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 yooooo! hello and welcome to the 2nd   
issue of this cool magazine:-           
VANDALISM NEWS                          
its VENGEANCE/MYSTIC here at da mo'     
well first i'd like to thanx all the    
people who sent me shit for this issue  
it looks like this mag will kick !      
also while i'm here the credits would   
not go astary...                        
4x4 charset:INSANE/MYSTIC               
1x1 charset:?????????????               
intro code:PSYCHO/MYSTIC                
main editor:VENGEANCE/MYSTIC            
i'd like to thank these groups for the  
help this issue....                     
THE FORCE                               
COPY CAT                                
WARDEAL LAMERS                          
and any i missed not much time for more 
so just write to:                       
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
ok VENGEANCE/MYSTIC is outta here....   


yoooooo! herez the news and rumours,    
part of VANDALISM NEWS#2 cool isn't?    
ok send all your news to:               
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
if any of this news is wrong, or old,   
i don't take any blame for it coz,      
i only print what you the pulbic send me
any trouble in the section, then don't  
write to me ! fuck up whoever else done 
it !                                    
ok lets start this baby....             
PETER/MYSTIC in denmark changed his name
to RAINMAN, and is looking for new      
members ! to join MYSTIC-denmark !      
the turkish section of BRONX (who are   
the original section) quit coz of       
trouble with the amiga section of BRONX 
so they will build up a new group       
called: CLIQUE, and they took there     
mag cemetary news with them, only 1     
problem arrives, the mag name, an amiga 
BRONXER had the name, so that he will   
keep, they rename the mag to: SCRIPT,   
CLIQUE ask all other 64 sections to     
join !                                  
VENGEANCE/MYSTIC is at war with lame old
JADE TIGER/????? !                      
PSYCHO still thinks he is cool, bullshit
yer a lame dude PSYCHO !                
DAW and CHOURUS rejoin TRIAD.           
GOLDSMITH was kicked from FACES for     
being a fake composer                   
some more dudez join FACES:             
TRISCH-amiga code'n'swap                
COP-64 paper and computer drawer        
LOUIE-amiga, and 64 music               
all from DARKSCIENCE !                  
X FACTOR get a new memeber called:      
JADETIGER/BRONX, has abused so far:     
MYSTIC-die lamer die !                  
ATLANTIS is truely DEAD this time for   
real, thank god !                       
VULCAN may soon quit CHROME, he also is 
getting an amiga but will continue his  
activity on 64 !                        
SWEET TOOTH is still in MYSTIC, not in  
BRONX as printed in CRISIS#2!           
THE CURE/MYSTIC,quits and joins...      
THE FORCE OZ, which is in the rebuilding
process !                               
TERA AUSTRALIA is back!                 
BUCCANEER/WOT, quits the scene again !  
VULCAN/CHROME joins MYSTIC as an :      
composer,swapper,coder,and graffix man !
SIR MANIAC/SD refused the offer from MTC
WITTY/??????, ripps code? (ED- what shit
are people spread'n about this i bet its
all a load of shit !)                   
MC STYLE, is suppose to be back, STOOTH 
got a letter from a guy 3 doors up the  
road from MC STYLE, saying he had just  
started swapping,he mentioned LUKE heaps
of times, STOOTH has also swapped with  
MC STYLE,before he says that the letters
handwriting and style were identical !  
VENOM died, the remaining members the   
whole 1 of them made a new crew called: 
EPIC, with the leader called GRONIONS ! 
THE CURE/THE FORCE, is soon to release  
a new demo called DANCING SPIRTES ???   
MYSTIC is slowing regaining its former  
strengh, STEVE rejoined another mega    
swapper back in our ranx, cool eh?      
PSYCHO of MYSTIC, admits that our last  
demo: SATANIC RITUAL isn't up to scratch
THE MOB have apologised to VENGEANCE and
PSYCHO of MYSTIC, and now are friends   
once again ! (ED-i'm glad coz i hate    
wars and i was in 2 already ! now its   
only 1)                                 
SWEET TOOTH/MYSTIC, quit the scene, he  
handed control of the group to me :     
the australian section of BRONX quit    
and will make a new crew, no names yet! 
the magazine: HI FIVES NEWS is no       
longer a MYSTIC, production its now     
under THE FORCE label !                 
remour has it that DEAD BATTERY of TDU, 
is really TERMINATOR X, but with a name 
change, anyway is work looks the same!  
MYSTIC AMIGA may soon be born, becoz,   
VULCAN is getting one, ATMOS, has got 1 
and i'm gettin' one !                   
the POST sux !!!!                       
the australian section of EX-BRONX,     
names it self: CRUCIAL                  
PSYCHO can't get it out of his head that
he's exellent, fuck your dumb sometimes 
FLAME/PRESSURE quits and joins MYSTIC   
SWIFT quits EXCEED, he is now in not in 
a group at all.                         
COPY CAT wishes to form a crew, no names
yet though !                            
THE MOB get a new member, but his name  
isn't released yet !                    
SACRED/ex-BRONX joins THE FORCE         
THE MOB will release there first demo   
by SEPTEMBER, it'll be called WE'RE HERE
and then they will start up swapp'n etc 
properly, send to AL CAPONE now though  
coz, he is already starting.            
GLASNIT/LEGEND changed his handle to    
BATTERY new mag will be called:WANTED   
CHROMES new mag will be called:STATIC   
THE RATFINK/ex-BRONX joins crutial      
COPY CAT got offers to join from:       
refused all of them.                    
RETALIATOR/ex-CHROME joins the european 
crew: SPHERICAL DESIGNS                 
now supposed to be a lame swapp'n group!
at least, thats what rumours say !      
MYSTIC AUSTRALIA searches for more :    
coders and mega swappers, send to the   
one and only:vengeance, addy in contax !
DEAD END/PRESSURE is back on the scene  
but the answer is "NO" because only mega
swappers and coders are now needed in   
australia !                             
PRESSURE died !!!                       
BLACKOUT/CHROME claims to have dropped  
40 contax in 3 minutes (ed.pretty specie
stuff that !)                           
an australian division of PARAMOUNT or  
COMPANIONS !                            
RAZOR quit chrome and joined THE FORCE  
THE FORCE australia are now:-           
THE CURE                                
TDU have a new kick ass coder called:-  
TDU are coding a warning demo against   
JADETIGER (ed.well done dudez! i think  
hes going to die very soon !)           
WEIRD CRUD#5 will be released soon if   
its not already out now !               
ICEMAN/TDU !                            
MYSTIC amiga can not be built what a    
fuck'n shame ! i hate that, theres      
already a crew on amiga called MYSTIX   
and it would look like MYSTIC was ripp'n
there name with out the X !             
ASGUARD got a new member called:-DREDD  
he is a swapper                         
ZIGGY/THE FORCE may join the EX-BRONX   
crew 'CRUCIAL'                          
new group which is called:- JINX        
RATFINK/EX-BRONX has been told by every-
one expect IKON VISUAL that he is now in
that group, he may join MAD             
PSYCHO/MYSTIC had a hair cut ! ha! ha!  
its a shit hair cut ! he he !           
MYSTIC and TDU are doing a co-op demo!  
ACCURACY has members only in:-          
turkey, austria, holland, germany,      
and swedan at the moment. NEVER from:-  
ARGENITINA : be aware !                 
BUCCANEER is no longer in WOT !         
RAINMAN/MYSTIC has again changed his    
handle now its:- TRUCKER                
MYSTIC DENMARK gets a new member:INTACT 
from the group: DANIAX                  
CREATION australia get 2 new members:   
CREATION AUSTRALIA is now:-             
SPECTRE/CHROME quits the scene becoz of 
a lack of funds !!                      
MYSTIC HUNGARY is born as we gain 3 new 
members from the cool crew ICECUBES:-   
DOUBLE MC:-swap,graffix                 
is now under the MYSTIC label but as    
the coders and editor of the mag thinks 
its LAME they won't continue it ! (ED.  
i wish they fuck'n would !)             
AZTEC/EX-SPARX joins TRISTAR            
AZTEC/TRISTAR gets an offer from MYSTIC 
but refused! (SHIT !)                   
MADMIX/TNT didn't join role but CLIQUE  
but soon he will join: AKRAK            
SCOPE and TECHNO/ex-SPARX joined :      
SPARX is DEAD !!!!                      
SLAINE/MANOWAR was caught by the cops   
and he dropped 200 contax, he left then 
left MANOWAR and joined: HOUSE DESIGNS  
JOINT and NRI joined: LEAD              
PARAMOUNT is dead (no shit sherlock !)  
MYSTIC GERMANY got another new member   
LYNX/ex-oxygen, now the OXYGEN europe   
is DEAD !!!                             
BABYFACE left BRONX to join CLIQUE he   
is also in X-RATED                      
the turkish team AIDS+MSA are asked to  
join CLIQUE and they'll join soon !     
REMIX did not join X-RATED this is a    
rumour going on, REMIX doesn't know who 
started it !                            
PROWL left CANNON to join CHROME !      
MYSTIC is NOW:-                         
DOUBLE MC                               
and this is the end of the news for this
issue of VANDALISM NEWS , thanx to all  
who sent in news etc, and send news to: 
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 1991                   


