The Link 16 Interview 2

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what is your real name?  ben bishop

what do you do in your group?  swap,try
to do music and gfx!

what country do you live in?  australia

height: 165cms   weight: 70kgs   sex: m

age: 18 (13/8/75)

how long have you been in the scene?  i
was swapping with tbh for more than 2
years,then started swapping with uptono
good more than a year ago,but didn't
join a group till about a 1/4 of the way
through this year.

what groups have you been in?  tsr,then
lithium for a couple of days,then tsr
again to stay

what hardware do you have?  virtually
the whole commodore family. in our house
we have:a vic 20,2 c64's,2 a500's,a2000
a1200,and an a4000/40.  other stuff
includes a couple of 1541's,datasettes,
monitors,amiga drives,loads of printers
14.4 modem,2400 modem,1200/75 modem,lots
of broken joysticks,lots and lots of
5.25 and 3.5 disks,and more.

how long have you owned them?  got the
1st c64 around 1985 and the amiga in'88

what do you think of the scene?  cool,
but it could do without the shit that
flys around.

when you think of the scene,what do you
think of?cool friends all over the world

what makes you happy?most things in life
what makes you pissed off?  the way some
people treat others different,whether
for racial,sexual,or for any other lame

is there someone special in my life?
unfortunatly theres a few.

if you could screw any girl,who would it
be?  to quote some amiga dude,the queen
sure,shes no picture,but it's something
to tell the mates!"

what is your aim in life?  to get a cool
job in computers,eg-virtual reality,
computer graphics,etc.

and in the scene?  to get my idea of
having one contact in every group to
work out.

if you could change one thing in your
life,what would it be?  destroy conflict

if you could change one thing in the
scene,what would it be?  the cost of
stamps and telephone calls.

3 things you can't live without?
1) alcohol    2) computers    3) women
3 things you can live without?
1) australian soaps  2) aids   3)someone
always bigger than me

if you were to be executed, what would
be your last wish?  to go to disneyland

how does money affect your life?  it
limits the amount of packs i can send
overseas and stops me calling all the
cool boards.

who is the most influential person in
your life?  jesus

if you were on an island,what 3 three
things would you take and why?
1) a camera 2) spare clothes 3)proof of
age ... oh, a desert island? well then
1) some buildings 2) a population 3)some
toilets..i haven't given it much thought

what is your greatest fantasy?  to get a
job, have a really beautiful wife who
stays that way forever,be really rich,
for as little work as possible!

if you had a million dollars,what would
you do with it?  well i could say i'd
donate it to charities,but i'd probably
spend it all first on motorbikes,
computers,invest heavily in the stock
market,waste it on the blackjack

anything you want to say?  only that if
you're looking for a true friend and a
cool swap,contact me.

what/who's your favourite:
food: honey chicken,king prawns and rice
drink: jack daniels and coke,stone's
      green ginger wine (wicked stuff!)
music: black sabbath
game: pirates!(c64),syndicate(amiga)
demo: dutch breeze,visual reality,and a
      few others weren't bad.
computer: probably the a4000
drug: alcohol,dopes not bad.
book: any
movie: best of the best, dirty rotten
tv show: goodies,hale & pace
topic for conversation: motorbikes
hobby: a social life
celebrity: i can't think of a favourite
car: none, instead a 900ss ducati motor-

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               ben bishop
              po box 362,
          hornsby, nsw, 2077,

 4 - a real cool friend, c64 and amiga,
         - votesheets designed,
       anything about motorbikes,

  for 'the writ' a real cool papermag,
     (hopefully out by 1st october)

    all sorts of interesting things
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