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judged from the excellent response of
the tsr party on 17-18 july, 1993,
another party is under planning.

this time, we are promising another
great opportunities for sceners to
gather together for a fun weekend.

the venue will be the same as the last

the duration will be similar to the last
being on a saturday and sunday. three
possible day have been thought about:

          25 & 26 SEPTEMBER;
           2 &  3 OCTOBER;
          16 & 17 JANUARY.

the price will be the same. $15 per head
paid advance and $17 paid at the door.
the price basically covers the two day
hall hire, overnight stay at the hall
(bring your own sleeping bag), prizes
for demo, gfx and music competitions,
and other misc. expenses. we have
decided to charge more for people at
the door because we need sufficient
cash to cover the expenses. therefore,
if you pay earlier, you get the bonus!
but as the date hasn't been finalised,
no payment shall be made at this stage.

what i need from the people interested
is their view of when the party maybe
more convienient for them. so please
tell either uptonogood, giorgio armani,
or your tsr contact of your intention
to come and your vote to the date of
the event. we shall be making
announcement in the link of the date
we decided and more details about the
party. the next step is that offical
invitation will be sent to all those
that are interested.

you'll probably hear alot of the good
fun that happened at our last party.
everyone demanded another one soon. tsr
decided to respond to the demand. we
thank all those who supported us. for
all the others who didn't come along
last time, this is definitely your
chance. so don't you miss out.

you may wish to ring daniel (giorgio
armani/tsr) on (02) 837-2132 between
7pm to 9pm. basically, all you have
to do is tell me that you are interested
in coming. amiga people, ex-sceners,
sceners friends will also be welcomed
to come along. so give us your
response before the end of august

                      GIORGIO ARMANI/TSR
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