yo! dudez, welcome to the interviews   
for issue #2 of vandalism news ! cool   
eh? ok this time we have 3 interviews,  
they are with: THE REAPER/TAT, HENRY of 
FACES, and AZTEC/SPARX, the only reason 
for having 3 interviews is becoz, they  
just happend! next issue we should be   
back to 2 interviews again but who knows
ok we better start the first interview  
i suppose, this is with THE REAPER of   
TAT, it was conducted by or german dude:
RAVE/MYSTIC, and its fuck'n long, ok    
V-is us, R-is the REAPER/TAT....        
lets start....                          
V-tell us something about yourself eg.  
real name, age and so on...             
R-ok dude, my real name is ralph and i  
was born on da 23.7.73 (presents are    
welcome)! i still go to school & i have 
2 more years to do!                     
V-when did you get your 64?             
R-i my c64 in april 1987                
V-whats your equipment?                 
R-i have 1 c64, 2 disk drives, a colour 
tv, a final cartridge 3, a little messed
up action replay mk4(german version) and
loads of disx!                          
V-when did you enter the scene?         
R-i entered the scene in autumn, 1989.  
i had an advertisement in a computer mag
that i was looking for a copy of pool   
of radiance, coz my original (ha ha) was
broken, sum day brego now (paramount/   
bronx) send me da copy, and told me to  
return his disk with sum cool stuff,    
when i say that he was in a computer    
group, i replied fast and asked him if  
we could swap, that was the begining    
of my computer carrier, coz then i took 
the nag of every lamer trying to become 
V-in how many groups have you been in?  
R-1st i was in a 2 member-swapping-group
(lame) then i joined THUNDERDOME, after 
that i was in MASTERS OF PUPPETS (mop)  
then they renamed to GUARDS OF DOOM(god)
then a few weeks ago GOD died and i     
joined EXTREME (build up by sum ex-god  
members), after sum dudez left, to      
rebuild GOD i decided to leave and      
joined TAT !                            
V-how did you get your handle and what  
does it stand for?                      
R-how i got my handle? well in the      
easter holidays 1990,i visited my friend
brego and we thought that i was in need 
of a new name, we thought about alot of 
differn't names and finally i decided   
to take 'THE REAPER' don't ask me where 
i got it from, i only know it is part   
of a black sabbath song.                
V-what is your in TAT?                  
R-well my job in TAT is easy to describe
i'm simply a spreader. i can neither    
paint nor code, but my 60 contax, take  
too much time already anyway! but if    
someone is cool, hes free to contact me!
V-what are your doings in your spare-   
time and what are your hobbies?         
R-alot of my sparetime is wasted by     
copying disx 4 my contax. but i like    
parties (fuck da hangover next morning) 
and just hanging around with sum friends
V-how many hours per day do you spend   
in front of your computer?              
R-around 3 hours in the afternoon,as    
i uselly, write a personal note for all 
my contax and i reply fuck'n fast !     
V-tell us your favorite:                
R-food-greek food                       
  country-dont care!                    
  music-heavy trash metal, kreator rulz!
  game-adr5 games                       
  demo-graffix mania ii                 
  cracking group-ikari and talent       
  disk mag-mamba                        
V-did you ever have trouble with the    
R-yes, but they never busted me! i      
have 4 plks, if ya know what i mean...  
V-who are your best friends in the scene
R-my best friends are: brego/paramount, 
war/role, stranger/god and kruger/sok+gs
V-what is the greatest thing that ever  
happend to you?                         
R-one of my contax called me, coz of an 
advertisement in a mag (no handle & no  
addy) and after talking 4 a few minutes,
we found that he and i were contax!     
V-and the worst?                        
R-filling out this interview sheet(its  
a fuck'n lot of work)                   
V-what do you think about the scene     
R-the scene is ok, i only hate those    
ignoraunt elite-dudes, who do reply if  
yer group isn't famous (even if yer     
stuff is hot!) fuck em' all !           
V-some future plans?                    
R-getting more elite contax!            
V-do you have idols?                    
R-well, no special person but i think it
would be great to be a cool coder, but  
i don't have the time and the nerve to  
learn !                                 
V-what do you think about:cracking,demos
and amiga?                              
R-cracking:fuck'n cool speed sux,quility
rulz !                                  
demos:they are the best way to show your
coding and graffixabilitys to the public
amiga:cool compy,maybe later !          
V-who in your opinion is the biggest    
asshole on the scene?                   
R-i thought about giving names, but i   
decided not to do that! it is one of    
my ex-contax who didn't send in a long  
time and when i called him up, he quit  
the call when he heard my name ! fuck   
you fawly!                              
V-describe a lamer?                     
R-in my eyes a recracker is a lamer,    
and someone who starts a war 4 no reason
V-have you been on copy parties, if yes,
on which have you been?                 
R-yes, i've been at the TAT party in    
innsbruck last year, and everyone can   
meet me at da horizon party this easter!
(ED-sorry this interview is a little old
easter is long gone bout' 2 weeks)      
V-when you would be stranded on the     
world famous desert-island, what are    
the things you would carry with you?    
R-my computer, sum girls and a cool box 
of beer!                                
V-did you ever regret the time you      
wasted in front of the computer?        
R-sumtimes i just get tried of copying, 
disx for my contax, especially if i     
get sum lame sendings from em' that day,
but overall i think its cool, i don't   
think its a waste of time.              
V-when you would be able to change      
something, what would it be?            
R-i would kick those thieves out of the 
scene, who steal disx and cartriges at  
V-do you want to tell anything else to  
the public?                             
R-yes greetz to all of my friends and   
contax, if you have no TAT contact then 
get in touch! wacth out for our new demo
at da horizon party, c.u. there...      
V-thanx for this interview !            
R-you're welcome !                      
well now we'll move on to our 2nd       
interview with HENRY/FACES, this one    
was conducted by VENGEANCE/MYSTIC (me), 
and it isn't as long....                
ok V-is us and H-is HENRY !             
lets kick it...                         
V-hi and welcome dude,introduce yourself
H-i'm HENRY/FACES, i live in the capital
of hungary (budapest), i'll be 16 this  
may, brown eyes and hair, some 1.75 tall
and about 63kgs !                       
V-how long have you been on the scene?  
H-i got my compy for 1987 x-mas and     
after some creepin'n'laming, i've been  
in the scene about 1 year, if any of you
wouldn't know i do swapping for FACES   
and i'm one of the 2 founders, and      
leaders (jamie is the other)!           
V-are you at war with anyone?           
H-no i don't like wars, but sum wars,   
have acceptable reasons... (eg.the style
of BAD NEWS and its editor simply SUCKS,
man! everybody is lame and so on change 
your style)!                            
V-which group is the best in the world? 
H-only one? then its....err.... i'd say 
CREST, yep man, as i'm a real demo-buff,
i really worship them, i almost got a   
hard on about watching their demos(hehe)
V-which group is the lamest?            
H-lamest well, there was a local hunky  
group here, called 'ALF', thats the     
lamest i ever MET! they don't exist     
at all now, and only some hugarian      
friends know them, i don't think therez 
a lame group among well-known dudez!    
V-which group would you most like to    
be in if not in FACES?                  
H-uhh, i would like to be in...         
POWERS OF PAIN or sum more demo groups, 
but hey O N L Y if FACES, would not     
exist at all, i love the groups above   
but i love my group the best, (these    
groups up there seem very sympathic to  
me, honest,of coz i like some other     
bunch of groups as well...)             
V-who are your best friends and contax  
on the scene today?                     
H-all in FACES of coz (howdy dudez)     
and sum hugarians from RULER, GENTLEMEN,
DELTA SYSTEM, and sum contax like:      
OXIGENE/SHPAE but i donno whats up with 
the last two palz (send if you got my   
sending with our demo a long time ago)  
you VENGEANCE, and you dear reader, coz 
i hope your going to contact me soon,ok?
(he he)                                 
V-what are your favorite mags?          
H-MAMBA, i'd say, hotshot, corruption,  
(hey G*P dudez, everybody is waiting for
your mag!), remark, and i'm getting to  
like bild zeitung !                     
V-do you have a girlfriend?             
H-not yet ! but when ever i can, i'm on 
a CUNT-HUNT! better soon than never !   
V-what are your favorite doings?        
H-boozing like hell, going to discos,   
kick'n ass and NOT going to school !    
V-thanx for this interview, how did ya  
like it?                                
H-not me have to like my interview,     
but u out there (pretty cool, actually) 
V-ok later dude !                       
H-literally:see'ya later, and i thank   
you for the interview                   
ok the next interview is with AZTEC of  
SPARX, (ex-chaos/tnt+sharks) this one   
was conducted by (me) VENGEANCE/MYSTIC, 
V-is us and A-is aztec....              
lets go....                             
V-hi and welcome dude, introduce yerself
A-yo! this is AZTEC/SPARX (i changed my 
name from chaos/tnt+sharks) i'm 15 years
old and i'm a cool dude !               
V-how long have you been on the scene?  
A-i have been in the scene about 2 years
V-are you at war with anyone?           
A-we in SPARX are not at war with anyone
whats the fucking point?                
V-which group is the best in the world? 
A-the best group in the scene is G*P,   
in my opinion, but triad is also very   
cool (cool demos !                      
V-which group is the lamest?            
A-TRAUMA are a bunch of LAME heads      
because of there known re-cracks !      
V-which group would you most like to be 
in if not SPARX?                        
A-i would like to be in CHROMANCE or    
TRISTAR, as these groups are cool !     
V-who are your best scene frineds?      
A-my coolest friend on the scene is     
MADMIX/ROLE, as he only lives 2 doors   
away from me, some others like.....     
many others !                           
V-what are your favorite doings?        
A-i like sport and playing on my        
good old c64, others include :sex,booze 
and more sex!                           
V-do you have a girlfriend?             
A-i do not have a girlfriend but if     
any good un's are reading this drop me  
a line (no sheep !)                     
V-what are your favorite mags?          
A-my favorite mags are, ROCK'N'ROLE,    
CORRUPTION and MAMBA !                  
V- thanx for the interview, did ya like 
it ?                                    
A-thanx VENGEANCE, keep up the sends,   
this mag rulz ozzie land !              
ok well thats it for the interviews for 
issue#2 of VANDALISM NEWS, cool weren't 
they? next issue, there will be sum     
more elite dudez interviewed, if you    
wanna be interviewed then write to:     
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
ok dudez, load up another chapter now!  


