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welcome to this 16th issue of our mag
called the link.  i have some very good
news for all my contacts and anyone else
that would like this offer.

i have perfected a way to cheat stamps,
that,and i repeat that cannot be seen,as
i have already sent these stamps out on
my last send.  try rubbing the post mark
off,see the stamps doesn't get sticky
when you wet it.  remember that's how
the post office detect cheated stamps.

so i make you this offer send to me 2 &
i mean 2 sets of stamps,1 of which i
will keep and the 2nd set i will fix
for you and send them back.  then all
you have to do is wipe off the post mark
and soak the stamp in hot water,let the
stamp dry and when you are ready to use
it again put some clear gum on the back
and you are ready to go again.  you will
never have to put any glue on the front
of the stamps.

so if you are interested in this offer,
then drop me a line.  thank you for the
time spent reading this article.  now
onto the real news.  we only have a tiny
amount of news this issue.  so lets go.
first of,we have a party announcement to


what is it?  it's a scene party for all
formats held by schizics(amiga).

when is it?  it's on the first weekend
of december,(4th & 5th)

why is it?  well a lot of guys are want-
ing a decent party a.s.a.p.,so we have
shifted our butts into gear to hold a
full blown party.
who will be there?  hopefully you will,
but there will be 64 group members,amiga
group members,ibm group members,and any-
one else that bothers to turn up.

how much will it cost?  it will approx.
$10 for the 2 days,providing you have
your own computer.  we were thinking of
charging just a bit more if you can't be
bothered to bring your compie(maybe $15)
this is so we don't have a repeat of the
'93 TSR party where only a few guys had
their computers.

where is it?  located in sunny hornsby,
in a hall not more than 2 minutes away
from hornsby station,with great road
access,good parking,plus loads of shops
around.  next door is a chinese rest-
uarant,macca's is nearby,lots of take-
away shops,a rsl,and a massage parlour
if you know what i mean!  all within
walking distance from the hall.

this is the reply section:
o.k. we need to know how interested you
are,so please can you fill out this tiny
questionaire and return it to the addy
below.  all information will be held in
the stricktest of confidence.  please
send it as soon as possible,tht way we
can get the final plans underway.  as
soon as everything is finalised,you will
be contacted with the details,and how
much the final cost will be.  remember,
payment at the ddor will be dearer,so it
would be best to get in early.  thanks.

real name...........  real age.....
real sex............  contact address...
phone number........  computer format...
handle..............  group.............
most likely mode of transport...........
please add any comments.................
our address is:
schizics party'93
p.o. box 362
new south wales
australia   2077

see you all there.
giorgio armani/tsr is seeking sceners to
chat on internet(worldwide college and
uni network).  please send your email to
this net address.  dppoon acacia.itd.uts  you may also post messages on
some fidonet,which can get thru to
internet also.

the second ring (tsr) will hold our 1994
party in january in sydney.  if you want
more onfo,please contact giorgio armani
on this address:
daniel poon
8 bosco place
new south wales
australia   2762
bacillus,neoromantic,alliantic,left the
group death and built the group citadel
a new game will be brought out by the
games label "first blood".  it will have
brilliant gfx's and excellent game play
and is named godflesh.
tiger,la style,airwolf,redskin and snake
have got themselves a super nintendo.

corrosive/sacred has left the scene.

la stlye has a new baud for amiga and
super nintendo.  his 64 baud is dead.

tbb is back on the scene and is in red
double t has left red sector.

psycho billy asked airwolf to join,but
he has not accepted as yet.

remark will be the last issue mega
industries will then quit the scene.

cliff/wow left cult.

bogomil joined jam as a gfx's artist,but
he's still in maniax as a second group.

congratulations to tchad/jam on his 18th
birthday,the 14/8 from tabasco & jam
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