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welcome to the news section of the 13th
issue of the link.

the news,we have received so far this
issue has been in small amounts,due to
the party in sweden.

if you have any news that you want to be
published,then please send in to your
nearest TSR contact.

we thank all of those,that have sent in
some news for us.  your continued help
is greatly appreciated.  keep up the
good work boys.
the TSR party went ahead successfuly
on the 17th and 18th july. read the
OZ PARTY chapter for complete report.

a vhs of the party will be available
for sale soon. keep in touch for your
copy. the proceeds will go to organising
the next tsr party.

a tsr papermag was released called
INTERFACE. too good to miss out. contact
giorgio armani or uptonogood for your

vector/varsity joined sunrise.

slam/obituary joined sunrise.

cauron/nirvana joined the ruling company

ghg/sunrise renamed into jtf.

ndc is dead,all members joined acrise.

some rumours are saying transkom is

kaos is a new aussie group started by
image/ex addicts.  members are image
leader,swapper.  fade swapper,gfx's and
learning to code.

awa/tsr is the organiser of tsr in his
country,norway.  there will be a party
in kristiansand in norway on the 30th
of july to the 1st of august.  write to
awa/tsr for more details for the spread
file,which should be out now.

albatross/ex tsr was kicked out and
joined no-name.

bodycount will release vandalism #11 &
wetwork #2 soon,followed by a demo
called fear,then a gfx's demo called

there are 2 new kiwi sceners about to
start a group,with the help of blade and
slug of system.

the new group from nz is called dragon
lead by lucifier.

the polish group axel is now dead.

mns/axel's new handle is sailor.

sailor/ex mns-axel made a new polish mag
called astoria.

rebel and omen have left tsr to start
their own group.  we hope they make a
better go of it,than they did with us.

atom/tsr has left the scene.

bodycount have changed their name to
rebels,as bodycount was to long a name
to make logo's for.

vengeance/bct-success has changed his
name to matt/rebels,but will still trade
as vengeance/success.
ranger/fairlight left and joined wrath

wingo/triad t.v. is totally fucked.
they have 2 sets,so now he will have use
his parent's one.

wingo/triad has a high phone bill,coz of
his modem.

the rogue has changed his paper mag's
name from vendetta to midlife crisis.
issue 3 will be out shortly.

midromin has changed his name to steigar
stan/equinoxe joined orgado dreamland as
his second group,but he's still in his
old group.

rorschach has joined p7p.

rumours saying that merlin/epic has left
the scene are wrong.

lexi ex-device and darklord ex-illusion
have joined legend.

hok/legend quit the scene.

dominators has only these members:cosmo,
dogfriend,tricket and animal.  all the
rest went to pc.  they are more or less
dead anyway.

ikari is not back.

the section 8 is a fake!  no original

airror/device-new sensation-brainbombs
joined genesis project.

a-man ex-arcade joined legend.

chrysagon ex-enigma joined talent.
unifier/flash inc joined spirit.

diabolo/trance joined excess as a second

gop/fury is said to have joined trance.
might be a rumour.

d-signa/2 pac joined maniax as a cover
designer and gfx's artist.

wingo/traid is now the official supplier
of the link vote sheets in europe.

titanium left tsr nz.
paralax 64 is now dead.

gop of plx joined fury.

megazzap is now in tsr only.

quetzal joined tsr as their second coder
and their first cracker.  we are looking
forward to seeing some of his work.

stomper ex zoetrope has now joined tsr.

the rogue has changed his name to mr
bungle,and has joined bad karma as a 2nd
there will be a big commodore and amiga
party to be held in poland on the 26-28
august 1993.  it will be held at glogow
at the follow venue.  demo competition.

miejski osrodek kultury
ul.rondo konstytucji 3 maja 2
glogow   poland

in english

municipal community centre
constitution of 3rd may street 2
(traffic circle)
glogow   poland
cost of entry is 35.000-40.000=3 usd

for more information please write the
following addresses:

jane/asphyxia           chris/asphyxia
witold kozlowski        krzysztof gubala
ul.armii radzieckiej    ul.wolnosci 22.b
9d/8   67-200           42-584
glogow                  dobieszowice
poland                  poland

we would like to wish everybody who goes
the best of luck.  please support them
by turning up,if you can.
attention:  paralyze-party.

paralyze is going to arrange a little
copy party,but there's one problem.  we
need a lot of sceners who promise us,
that they would come,if such a party was
held.  cause we must pay the rent for
the hall,before the party starts,and we
don't want to loose any money,if not
enough people turn up.

ok dudes now we list the facts.
date of the party 31-7 to 2-8-93
place a little hall in ratzeburg(60km
away from hamburg) space for only 170
64 freaks(we think it's enough for the
64 scene).

the entrance cost is 10dm(german marks)
ok guys,if you like the idea of a c-64
copy party and if you like to meet some
cool freax,friends,etc,then don't
hesitate and fill in the little coupon,
and send it to:

tough graphics inc/paralyze
henrik porfler
ratzeburger srt 21
w-2410 molln
last minute news:

the group FURY is dead again with
steiger joining an euro group.

gop/fury joined fury for less than 2
weeks when they died and joined rebels
australia as a musician.

fury may be unlikely to come back to
the scene. afterall the group has
died twice in 4 months!

bulldog joined tsr as a new scener.
he is looking for people to swap with.
101% reply.

logic/tsr is modemtrading. you can
netmail him at this address:

          fidonet 3:713/307

neptune/tsr and giorgio armani/tsr is
both on internet, an international
network for universities (also a good
place to hack into nasa like matt/tera

logic/tsr is getting married in
november-december with his fiance LISA.
congratulation greg! he will continue
his scene life with his married soul.

kaos is dead.

addicts is dead.

image is groupless.

ok that's all for the month. more
news next month!
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