 of VANDALISM NEWS hmmm...well we still 
 need much more voters as 17 isn't any- 
 where near enough !! next issue we     
 will have sum differn't charts anyway  
 becoz of only having 17 people vote    
 the top group could only get a maxium  
 of 170 points, and not many groups or  
 people cracked 100 ! anyway i need     
 sum more voters send to:-              
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 lets kick it.....                      
 CRACKER CHARTS:-                      
   1.GENESIS PROJECT        (125)       
   2.ikari and talent       (114)       
   3.dominators              (88)       
   4.legend                  (84)       
   5.paramount               (65)       
   6.illusion                (37)       
   7.censor                  (22)       
   8.bonzai                  (17)       
   9.x-ray                   (15)       
  10.f4cg                    (13)       
  GENESIS takes number 1, bonzai enter  
  the charts, dominators up a couple !  
  F4CG enter, nec/nei off ! paramount   
  climb the road to success !           
  DEMO GROUPS:-                         
   1.BONZAI              (92)           
   2.crest               (77)           
   3.genesis project     (46)           
   4.light               (34)           
   5.noice               (32)           
   6.cosmos designs      (23)           
   7.padua               (22)           
   8.flash inc.          (20)           
     horizon             (20)           
     compangions         (20)           
   9.ikon visual         (17)           
     the voice           (17)           
     triad               (17)           
  10.crazy               (16)           
  BONZAI take number 1 from CREST !     

