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oh,what the fuck do you wanna hear from
new zealand this time?   well i tell you
what,there ain't a hell of a lot to hear
but i'll try and think of something to
keep you slightly interested.

oh, by the way this is the kiwi section
of the link and it's written by me,i'm
called mr bungle/tsr/bad karma and i
have to write a couple of chapters
tonight, so lets get the fuck on with it

i guess i'll tell you about a little
outing i went on a few days ago,with a
few sceners from new zealand.
a new guy on the nz's 64 scene is called
lucifer/dragon,and he was on holiday in
my home town,(fuck knows why anyone in
world would want to go on holidays in
this shithole though).

blade and slug of system came over on
the bus to wainuiomata and hung out at
titanium/fury's place for a couple of
hours (i guess), before unexpectedly
turning up on my doorstep (my old lady
must have freaked out with a freakshow
like these 3 guys on the front porch,ha,
so we hung out in my room for awhile,
looked at some of the parts.for system's
upcoming demo (fuck you i won't do what
you tell me!  sorry i'm listening to
rage against the machine) and some other
shit that blade brought (just a few disk
eh ron?).

after showing off my new puppy,and how
fucking tidy my room was (ha,ha),we got
into titanium's car (i drove down my
street, but never again eh edwin,and we
headed to where paul(lucifer)was staying
then we just cruised around for awhile,
and stopped at the local park,for some
graffiti,and some dude was watching us,
he thought we had stolen the car,ha what
fuckwit,anyway then we dropped paul off,
and then i got out,and went home.

sorry if i have bored you,but there is
not a lot happening in new zealand at
the moment.  will have a bigger section
in next month's issue.

till the stay cool my fellow sceners and
keep spreading the wares.

see ya next issue,from mr bungle.

p.s. don't forget to vote for my paper-
mag midlife crisis.
 1. SYSTEM     162
 2. BAD KARMA  157
 3. TSR        101

 4. lithium     84
 5. dragon      18

there is some hot competition going on
in the land of the white clouds.  good
to see the new group DRAGON getting
into the charts,well done boys.
please remember to vote for us too,as we
vote for you in your mags.
 1. THE HEGG    134   not much between
 2. BLADE       129   the top 3 places.
 3. MR BUNGLE   127
                      nice to see some
 4. steigar      58   new wares from bad
 5. nighthawk    33   karma as well as
 6. tyrant       23   system.
 7. remorhaz     20
 8. lucifier     20   also nice to see a
 9. hurricane    17   papermag from nz.

 1. THE HEGG  199  congrates nathan,you
 2. STEIGAR   167  have nearly reached
 3. HURRICANE  50  the 200 mark.

 4. mr bungle  19  good to see some new
 5. quark      15  faces in this section
 6. white/kn   15

 1. THE HEGG   150   looking forward to
 2. MR BUNGLE  139   some new wares.
 3. BLADE      107

 4. nighthawk   53
 5. steigar     42
 6. axe         37
 7. epik        20
 8. titanium    18
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