years old sister. you wouldn't have a 
  better one. she's one of my best      
! friends. (if there is a nice boy who  
  wants to get in contact with her then 
  write to me! (she don't likes computer
  very much!)) (nice girls are also wel-
  come!! no, not for my sister, for me!)
? when did you enter the c-64 scene;    
  which groups have you been in and     
  which group are you in now?           
! i bought my c-128d in 1988 to play    
  games. very soon i start to make gfx  
  and sounds and made with a demomaker  
  demos out of it but it didn't took    
  long until i started to code because  
  i'm not the best musician or grafician
  as yup (&burp) i was in static, sharks
  wot, power!, shape and offence! (my   
  actual group) as fat rat of nuts i was
  in nato and traitors.                 
? what's your job in your current group?
! daydreaming, ...                      
? what are your future plans on the c-64
  and in real life?                     
! on c-64: wait and see, in real life:  
  i'm working on the amiga on a game    
  called: aves-mistery of the bird.     
! i will start a own softwarelable (day-
  dreamers) and make games on some com- 
  puters like amiga, archimedes, falcon 
  030, macintosh, pc, sega mega-drive,  
  super nes, ...                        
? which group would you join if your    
  group would die? and why?             
! i would form a new group, like i did  
! with offence, or i'ld join 'alive',   
  because they're good friends.         
  but offence will never die. we are    
  lazy but not dead.                    
? what's/who's your favourite...        
! demo group: finish gold, mda          
  cracker:    ???                       
  coder:      fcs of finish gold        
! musician: rob hubbard and geir tjelta 
  magazine: shock, script               
  music:    there are so much like:     
            aerosmith, skid row, metal- 
            lica, ...                   
  movie:    terminator 2, lethal weapon 
            1-3, ...                    
  girlie:   goldie hawn.                
  food:     pizza.                      
  drink:    orange juice.               
? what do you like/dislike in the c-64  
! i like friendship, great demos and the
  great sound which comes out of the sid
  i don't like war, but not only in the 
  scene, also in real life.             
? are you in other scenes too?          
! if you count the comercial-scene      
  (games) then yes.                     
? if so then please tell us somthing    
  about it.                             
! watch out on amiga for the game "aves-
  mistery of the bird (woow, that's a   
  cheap advertisment). maybe i'll also  
  do make a smal demo on amiga. on pc's 
! and workstations i have to code things
  i don't like: i have to use operating 
  system calls in my programms (for os/2
  ). i really hate it.                  
? do you like demos?                    
! i love demos, especially the musics.  
  there is no best demo because there   
  are so much good demos. i can't judge 
! which one should be the best.         
? what kind of hardware do you use?     
! a c-128d (at the moment broken) a 1541
  with turbo trans, action cardridge v5,
  a colour monitor, that's all.         
? who are your best friends in the c-64 
! all offence! and alive members,redstar
  ano/padua, cycleburner/msi, and some  
? have you ever been in trouble with the
! never, yet!                           
? i guess you don't spent all spare time
? you have in front of your c-64, so    
  please tell us what do you do besides 
  the c-64.                             
! at the moment i make a praktikum, that
  means i have to work 40 hours a week  
  for a software company. sometimes i   
  work on the amiga and i love to watch 
  tv and to go out ( especially heavy-  
  metal discos ) but what i like most is
! sleeping and eating chocolate.        
? do you know any perverts?             
! more then i'll tell you here! i'm to  
  shy, but i'm also real perverse.      
? what do you think about the nkotb?    
! i love hardrock! forget nkotb. i won't
! waste time on them.                   
? do you have a girl-friend? if so then 
  describe her for us.                  
! sorry, i don't have one,but if i would
  have one then i wouldn't write this   
  interview at the moment.              
? do you have good habits?              
! good habits? maybe i'm a friendly guy.
? like good habits you must also have   
  some bad.                             
! in this chapter i could write disk    
  filling stories, but i'll take it     
  short:i'm lazy, i'm a killer and i lie
? if you would win one million english  
? pounds, what would you do with it?    
! i would investigate 3/4 of it and i'ld
  do things i never wanted to do like   
? are there any guy's in the c-64 scene 
  who you difinitely wouldn't invite to 
  your birthday-party?                  
! all right or left radical guys! all   
  smokers, because i don't like smoke.  
? by the way, when were you born?       
! i was born on the 22.2.1972.          
? if you'd like to give our readers some
  final words then please do...         
! dream on (a great song from aerosmith)
? i thank you for this interview and    
  leave you some space to do some greets
! i wanna greet my mum and my dad, my   
  sister, phips and all the girls i have
  never seen. much luck for you and your
and again you arrived the last page of  
a chapter. i hope to meet you in one of 
the other chapters or on the same place 
in the next issue. if you would like to 
see ya advert in this mag then fill out 
a votesheet or simply a letter and sent 
it to any oxyron member or directly to  
the hq addresse.                        
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