The Link 14 Editorial

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         T H E    L I N K   1 4


           IN SEPTEMBER 1993


welcome to this new issue of link 14.
this month we had a bit of slow down
with our production line. but never mind
things should get back to normal very

on the same disk, you'll find our latest
tsr cracks by quetzal/tsr.

the feedback for the new outfit had been
coming in with many positive reaction.
the only criticism was the joystick bug
which is now fixed.

several enhancements were planned for
this issue but delayed as a result of
my university commitment. anyway, we
don't like to make big changes every
month so it's better that we keep
progess steady as we go. as a result of
the new format, it has moved up some
places on charts of other mag. it means
that we are achieving something now!

on another front, strobe was involved
in a serious car accident and is now
recovering in nepean hospital in
penrith of sydney. we hope he'll get
well very very soon.
oh well, that's all for this month's
editorial. what more can i say? this
is just a quiet month. i'll just sit
back and relax. see you next month!
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