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yuppie,yuppie !                         
another chapter written by bizarre is   
coming up...now it's again time for     
some pages about the real music-scene!  
yes,i also had that chapter in a-head   
issue 1,but that first issue was a      
rather miss,so it wasn't well spread.   
so ,i will explain everything once      
again ,this time...                     
ya know i also needed the help of all   
you sceners,and many helped me,so i     
can later give ya sum charts of several 
countries !                             
first of all the latest airplay-charts..
these upcoming charts have nothing      
in common with sum charts ya can see    
on a lame tv show called "airplay"!     
nono..what i do is,i have my radio on   
24 hours a day,everytime a wellknown    
song is coming up,i mark it in my chart-
book,and so, every week i compile the   
new top 75 ! as i listen to lots of     
chart shows,many songs will be in my    
charts,that normally do not get played  
that often on the radio !               
got it ?                                
so,here we go                           
charts of may 27th,1993                 
(-) newentry                            
(+) re-entry                            
w amount of weeks in the charts         
01.(02) tribal dance/2 unlimited    3 w 
02.(01) that's the way lo...j.jack. 3 w 
03.(04) sweat/inner circle          4 w 
04.(03) 5 live ep/george m + queen  4 w 
05.(05) informer/snow              12 w 
06.(07) all that she wants/a of b  19 w 
07.(06) no limit/2 unlimited       16 w 
08.(08) when i'm good.../sybil     11 w 
09.(11) i'll always love../w.hous. 29 w 
10.(10) ain't no love/sub sub..     7 w 
11.(12) sweet harmony/beloved      18 w 
12.(09) i have nothing/w.houston    6 w 
13.(18) looking through.../pm dawn 10 w 
14.(13) what is love/haddaway      14 w 
15.(23) don't walk away/jade       13 w 
16.(28) everybody hurts/r.e.m       5 w 
17.(16) sing hallelujah/dr.alban   14 w 
18.(14) i'm every woman/w.houston  17 w 
19.(19) would i lie to you/c+eddie 31 w 
20.(--) i don't wanna fight/turner  1 w 
top 20 comment:                         
well.sweat is so high (3),coz it's now  
,after 1 year,a hit in england,so all   
those suckin' stations over there play  
that fuck! charles & eddies "would i    
lie to you" is still at number 3        
in france ! whitney houston has 3 songs 
in the top 20...shame....               
21.(21) rhythm is a dancer/snap    59 w 
22.(17) believe in me/utah saints   3 w 
23.(15) young at heart/bluebells    9 w 
24.(20) show me love/robin s.       9 w 
25.(24) cat's in the cradle/ukj    12 w 
26.(25) oh carolina/shaggy         13 w 
27.(22) u got to know/cappella      8 w 
28.(27) baker street /under cover  39 w 
29.(29) best things in life..l+j   50 w 
break...i just got in the very great    
information that the sucker soccer      
club bayern munich lost 2-4 in          
karlsruhe yeah !                        
that means "deutscher meister wird nur  
der s v  w"(werder bremen,if ya don't   
know what i mean ,will be german        
zieht den bayern die lederhosen aus..   
ok..after such a pleasure ,back to the  
30.(30) little bird / annie lennox  15 w
31.(++) can't help falling./ub 40    2 w
32.(35) express/dina carroll         2 w
33.(33) just another day/jon secada 49 w
34.(31) ordianry world/duran duran  17 w
35.(--) house is not a home/c+eddie  1 w
36.(32) come undone/duran duran      7 w
37.(44) i'm so into you/s.w.v        3 w
38.(26) stand above me /omd          2 w
39.(37) it's my life/dr.alban       54 w
40.(36) heal the world/m.jackson    24 w
41.(34) give in to me/m.jackson     13 w
42.(--) chaos/herbert groenemeyer    1 w
43.(53) wheel of fortune /ace of b.  5 w
44.(42) walking in my shoes/dep.mode 2 w
45.(46) exterminate/snap            20 w
46.(38) jamaican in ./shinehead     13 w
47.(--) 2 princes/spindoctors        1 w
48.(--) in these arms/bon jovi       1 w
49.(39) hope of deliverance/cartney 19 w
50.(47) my destiny/lionel richie    39 w
top 50 comment:                         
there are lots of really old songs here,
for example rhtythm is a dancer,just    
another day,the best things in life are 
free,it's my life and my destiny..yeah! 