  SINGLE CRACKER:-                      
  1.DOC/IKARI AND TALENT      (36)      
  2.snacky/genesis project    (18)      
  3.bod/ikari and talent      (15)      
  4.sauron/illusion           (10)      
  5.jihad/hitmen              (09)      
    punisher/genesis project  (09)      
  what happend to snacky?? DOC rains as 
  the victor !!                         
  WORLD CODER                           
  1.CROSSBOW/CREST            (76)      
  2.kjer/horizon              (49)      
  3.zodiac/flash inc.         (33)      
  4.flamingo/light            (28)      
  5.scroll/megastyle          (17)      

  WORLD GRAFFIX:-                       
  1.GOTCHA/BYTERIDERS            (75)   
  2.bizzmo/genesis project       (63)   
  3.scrap/genesis project        (30)               (21)   
  5.redstar/logic                (15)   
    the sarge/fairlight          (15)   
  WORLD SWAPPERS:-                      
  1.MORON/PARADIZE               (30)   
  2.brego/paramount              (28)   
    antichrist/genesis prject    (28)   
  3.remix/clique                 (25)   
  4.peter venkmen/mega industrys (18)   
  5.snacky/genesis project       (13)   
  now the AUSTRALIAN CHARTS:-           
  TOP OZ GROUP:-                        
   1.TDU             (114)              
   2.ikon visual      (78)              
     chrome           (78)              
   3.mystic           (67)              
   4.the force        (53)              
   5.crucial          (42)              
     battery          (42)              
   6.qcf              (29)              
   7.asguard          (22)              
   8.exceed           (14)              
   9.vivid            (11)              
  10.creation         (10)              
  TDU take number,MYSTIC go up 2 !      

