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at first MR.WAX/CHROMANCE has something
to say:

dear friends...

as you probably know CHROMANCE has a
papermag called 'GRIDPOINT OBSERVER'.
well we would like to extend the mag
with some new columns...

...therefor we need your help!

some new features we plan:


the system of these columns will be the

we would like to test some games of the
past weeks...
these things count:

1. name of the game
2. group
3. cracker who made the version
4. length
5. amount of trainers
6. extras (if there was any...)

we will count as extras the following
thngs: 1st release
       high score saver
       end sequence

if you thought you (or your group) can
make good cracks then don't hestgate
and send it to us!
of course all discs will be returned !
...but f you want, send us a letter
where you write the details about your
cracks! (you couldsee them a bit before)

REMEMBER: don't try to fool us !

we can check your cracks if we want...
GPO is everywhere !
don't forget that.if you going to tell
lies, then we will publsh your name !

(biggest liars of the month? eh!?)
we're waiting for your requests...

2.) DEMO REVIEWS:it's a very old and
    simple thing... we'll test your
    if you want, send your demos to us..
    clear eh?

if you had a good idea which could be
used n our mag, then let us know...
everybody who will help us will gain a
free issue of GPO !

         send your requests to:



but remember:send only your hints to
             the head office and the
             rest to the other adresses.

             thanks ahead !

                 yours faithfully

                      GRIDPOINT EDITORS


now DYSTAN/TRAUMA wanna say some:

howdy hackers !!!

i'm DYSTAN of TRAUMA, and i'm here to
tell you the truth !!!

if you've read MAMBA or SEX'N'CRIME
lately, you may have seen them writing
something about ME or EXORY being the
same person, but here's the true story:

it all started out in OCTOBER'90, where
i meet EXORY at a really cool drinking
party, and by incidence, we got in talk!
i told him, that i had a computer, and
i was a cracker in a group, which was,
at that time, called 'ATOMIC WASTE',
and that i called myself 'GLAFF'.he told
me that he was EXORY of HOLOCAUST, and
that we maybe someday should try to meet
eachother again ! so we agreed both on
meeting again the follow saturday !

i visited him, and brought some of my
best, in my opinons, CRACKS !
there were many of them, amoung others
my +11 version of PRINCE CLUMSEY, and
my +25 version of VENDETTA!
he told me, that the games was not so
new, and the quality really ruled later
on that day, i went home again.then, the
following tuesday, he called me up, and
asked, if i would care to join HOLOCAUST
and of course i agreed, as they were
high in the charts at that tme, and by
then noone still had slagged at all!

so then,  had reconner both left our
former group 'ATOMIC WASTE', and joined
HOLOCAUST.a month or so passed, and then
one day, EXORY told me, that now he
would quit under the name of EXORY, and
then disappear from the scene!
i send these news to a couple of mags,
and then, i was all over sudden accused
of being EXORY!
then, about one week later, he called
me and reconner up again, and told, that
now he would join holocaust again, just
with another handle !!!

we really putted out the limit there !!!
so we decided to leave HOLOCAUST, and
then form our own group called TRAUMA!!!
EXORY is still in HOLOCAUST, we finally
succeeded in putting a little sense into
his weird mind, by telling him, that it
was just a matter of time, before the
scene would find out who he was, and
then we would have problems again !



  here is the one and only story about

all began as we in SILICON checked out
that there is another crew with our we asked they if they wanna do
SILICON together.
their answer was if we don't change our
group label they will tell all mags how
'lame' ge are.
we told them if they do that we start a
war ! after 2 weeks without any answer
we gave them an ultimate:'if you don't
wrte back after 2 weeks then the war
will start!'
now HARLEQUIN (boss of SCL) wrote some
crap like: we don't want a war but if
you force us we will start... many crews
will help us...
we wrote back that we don't change our
group label.we are SILICON and they are
now there was weeks of peace until NEW
ART/SCN was attacked in venlo by the
SHITHEADS of SCL.they said if we don't
change our label they will kick us down.
so we wrote again to SCL and gave them
again an ultimate:if they don't excuse
the war will start - 2 weeks time for
backwriting.until now we didn't got any
maybe they code anti-demos or some other
childish we decide to IGNORE
these DICKHEADS because we think it's
better to give you some good crax as too
waste our time for some childish anti-
demos !
now some time of peace passed unil SCL
striked back with their mag with one
chapter AGAINST us, where they write
many shit about us !
but the megahit is: they say if this
conflict isn't cleared in one week they
will kick us !!!
ha ha ha hey SCL i think you don't know
that SCN and SCL are two DIFFERENT
groups !!! how will you kick us ???

that's t for now.if there is anything
else in future we will of course tell it

                      signed: SILICON HQ

  here is LAZER back with the answer to
           the anonymus dude !

you fucking lame gay, LAZER release not
only GAME ON games, otherwise we were
better n cracking those low budget games
than your group !
we all know in which group you are, so
be carefull, man! also mark that LAZER
is still alive on the atari st, so keep
your mouth !

            hello SILICONS !

       MANHUNTER / SILICON here !

  a this place i wanna say thanx to NEW
  ART and ALF for surprising me with a
          cool birthday demo !
   was a nice idea and it impressed me
                hardly !

                          yours, MICHAEL
    SILICON could still take some new
                members !
     mainly MEGASWAPPER are needed !
              can try it !
   eh it seems the world is quit small
   because after SCL there is another
group which wanna steal our fame i think
  i speak from FUTURE which have copied
our handle WORLD NEWS to get more famous

  hey FUTURE there are just 3 ways now

1) ya stop your mag
2) ya help us with our mag (we really
   think ours is much better)
3) ya change your mag handle !

  hope ya do one of these ways, because
   we don't wanna a war with you too !

                  signed:WORLD NEWS DEP.
  here a message to all guys who don't
  noticed that HATTRIC is NO longer in
 each guy who write HATTRIC will not get
 any answer because he stopped swapping!
HATTRIC give the addies to me (RED HAWK)
and i give it to our megaswapper SCATTER
   so if you don't get an answer don't
  fuck us it simple means that noone in
      SILICON wanna swap with you !
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