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hello once again, it's alchemy here with
two more demos to look at. this time i
won't go into as much depth as last time
so you won't have seen it before you see

  well, todays demos are:

graveyard blues #3 by topaz beerline


visuality #3 by visual reality

                    so turn that page...
           graveyard blues #3
           by topaz beerline

  this is a good demo, it has a lot of
nice varied effects but is ruined by
some pretty unreadable scrolls.
  there is a good plasma routine, a cool
scroller with reflection, shadow dxccp
(or whatever), two full pics (a lady who
doesn't wear underwear and just can't
resist tearing her clothes off for some
pimply faced nerdy c64 scener to drool
over (you get the picture) and the other
pic is of a wizard who seems to be doing
something magical to a piss puny
gargoyle. then theres the neat something
that has 4 different screens to which a
moving cross slides all over the screen
revealing the different screens. just
before the end there is the most
unreadable scroll of the demo, and last
up are some elastic bouncy balls which
when they finish strutting their stuff,
run off and let the upscroller finish
off the demo.
  on the whole, it's a good demo with
different routines to what everyone else
is doing. heres the score:
           graveyard blues #3

              group: topaz
            disks: one side

wouldn't hurt to check it out. ok, now
for our last demo review for this issue.

              visuality #3
           by visual reality

another great start for a demo has the basic screen pop off its
outer coating in square pieces to reveal
a black/white checkerboard below. once
the whole board has been exposed, it
then pans down forming a horizon, then
the logos fade in and the fun starts. as
i said last issue, these kind of little
cosmetics add greatly to the demo and
you know that they're something special.
this demo is a trackmo so the parts flow
one after the other with no waiting for
loading. the demo contains some cool
raytracing, some fantastic pictures
(ported from amiga, but they are still
amazing on the c64), some fast vectors
and a hires flooder, then the cool
ending and after the upscroller has
finished, a nice piccy. this demo has
one song which plays the whole way
through the demo (except for a 6 screen
pic which needs the memory (great pic
which was ported from amiga, but when
that has finished, the music continues
this demo is the pick of the two.scores>
              visuality #3

         group: visual reality
            disks: one side

  well, that's it for the demo review. i
hope you find the reviews helpful in
some way. hopefully next time, if i have
the time,i will do more than 2 demos and
maybe a review some mags.
  speaking of mags, have you all seen
'interface' yet? it's a cool papermag
from us (so cool infact, that my three
copies disapeared from my table at the
party and i haven't seen them since +
there were none left at the end).
  next issue should be out in a couple
of months (release at the next party).
this time i will make the deadline to
get my editorial and articles in before
giorgio prints it.
until next time, see you later.
   where are some oz demos to review?
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