  OZ SWAPPERS:-                         
   1.ANTHRAX/CHROME        (57)         
   2.witty/crucial         (39)         
   3.iceman/tdu            (36)         
   4.vengeance/mystic      (35)         
     slimer/tdu            (35)         
   5.truse/tropix          (34)         
   6.blackout/chrome       (30)         
   7.punk x/ikon visual    (27)         
   8.razor/the force       (25)         
   9.ratfink/crucial       (21)         
  10.flame/mystic          (19)         
  ANTHRAX from number 5 - 1 i had to    
  exapnd all aussie charts except the   
  group chart !                         
  OZ CODERS:-                           
   1.MADHACKER/IKON VISUAL    (93)      
   2.psycho/mystic            (67)      
   3.iceman/tdu               (55)      
   4.devestator/chrome        (52)      
   5.ratfink/crucial          (41)      
   6.nigga/ikon visual        (25)      
     silicon/chrome           (25)      
   7.slash/tdu                (21)      
   8.punk x/ikon visual (?)   (17)      
   9.lone wolf/qcf            (14)      
  10.trisonic/crucial         (11)      
  SHIT VOTING (!) PUNK X doesn't code   
  and TRISONIC deserves about 6 places  
  higher VOTE properly !!!              
  OZ GRAFFIX:-                          
   1.MADHACKER/IKON VISUAL     (62)     
   2.insane/mystic             (54)     
   3.pirnha/chrome             (41)     
   4.sacred/the force          (37)     
   5.merlin/ikon visual        (34)     
   6.witty/crucial             (31)     
   7.iceman/tdu                (26)     
     flame/mystic              (26)              (24)     
   9.dan/tdu                   (21)     
  10.nigga/ikon visual         (15)     
  INSANE enters the charts, MADHACKER   
  wins as always, and don't forget to   
  vote for ATMOS/MYTSIC he is back on   
  the scene !!!                         

  BEST FOOD:-                           
  1.PIZZA          (61)                 
  2.hamburgers     (53)           'n' chips (46)                 
  4.chicken        (23)                 
  5.chocolate      (22)                 
  BEST DRINK:-                          
  1.COKE           (61)                 
  2.fanta          (34)                 
  3.lemonade       (33)           juice   (23)                 
  5.pussy jucie    (20)                 
  ok now my FAVORITE....                
  all the enterys:-                     

  BEST LOOKING GIRL:-                   
   1.ELLE MACPHERSON      (69)          
   2.dannii minogue       (32)     bassinger        (24)          
   4.julia roberts        (22)          
   5.samantha fox         (18)          
   6.rebecka elmaloglou   (15)          
   7.kelle le brock       (10)          
   8.princess di (YUK!)   (09)          
     singrid thornton     (09)          
     paula abdul          (09)          
   9.janet jackson        (08)          
     erika elemia         (08)          
  10.maddonna             (07)          
  11.nicole kidman        (06)          

  well there you have the charts for    
  another issue of vandalism news, well 
  next time we will kick sum charts just
  look out for our new vote sheet ! and 
  send it a.s.a.p. anyway dudez, i'm    
  outta here , but please remember to   
  vote for everything and try and fill  
  in the vote sheet as much as you can !
  VANDALISM NEWS                        
  X XXXXXX XXXXXX                       
  XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
  XXXXXXXXX XXXX                        
  VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 1991                 


 yooooooo! herez my personal favorite   
 chaper: CONTAX, hmmm heaps of addys    
 to print this time, we got a big       
 responce from the first issue ! if     
 anyone's addy is wrong its coz of your 
 shit HANDWRITING (no offence!) anyway  
 if ya want yer addy in here then send  
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 ok lets kick it...                     
 XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XX XXXX XXXX                           
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXX XXX                               
 XXXXX XXXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXX X. X/X                        
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 VENOM/ASGUARD    for hot swapp'n       
 X.X.XXX XXX      all are welcome       
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 100 percent reply !   
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXXXX X                          
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 THE REAPER/TAT                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXXX                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 XXXX XXXXXX X, XXXXXXX                 

 RAZOR/THE FORCE                        
 X XXXXX XXXXX                          
 XXXXXX X.X.                            
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XX XXXXX XXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXX X.X.                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 FREE DISKS NEEDED!                     
 COPY CAT                               
 XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                  
 XXXXXXXX XXXX, XXXXXXXX                
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for mega cool graffix + hot swapp'n    
 X.X.XXX XXX                            
 XXXXXX X.X.                            
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 DEAD END/PRESSURE                      
 XX XXXXX XXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXX X.X.                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 SIGMA/WARDEAL LAMERS                   
 X.X.XXX XXXX                           
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXX                  
 XXXXXXXXXX XXX                         
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 100 percent reply to ELITE dudez       
 c-64 and amiga                         
 for a hot c-64 and amiga swap:-        
 XXX XXXXXX X              ELITE 100    
 XXXXXXX                   reply        

