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hi and welcome to this issue of the link
this time we are going to interview the

if you want your interview in our mag,
then please fill in the interview sheet,
that is in our papermag INTERFACE.  if
you don't have one then let your tsr
member know and we will send you one.

so sit back and enjoy this section of
the mag.

all the best from your editor UPTONOGOOD

what is your handle/group name?
my handle is reas and my group is called

what is your real name?
my real name is rune lorentsen

what do you do in your group?
i am a swapper for the group and i also
do cover designs.

in what country do you live in?
i live in denmark.

tell us your height,weight & d.o.b.
well my height at the moment is 165cm &
my weight is 52kg's and my birthday is

what is your occupation?
at the moment i am at school

tell us more about yourself?
i am 16 years of age and i would like to
have more contacts

how long have you been on the scene?
i've been on the scene for about 1 1/2

what groups have you been in?
i have been in quite a few groups,axe,
confront,conic,genetix,bronx,dunex and
now jacuzzi

what hardware do you have?
i have one 64,one drive and about 700

how long have you owned them?
for around about 2 years

what do you think of the scene?
cool,but i think the scene will die soon

when you think of the scene,what do you
think of first?------------------------
my friends and my contacts
what makes you happy?
getting new contacts

what makes you pissed off?
the post bitches

do you have a girlfriend?
yes i do and her name is margit.  she
has blonde hair,blue/green eyes and she
is 16 also

if you could change one thing in your
life,what would it be?
i would change nothing at the moment.

if you could change one thing in the
scene,what would it be? ------------
i would like to see more people on the

name 3 things you can't live without?
food,and drink,my 64 and my horny girl-

name 3 things you can live without?
i can live without the police,my dog and
new kids on the block.

if you were going to be executed,what
would be your last wish?-------------
to use up all my money.

how does money affect your life?
it is my life.

who is the most influential person in
your life?
at the present time,no one.

if you were on a island,what 3 things
would you have and why? -------------
would have some food and drink,a friend
or my girlfriend and a ship to come home

what is your greatest fantasy?
to go to a metallica concert.

if you had a million dollars,what
would you do with it?------------
i don't know.

before we finish,is there anything you
want to say?--------------------------
yeah,i would like to say hello to all my
contacts,especially neotec/rebels,scow/
elysium and all the other of cause.

what's/who's your favourite?
sepultura,slayer,demo:dutch breeze,
computer:64,movie:it,tv show:beavis and
buttheads,hobby:c64,and parties

thanks to tsr for interviewing me.

my addy is as follows:
rune lorentsen
teglgaardsvej 6
6000 kolding

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