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hi and welcome to the 16th issue of our
magazine.  before we go any further,we
would like to thank all our readers for
their continued support.

we have a lot of vote that have been
sent to us,we would ask you to make sure
that you please print your addies,as it
is very hard to read some of your vote

if there is any changes to your addies,
then please let us know,so we can make
the necessary changes.  it looks like
the 64 scene might last a little bit
longer,judging by the amount of wares
that has been coming out the last couple
of months.

there was an article,the file of which,i
will put on this send,tells story about
the wares that are being sold for the 64
far out weighs the amiga and pc's,so if
that is the case we should be helping

on the subject of software,we are in the
hunt for some group that would like to
have their wares spread by our modem
trader,logic.  he is looking for someone
to supply him with cards.  we can assure
you,your wres will be spread very fast,
as,he has a very fast modem.

also we would like to announce,that TSR
now has it's very own baud,yes thats
right.  it is called TSR AUSTRALIA and
you can reach us on 61-49-508030 24 hrs
a day we also have amiga wares,very new.
the sysop is incubus (leigh) and if you
mention THE LINK you will gain quick

so come on,give a go and see what we can
do for you.
also in this issue we have some more and
new interviews,with the first one with
i think one of the coolest dudes in the
scene.  xxer/triad.  he will be coming
out to australia and new zealand in the
new year.  it should be a very cool time
in the old town then.

the second interview is with one of our
own members,by the the name of alchemy,
who i think is one of the up and coming
musicians in this country.

the third interview is with a good mate
of ours,and that is strobe,who happens
to be in hospital,after a bad car smash,
and won't be out for some time.  i did
the interview when he was in hospital.

we at this time errol,wish you a speedy
recovery,and hope to see you at the TSR
party in january 1994.

also in this issue we have all your adds
as well as group status.  together with
the 64 and 128 user's clubs.  we hope
that you are getting something out of
these chapters.

as well as our humour section,please
send us some of your funnies.  as we
would like to hear your style of humour.

i will hand you over to my co-editor,and
very good friend giorgio armani,thanks

all the best from the old man of the oz
scene.  see you all next issue.
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