 THE BOSS/ACCURACY                      
 XXXXXXX XXX.X/XX                       
 XXX XXXXXXXX                           
 XX XXXX XXXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 for a HOT 64 swap+metal swap           
 THE CURE/THE FORCE                     
 XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX                    
 X/XXX XXXXX XXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXX X.X.                          
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 99 percent reply to everyone !  
 AL CAPONE/THE MOB-not on envelope      
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 X/X XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX               
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 and now all the MYSTIC addresses...... 
 ohhhhh shhhhhiiiiit !                  
 for joining MYSTIC, or a hot swap:-    
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also for this mag !                    
 MORE CODERS NEEDED !!!!                
 XX XXXXX XXXXX                         
 XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 FOR FREE LOGOS (not on fli):-          
 X XXXXX XXXX XXXX                      
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XX XXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX, XXX                         
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 XX XXXXXXXX XXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXX X.X.                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 4 100 percent swapping !               
 XXXXXX X.                              
 XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXX                    
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 c-64- SWAPPING                         
 XX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                    
 XXXXXX X.X.X.                          
 XXXX XXXXXXXXX                         
 now the german section....             
 for 0-5 days stuff or joining MYSTIC   
 germany write to:-                     
 XXX XXXXXX X                           
 X-XXXX XXXXX                           
 no name on envelope !!!                
 LYNX/MYSTIC -not on envelope !!        
 XXXXX XXXXXX                           
 XXXXXXX. X                             
 X-XXXX XXX-XXXXXXXXXX X                
                        hott SWAPP'N    
 X/X XXXXX XX XX XXXXX                  
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX                   
 XXXX XXXXXXXXX X                       
 for joining MYSTIC BELGIUM ELITE only! 
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XXX                       
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 for joining or a mega cool swap !!     
 HUNGARY HQ:-                           
 DOUBLE MC/MYSTIC                       
 XXXXXX X.X. XX                         
 for JOINING MYSTIC HUNGARY or a hot    
 well as i haven't got any of the       
 other new members ADDYS yet and i      
 haven't got STEVES there will be no    
 more addys this issue ! sorry???       
 if ya want yer addy printed:-          
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 ok dudez i7m outta here...             
 VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 1991                  

anything goes

 hello, hi and welcome to ANYTHING GOES 
 the chapter in this niffty magazine    
 that has just about anything in it,    
 thats why the name was choosen, well   
 credits for this chapter are:-         
 4X4 CHARSET:-INSANE/MYSTIC             
 1X1 CHARSET:-???                       
 ok dudez, at this stage i will take    
 the time to, explain what is going on  
 in the AUSTRALIAN scene so european    
 dudez, know what is going on over here 
 and so sum of our guyz in AUSTRALIA,   
 who are new to the scene etc, know     
 what is going on also, anyway lets     
 start in a minute but first i have to  
 say something about this kick'n music, 
 A-MAN/ACTION, you are my favorite      
 composer, pleeeeaaaasssssse! contact   
 me if you see this, i love your tunes! 
 ok on with the chapter, first i will   
 talk about our own crew :MYSTIC:-      
 well we got 2 new members: VULCAN and  
 FLAME, 2 original members rejoined:    
 ATMOS and FX, SWEET TOOTH quit the     
 scene and handed control of MYSTIC to  
 me : VENGEANCE, we know have started   
 to rebuild after loosing TRISONIC,     
 ORPHEUS and sum other members when we  
 died, and now i think we may start to  
 kick once again, look in CRISIS#2 we   
 got number #2 AUSTRALIAN group! but    
 we in the australian secton need more  
 coders, please any good coders who     
 are looking for a group, or want to    
 join MYSTIC, contact me get my addy at 
 the end of this chapter, if you do     
 want to join send examples of your     
 work, also in the euro sections of     
 MYSTIC, we need sum crackers,coders,   
 and graffix dudez,look in the addys    
 section for the addresses of them if   
 you are good enough the euro sections  
 will most probably let you join, ok of 
 us and on to: CRUTIAL, this is a new   
 crew built up by the ex-BRONXERS, it   
 has 6 members, TRISONIC and TRUSE run  
 this group, they kick out JADE TIGER   
 (yeeeeaaaaaah!) and SACRED joined      
 THE FORCE, speaking of THE FORCE,      
 they are back in australia, they       
 have members such as: THE CURE, ZIGGY, 
 RAZOR they look like they may kick,    
 rumour has it that HITMAN, got the     
 kick after 1 day, i don't know if this 
 is true, so i included him, i wanna    
 start to swap with:ZIGGY so please     
 send to me, also message to THE CURE:  
 please send back my disks, and stop    
 abusing MYSTIC members such as :       
 me,INSANE and PSYCHO, don't forget who 
 got you on to the scene mate ! us      
 right? look we don't wanna war, we     
 just want ya to stop abusing us !      
 also about ARRID being in THE FORCE,   
 this i'm not sure of either, but i     
 included him, to be on the safe side,  
 if i was wrong, will you ARRID please  
 send to me and tell me becoz i will    
 fix it in the next issue, you said     
 you wanna swap so send soon anyway!!!  
 ok now on to IKON VISUAL, well they    
 will soon release: REASON 4 TREASON#5, 
 and sum other shit most probably take  
 number easily again, thats why next    
 issue i'm introducing another chart    
 called: MOST ACTIVE GROUP, its for     
 australians only so europeans please   
 dont vote for this only aussies must   
 vote please all aussies, send to me    
 for this charts, you can't vote for    
 your group. ok now on to all my cool   
 friends in the ever cool crew: TDU     
 well these guys are very active,       
 WEIRD CRUD#5, will soon be released if 
 not already, more demos are coming and 
 they seem to be getting better, in my  
 personal opinion, these guys are the   
 most friendlyist on the scene and      
 probably near the coolest! they kicked 
 out WCA who changed his name to PRC    
 which stands for:                      
 for spreading rumours about the CHROME 
 guyz, ok now on to CHROME, well these  
 guyz are the most active group on the  
 scene but TDU, aren't far behind, PRC  
 has the shits with ANTHRAX though they 
 are releasing a mag, called: STATIC    
 which shall soon be released, they     
 have got 2 new euro sections, holland  
 and denmark and soon could become..... 
 AUSTRALIAS number 1 crew? they deserve 
 it !! ok on to QCF: well there back,   
 LONE WOLF'S coding is as good as ever  
 and ROCKY KID, is starting to do sum   
 better graffix they are releasing QCF- 
 FM soon, and have released sum more    
 demos, cool ones, they will kick again 
 i'm sure of that. now i think EXCEED   
 should get a mention, well there not   
 doing much at all, i wish they would   
 though i wanna see what there really   
 like, on to ASGUARD:well, there about  
 to relase a mag called: NEWS AND VIEWS 
 and are getting very good, soon i      
 think the australian scene will be up  
 to scratch and will kick alot, but i   
 wish: THE WARRIORS OF TIME, would do   
 sum stuff i miss there coolness !!!    
 on to BATTERY:they are doing a mag,    
 i don't know the name of it yet,       
 they are starting off very well,stick  
 at it and contact me, same with:       
 MAVRICK/GAX 777 and QUAKER/ROLE,please 
 contact me, i wanna swap !!! ok on to  
 VIVID, a group built up by the ex-TGK  
 members but its mainly a swapp'n crew. 
 ok well the australian scene has only  
 had 3 problems lately:-                
 SWEET TOOTH quit it !                  
 JADE TIGER is still on it!             
 and to many people have been busted    
 for stamp cheatin', ok well i would    
 like to take this time to tell WITTY   
 and GRUMP to send (arrrgggh! were are  
 you guyz????) ....                     
 ok thats its for another chapter of    
 ANYTHING GOES, cool name cool chapter  
 next time maybe RAVE or BOERAN would   
 like to talk about there perticular    
 countrys scene, we will wait and see!  
 ok contact VANDALISM NEWS at:          
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 also for joining MYSTIC or hot swapp'n 
 thats a wrap...                        
 signed: VENGEANCE of MYSTIC.           