these songs are really so called        
did ya know that "rhythm is a dancer "  
is still in the top 40 us-airplaycharts?
and it's my life ia going to be a hit   
soon in usa!                            
another oldie is climbing into the us-  
top 40: more and more by cpt.hollywood! 
51.(41) steam/p.gabriel            20 w 
52.(--) jump around '93/house of p. 1 w 
53.(40) i never felt like../m.paris 8 w 
54.(45) bad girl/madonna           12 w 
55.(43) regret/new order            6 w 
56.(51) mr.wendal/arrested dev.    21 w 
57.(52) i'm easy/faith no more     18 w 
58.(48) you're the best.../d-ream   5 w 
59.(49) sidewander sleeps../rem    15 w 
60.(57) reach out i'll.../m.bolton 11 w 
61.(58) housecall'93/priest+shabba  2 w 
62.(69) more and more/c.hollywood  31 w 
63.(61) please don't go/kws        57 w 
64.(54) deep /east 17              16 w 
65.(59) never let her slip../u.cov.27 w 
66.(60) the love i lost/westend    18 w 
67.(--) do ya see the light/snap    1 w 
68.(++) nuthin but a 'g'../dr.dre   6 w 
69.(65) nothing my love../joey lo.  5 w 
70.(55) love me the right../rapin. 16 w 
71.(++) i'm gonna get./bizarre inc.19 w 
72.(56) love is/vanessa williams    2 w 
73.(63) only with you/c.hollywood  16 w 
74.(66) b'coz da night/co.ro+tar.  14 w 
75.(50) power of am./dance 2 trance 8 w 
sum more oldies there,as kws "please don
't go" or "never let her slip away"     
the new snap single "do ya see the light
" is already well played on sum stations
,and will be a big hit,but i must say:  
it's shit but snap..so that's why it is 
gonna be a hit...imagine that single    
as snap's first ever sinlge ...nobody   
would buy it..if ya know what i mean..  
now i give ya sum new single-releases:  
the pet shop boys are back after 17     
months...(there last song was "was it   
worth it" and reached no.2 in my air-   
play charts..the new song is called     
"can ya forgive her" and isn't so bad...
then felix is back..with a song called  
"stars" even i as felix fan due to      
"don't you want me" must say "shit"     
it is also flopping un uk-charts,were   
it fell from 29 to 34 after just 2 weeks
in the charts!                          
there is a new roxette single..i forgot 
the name,it's the theme of a new film   
called "super mario land" or something  
like that..bah! the song is boring!     
the cool old song "long train running"  
by doobie brothers is back in a 1993    
remix..it's cool,and already top 10     
in hungary !                            
and snow has a new single out but it    
is a very big shit ..i must admit ,i    
didn't like "informer" so much,but that 
new one is just a big nothing !         
that were 5 new songs..some more later..
.now i give ya something hot..or at     
least,right now,when i write this,it    
is very hot..it's now 11:16 pm ,on      
sunday ,may 23rd 1993..and i 'll give ya
the new uk top 40 !                     
well..when you,doc holliday,read this,ya
 could have seen it monday on lame      
mtv..and when you hopefully all read dis
 now on saturday in gothenburg,these    
are still the latest uk-charts!         
01.(01) all that she wants/ace of base  
02.(04) can't help falling in love/ub 40
03.(03) sweat/inner circle              
04.(02) five live ep/g.michael+queen    
05.(05) tribal dance/2 unlimited        
06.(06) that's the way love goes/j.jack.
