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welcome to this section,which is our
interviews with HEAVYHEAD/MECHANIX 2124

we will be sending out interview sheets
and our editor,so if you would like to
be interview,then answer the questions
and send back the file to us.

we look forward to interviewing all our
contacts.  so don't be bashfull,let it
all hang out.

we woulld like to thank heavyhead and
steve for their time for the interview.
please describe yourself to our readers?
well david,i am 16 years old & my birth-
day is the 18-5-77.  i weigh 60 kgs and
my height is 175 cm.  my real name is
thomas bloch and my handle is heavyhead.

how long have you been on the scene?
in total for about 2 years,i am quite
fresh to the scene.  i started out with
a friend called mutant magic & we formed
our own group called first priority.  i
was in this group for about 12 months.
i then joined the group bronx,but that
only lasted for about 3 weeks.  i then
joined a group called archaos,and that
only lasted for about 1 week.  then i
joined the group unicess and lasted only
2 weeks.  i finally joined the group
mechanix 2124,and have been very happy.

how did you get your handle?
that's a good question.  well it goes
like this,there was this person who is
in my town called motorhead,and i was
fascinated by this name and wanted to
have something similar,so i took my name
from that.

describe to us where you live?
well i live in a small town called asleu
which has only about 3000-4000 people.
the main city that it is near is called
esbjerg,which is on the coast.  denmark
is a very nice country to live in,as we
can do what we want,when we want.

tell us some of the outside activities
you do?
well i work at our local radio station
called radio charlie.  i spend a lot of
time there working as a technician and a
d.j.  i have my own radio program called
the rave dance zone.  we play all kinds
of music from dance to techno and the
show goes from 8pm to 10pm every monday,
cool eh!  i also have a spare time job
at our local car yard where i help wash
and look after the cars,as well as being
able to help out in the workshop.

what is your feelings,about the scene?
i think the scene is a great place to
make friends.  i have many good friends
on the scene.  just think what it would
be like if we could all meet some place
that is close and have a great time

tell our readers about your family?
well,surprise,surprise i have got a mum
and dad,and 2 brothers,named kasper aged
13 and anders aged 7.  my dad works for
the local telephone company,so it makes
it hard for me to cheat the phones,as i
don't want him to lose his job over me
trying to ring.  my mother works as a

tell us your likes and dislikes?
well what i like is: good weather,love
carlsberg beer,pizza,girls.  my computer
and i like going to concerts,and getting
phone calls from my contacts.

what i dislike is: anders albrechlund,
fresh prince from x-brutal and dunex as
he has been spreading some shit about me
and i hate disk errors.

do you have a girlfriend?
no,not at the moment,as i am very busy
with the radio station,but i hope to get
involved shortly,as i like the girls
very much.

tell us your favourite games and tools?
i like manic mansion and zac mckracken
as my favourite games and the tools i
like are super kit 6 and fast hackem 4.

tell us your favourite sceners?
cracker:mason  music:jeroen tel  gfx's:
wave  coder:jfk  swapper:wingo of triad
and uptonogood of tsr  magazine:jamacia

how many contacts do you have?
i haven't counted them as of late,but i
think i can safely say between 80-100.

any personal messages you would like to
pass on?
i would like to ask my contacts to wait
for my sends.  i have been very lazy coz
of summer.  i hope that you are all
enjoying yourselves on the scene.  may
the scene go on forever.

on behalf of the editing staff at the
link,we thank you heavyhead for the good

 1. what is your handle/group name ?
    my handle is steve.

 2. what is your real name ?
    my real name is steven upton.

 3. what do you do in your group ?
    i am a swapper and trying to learn

 4. in what country do you live ?
    i live down under (australia).

 5. height: 6 foot 2 inches
    weight: 70
    date of birth: 12th of march 1977
    sex: male

 6. occupation: i work for the governmen
    doing paper work (i get payed for
    going to school).

 7. tell us more about yourself ?
    i attend warilla high school and am
    currently in year 11.

 8. how long have you been in the scene?
    roughly about 7 months.
 9. what groups have you been in ?
    just tsr at the moment.

10. what hardware do you have ?
    i have a 64, a commodore 1541 mark 2
    mps 803 printer and a tv. i will be
    getting an amiga soon !!!!

11. how long have you owned them ?
    for about 1 year before i got on the

12. what do you think of the scene ?
    at first my scene life was great
    than all of the probs with tsr and
    now it is really starting to get
    going again, espically after the
    scene party.

13. when you think of the scene, what do
    you think of first ?
    all the cool demo's and graphics.

14. what makes you tick ? life itself.

15. what makes you happy ? the scene.

16. what makes you pissed off ? people
    who make out to be elite when they
    are not.
17. do you have a girlfriend ?
    not at the moment.

18. if you could screw any girl who
    would it be ? christina apelgate.

19. what is your aim in life ? (and the
    scene) in life: to make a million
    dollars and in the scene to make a
    million friends.

20. if you could change one thing in
    your life, what would it be ?
    get a phone out the front of my
21. if you could change one thing in the
    scene, what would it be ?
    bring all sceners closer together in
    terms of distances.

22. 3 things you can't live without:
    1) girls
    2) computer
    3) music

23. 3 things you can live without:
    1) school
    2) work
    3) programs that crash

24. if you were going to be executed,
    what would be your last wish ?
    to meet my euro contacts.

26. how does money affect your life ?
    it puts limitations on some of the
    things that i want to buy (such as
    an amiga).

26. who is the most influential person
    in your life ? my parents

27. if you were on a island, what 3
    things would you have and why ?
    1) a cute nurse so that i can stay
    2) a keg or 10 to get the nurse and
    i drunk.
    3) a million condoms so i could
    screw the drunk nurse.

28. what is your greatest fantasy ?
    to meet christina apelgate.

29. if you had a million dollars, what
    would you do with it ?
    spend it on shit such as cars,
    computers, girls.

30. before we finish, is there anything
    you want to say.
    yes, just hi to all my contacts and
    if you want to contact my see my
    addy in the addy section. also
    thanks for interviewing me.
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