coding help

ok guyz, here is PSYCHO of MYSTIC, with 
a quick coding tip...   as no-one wrote 
in, and asked for any help, i will show 
all you dudes out there, how to write a 
simple 2x2 scroller.                    
i will try to explain how to use it, so 
even beginners can use it !             
here we go !                            
a >    1000 lda $d016                   
       1003 sec                         
       1004 sbc #$02                    
       1006 and #$07                    
       1008 sta $d016                   
       100b bcc $100e                   
       100d rts                         
       100e ldx #$00                    
       1010 lda $0401,x                 
       1013 sta $0400,x                 
       1016 lda $0429,x                 
       1019 sta $0428,x                 
       101c inx                         
       101d cpx #$28                    
       101f bne $1010                   
       1021 lda $2000                   
       1024 bne $1032                   
       1026 lda #$00      jsr for init! 
       1028 sta $1022                   
       102b lda #$20                    
       102d sta $1023                   
       1030 lda #$20                    
       1032 ora #$40                    
       1034 sta $0427                   
       1037 ora #$80                    
       1039 sta $044f                   
       103c lda $1033                   
       103f eor #$40                    
       1041 sta $1033                   
       1044 bne $104e                   
       1046 inc $1022                   
       1049 bne $104e                   
       104b inc $1023                   
       104e rts                         
well, there it is, and only $4e bytes   
long !                                  
locations $1027 and $102c are the low-  
byte, high-byte for the scroll text     
ie. if you wanted a text at $4580, you  
would put $80 in 1027, and $45 in $102c!
easy eh ???                             
when the scroller is run, it will read  
you text, and print it like this:       
hHiI  tThHeErReE                        
HHII  TTHHEERREE                        
sorry for the colour flashes, but $5b   
was put in $d011, to give extended back-
ground flash, so the letters look       
stuffed - sorry...                      
anyhow, i hope that you find this       
routine handy, and use it heaps !       
send all you coding problems to:        
XX XXXXX XXXXX                          
XXX XXXXX                               
XXXXXXXX XXXX                           
XXXXXXXXX !                             
ok, later dudes...                      


 YOOOOO! welcome to the REACTIONS part  
 of this mag, we only recived reactions 
 from 4 people, how LAME ! send more    
 reactions to:-                         
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 this time this chapter replace's the   
 LAME ONE:- OUR OPINION !               
 ok thanx to the 4 non-lazy guyz how    
 did send, and may i mention that they  
 are all australians, so all you euro   
 dudez, send i wanna know what you      
 think of our ozzie mag !!              
 ok lets kick it...                     
 -i think VANDALISM NEWS is one of the  
 best mags around ! DEADEND/PRESSURE    
 thanx for that dude ! its short and    
 sweet, and true (?) anyway if more     
 people would send stuff it would be    
 lots better ! VENGEANCE !              
 -i think the mag is is farely kule     
 overall, although some parts were      
 stupid like THE CHARTS, best food      
 and drink who wants to know that crap! 
 well, i thought the food and drink     
 charts would change the mag a little   
 some people get sick of the scene so   
 some stuff to vote on other than the   
 scene, so its not so boring, but next  
 issue there will be no food+drink      
 chart because there are to many types  
 of food and drink so you never get a   
 bunch of votes they are always sorta   
 differn't for eg.this time i had over  
 20 ways to have coke eg.coke+bundy,    
 coke+coke ! etc !!!  VENGEANCE !       
 -VANDALSIM NEWS#1 was a really hot mag 
 the coding was good the sections were  
 cool, logos were good it was generally 
 well organised. gidonya MYSTIC !       
 FLAME/PRESSURE (before join'n MTC)     
 well dude thanx for that, what do you  
 think of this issue heaps better eh?   
 better logos, faster loader, the       
 paralax start scrolling is fixed what  
 else can you ask for?? VENGEANCE !     
 -excellent layout                      
 -slow loading                          
 -i don't think you should put euro     
 charts in an oz mag !                  
 -good range of zak+text scrolling !    
 -how about top oz mag?                 
 -overall 'da' best oz mag around !     
 hmmm....thanx for the good points,     
 well, the loading has been fixed this  
 time, i put euro charts in because     
 euros also read it and i want it to    
 reach euro charts ! and next time      
 the mag will have top oz mag in the    
 charts, VENGEANCE                      
 oh by the way the last reaction was    
 from : SHOGUN/CREATION,                
 well unlazy people send reactions to:  
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 later mates....                        