07.(15) i don't wanna fight/tina turner 
08.(16) jump around '93/house of pain   
09.(09) in these arms/bon jovi          
10.(07) everybody hurts/r.e.m           
11.(--) civil war/guns'n'roses          
12.(19) 2 princes/spin doctors          
13.(08) housecall '93/shabba + maxi     
14.(18) jungle book groove/disney cast  
15.(17) better the devil you know/sonia 
16.(--) shout/loochie lu (????????????) 
17.(12) express/dina carroll            
18.(11) i have nothing/whitney houston  
19.(13) ain't no love/sub sub           
20.(14) informer/snow                   
21.(10) believe in me/utah saints       
22.(--) so young /suede                 
23.(27) touch of../st etienne           
24.(--) creation/stereo mc's            
25.(--) break it down again/tears 4 fea2
26.(--) sweating bullets/megadeth       
27.(20) u got to know/cappella          
28.(28) little miracles/luther vandross 
29.(38) house it not a home/charles+ e. 
30.(40) believe/lenny kravitz           
31.(--) will ya love me 2morrow/b.ferry 
32.(--) living in the past/jethro tull  
33.(--) lords of a new church/tasmin a. 
34.(29) stars/felix                     
35.(--) new song by maria mc kee        
36.(21) stand above me/omd              
37.(--) walk through the world/marc cohn
38.(26) you're the best thing/d-ream    
39.(22) young at heart/bluebells        
40.(23) when i'm good and ready/sybil   
yep..that's that....now some more new   
east 17 are back again,with a really    
shameful song. they now released a cover
by the pet shop boys' "west end girls"  
also back are the 49 ers ..ya remember  
them from 1990 's "touch me" "don't you 
love me" and "girl to girl" the new one 
is called "everything"                  
a new song by en-rage is out..after the 
successful "run to you" and the not so  
successful "why don't you" we have now  
"house of the rising sun" i like that   
but it is already a flop in uk...!      
also a song is out by boy krazy ..after 
their excellent,but surprisingly        
unsuccessful (in europe) "that's what   
love can do" it's now time for          
"good guys"                             
and finally a new song by kenny thomas  
he had 4 uk hits in 1991  ..and the     
new one is called "stay"                
more new songs later...                 
now i give ya the new german charts     
(in fact,now in gothenburg,they are     
1 week old..but who cares..)            
01.(01) informer/snow                   
02.(02) what is love/haddaway           
03.(05) oh carolina/shaggy              
04.(03) all that she wants/ace of base  
05.(04) sing hallelujah/dr.alban        
06.(07) wheel of fortune/ace of base    
07.(15) tribal dance/2 unlimited        
08.(06) no limit/2 unlimited            
09.(09) love sees no color/u 96         
10.(08) sweet harmony/beloved           
11.(25) mr.vain/culture beat            
12.(12) cat's in the cradle/ugly kid joe
13.(11) bed of roses/bon jovi           
14.(31) walking in my shoes/dep.mode    
15.(10) power of amer../dance 2 trance  
16.(13) ca plane pour moi/leila k.      
17.(14) 'only with you/c/hollywood      
18.(16) hope of deliverance/paul mc c.  
19.(19) b'coz the night.co.ro           
20.(17) te quiero/intrance + d-sign     
26.(++) u got to know/cappella (yeah!)  
there is a lame new-entry at 46         
"forever number one " by                
fc bayern munich and jack white...      
hehe...but as they (bayern) lost today  
(sunday) they should better destroy the 
urgs..already finito for part 1...      
load the 2nd part,to get sum charts     
supplied by you,and sum more info..     
don't miss the mixed chapter,coz there  
i will give ya info about my idea       
to make the scene's favourite music     
charts in a-head                        
there also will be a record -review     
it is the album "no limits" by          
2 unlimited...don't miss it             
and ..press et jez !                    
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