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               CD REVIEW


hello everyone, NEPTUNE of tsr here
presenting the link's cd review for this
month. and as you can see, i've chosen
one of my favourite albums, by blues
guitarist and singer gary moore. releas-
ed in 1990, it is one of his best albums
to date. flip the page for more....

the album contains twelve great songs,
unlike many contemporary albums which
have ten and no more. most of you will
be familiar with at least two of the
songs on this album: OH PRETTY WOMAN and
WALKING BY MYSELF. these are probably
two of the best songs on the album,
which is why they were first released
as singles... but one of the best things
about this cd is the variety which moore
introduces into his music, whilst still
staying within the blues genre.

a few of the best songs on the album

MOVING ON    a nice boppy track to start
             the cd off. probably not
             THE best song on the cd,
             but still enjoyable.

OH PRETTY    the first single released
WOMAN        from this cd. features
             moore's brilliant guitar
             playing at the height of
             his virtuosity.

WALKING BY   another great song, which
MYSELF       you may have heard on the
             radio a lot.

STILL GOT    the title track and, in my
THE BLUES    opinion, the best song on
             the cd. it is fairly slow,
             but goes on for ages and
             has two huge guitar solos
             that show off moore's
             ability to its best.

AS THE YEARS another very slow song, but
GO PASSING   just the thing to listen to
BY           when you're in a very
             mellow, relaxed mood.

of course, those are just a few of my
personal favourites. the other songs on
this cd are:

KING OF THE BLUES (a song about blues
musician b.b. king), MIDNIGHT BLUES,

if you are able to get a copy of the
album and listen to it, one of the main
things that will strike you is the
incredible variety of styles which gary
moore is adept at handling. while all
of the songs have a distinctive jazz/
blues feel, the actual mood and style
can range from loud, almost dancable
tunes like OH PRETTY WOMAN to slow songs
such as the title track (STILL GOT THE
BLUES) which is just as good, but in a
different way.

another notable feature of moore's work
is his ability to persuade famous guest
artists to appear on his albums. on this
cd, george harrison of beatles fame
appears in the song THAT KIND OF WOMAN,
playing slide guitar and providing
backing vocals. on moore's most recent
album, which was entitled AFTER HOURS,
he again uses a famous musician in the
person of b.b. king, the jazz musician
for whom he wrote KING OF THE BLUES (on
this album). king is one of moore's
musical heroes, and it was obviously a

thrill for him to actually work with
b.b. king on one of his own albums.

all in all, this is an excellent cd for
any of you who like blues or jazz. even
if you don't particularly like this
style of music, you may find that after
listening to this cd you do! blues is
not really one of the most popular
genres as far as producing chart-toppers
goes, but gary moore still has wide-
spread success on the charts whenever he
releases a single; and many of his songs

also get extensive airplay, on the radio
and on tv music shows.

the singing is good, the musicians are
good, the quality of the songs is high,
and above all, moore's guitar solos kick
some butt in a large way.... there's not
really much more needs to be said.

so that's all for the cd review for this
month... i hope some of you might have
a listen to this album; and also don't
forget that i still need more contacts,
so turn the page for an addy:
             20 kalele ave
           budgewoi nsw 2262

and for any of you who have access to
computers hooked into internet, my
electronic mail address:


hope to hear from some of you soon.. and
i'll be back here next month!  /NEPTUNE
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