payback time

 yoooooo! welcome to PAYBACK TIME the   
chapter where you the readers may abuse 
anyone you like, or apologise to anyone,
fix up errors made in news etc, well    
first of all i VENGEANCE, will abuse    
somebody called JADE TIGER/??? well     
lets kick it dudez....                  
to:JADE TIGER                           
your a fuck'n lamer, stop giving people 
on the australian scene so much shit,   
and i still want an apology from you    
for abusing me, i'm sick of you and i   
think you have the biggest head ever!   
you abuse TDU coz you think your better 
than them at graffix and you wouldn't   
use the music they used, well all i can 
sayis how fuck'n lame on your part,TDU  
are probably one of the best crews on   
the aussie scene what gives you the     
right to abuse them, they haven't done  
anything to you, now on to the magazine 
CRISIS by TRISONIC who used to be in    
BRONX, well the charts are fucked huh?  
well because i bet you in the swapper   
charts no doubt?? hmmm...your lame      
swapper i'm suprised that you even made 
it in the charts! people vote the way   
they want to and because people don't   
like you as much as me,  anthrax, truse,
witty, collector,and mavrick don't try  
and get smart because i don't blame them
you are so fuck'n lame, why did you hit 
the australian scene? huh? why? because 
you think you have the ability to become
a BUCCANEER/WOT stereo type but with a  
big head well you don't your a very shit
swapper and hopeless at importing.i am  
very suprised that you beat me in the   
importing charts in CRISIS, i'm more    
suprised that you beat all those other  
cool guyz! i will only vote 4 you from  
now on in the LAMER charts, you should  
win them easy. i hope people in oz and  
in the rest of the world see the light  
and stop voting for you ! oh yeah, also 
TRUSE can do a freaking chapter if he   
wants just because oit doesn't suit you 
has nothing to do with you ! i know that
involing all those other guyz in this   
has nothing to do with our war but all  
of those are good friends and i'm going 
to stick up for them ! our war was      
started by you because of abusing me, i 
want and apology or for you to quit the 
scene mother fucker, its your choice!   
i don't think i'll say anymore at this  
time because i'm making myself sick just
talking about you because your so lame! 
ok on to a liter matter an apology from 
THE MOB to MYSTIC, first i'll have to   
admit something i was considering being 
a guy called: GHOSTBUSTER of THE MOB but
a real coder called :troy came along    
and is now the GHOSTBUSTER only 5 people
knew this they were:- al capone/the mob,
psycho/mtc,insane/mtc,the cure/the force
and cannibal/the mob so if anyone trys  
to bring this up in a war i'm now in the
clear because i didn't go through with  
the idea ! ok go for it guyz...         
to:MYSTIC TASMANIA                      
from:THE MOB                            
yo! all of MYSTIC TASMANIA, we only     
ment the abuse as a joke we are sorry   
and don't wanna war, so please forgive  
us mates we were good friends lets stay 
that way? signed:THE MOB TASMANIA.      
to:THE MOB                              
forgiven dudes, we knew it was a joke   
but we had to prove the point that we   
wouldn't take that for real, ok message 
to AL CAPONE while i'm here, come round 
sometime mathew, notice only 1 t, so    
don't get smart, you maybe my cousin    
but i still think your ugly, just jokes 
well thats it for PAYBACK TIME this     
issue don't forget you can also send    
into here and have stuff printed you    
only have to write to:-                 
VANDALISM NEWS                          
X XXXXXX XXXXXX                         
XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
XXXXXXXXX XXXX                          
but you must allow your label and your  
address to be known to us in case anyone
get pissed off over it, and we get the  
blame for it then, we will tell them    
to write to you !                       
anyway i'm gone....                     
VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 1991                   


 YO! and welcome to the BACKPAGE of     
 VANDALISM NEWS#2 i hope you enjoyed    
 this issue as much as i did, please    
 send heaps of NEWS,VOTES and REACTIONS 
 for issue 3 of VANDALISM ! and hurry   
 it, i'd like to thanx all the groups   
 that helped this time and also a big   
 thank you must fly to REMIX/CLIQUE     
 and AZTEC/TRISTAR for all there help   
 of spreading the mag, thanx dudez,     
 you don't have to do this, you could   
 spread your own groups WAREZ but you   
 still spread VANDALISM NEWS like hell! 
 thanx alot guyz !!!                    
 well therez nothing much else to say,  
 oh VOTE 4 VANDALISM NEWS in all the    
 other mags around the way ! becoz      
 MYSTIC is trying to get a name for it  
 self and its working a little so any-  
 body famous who is reading this for    
 example anyone in:-                    
 ikari and talent, genesis, paramount,  
 crest, bonzai, illusion, mega style,   
 gloom, paragon, mega industrys,role,   
 hysteric, padua, etc etc you know the  
 groups that make the charts ! well     
 contact MYSTIC you don't know what you 
 are missing out on !! ok dude now i    
 (VENGEANCE) will leave you on sum very 
 famous words but first the addy:-      
 VANDALISM NEWS                         
 X XXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXX XXXX                         
 MYSTIC is here to tear the aussie and  
 world scene apart and to prove that    
 MYSTIC have a point...                 
 to strive to survive                   
    to dominate !!                      
 RUST IN PEACE.....                     
 (THANX for that FLAME/MYSTIC)          
 VENGEANCE/MYSTIC 1991                  
 until next time....................... 

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