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  before beginning this issue i would
to call for your opinion on my chapters.

  i don't know whether alot (if any) are
interested in electronics enough to read
my chapter. i am open to suggestions.
  should i concentrate of enhancing your
computer, other non-computer projects.

  maybe you think i should redirect my
chapter and base it on something else
eg.  programming in basic or ml
or maybe THE LINK needs a completely new
chapter based on something which has
nothing to do with the scene eg. cars.

   if you have some ideas for this
chapter, please write a disk note, paper
note and send it to me at:

35 HILLSIDE CRES     or ring me on
TERALBA NSW 2284     (049) 584682
                     between 5-9:30 pm

or write a suggestion on your votesheet!
  now, back to electronics:

because of the limited drawing functions
of a text editor, it is difficult to
show even simple circuit diagrams that
as they tend to be unreadable.

     so, today i will be explaining some
basic "hints and tips" regarding tv's
vcr's, computers etc.

     as i said before, if you think i'm
wasting my time, please tell me.

. never put your video directly above or
  below your tv or monitor. if you can't
  avoid it, put a sheet of aluminium
  foil between them

. the same applies to disks, computers,
  tapes etc. in fact in is recomended
  that you don't sit less than 2metres
  away from your telly as "...prolonged
  exposure to electromagnetic fields
  can cause cancer."

. DON'T touch the joystick ports of your
  computer, especially if your hand is
  moist. the static in your body can   -
  permanantly stuff your computer up.
  i have heard rumours of program which
  instructs you to wet your finger and
  rub the joystick port to 'play the

. don't turn on your computer with a
  disk fully inserted in the drive. this
  has been known to scramble data

. owners of 1571 drive should not close
  the drive door with no disk inside,
  it damages the 2 heads of your drive.

. speaking of heads, you shown clean
  your drives heads every 6 months or so

. don't hit old capacitors with hammers
  as the material inside them (pcb)
  is high dangerous if you touch it. you
  can get .. yes, you guessed it, cancer

. 15 or 30 min tapes are best for use
  with  - DATASETTES -.

. when you are using your parent's
  streo, don't turn it up so far that
  the music distorts (or in axl's case,
  distorts more), this will break the
  amp AND speakers AND will probably
  cause CANCER

. if you own an amiga and you have alot
  of accesories plugged in, feel your
  power supply. if it's too hot, you
  need one of my power supplies. they
  are huge mother fuckers and will
  really help your system. one of them
  is running an a500 with 3 drives,
  1 floptical drive, a 120 meg hd, 3 meg
  ram and 2 monitors!

. if you own an amstrad computer, throw
  it out, they give you cancer.

. buy rolf harris' cd version of
  "stairway to heaven" and play until
  your ears bleed. rolf is a great
  aussie legend!!!

. don't plug in cartridges while the
  computer is turned or you are asking
  for trouble. a hell of alot of people
  do this and it really can bust your

oh well

thats it

 next issue i will maybe do a circuit,
maybe use one of the thousands of ideas
  that will be sent in to me, or maybe
 print a collection of tall stories and
        humerous anecdotes about



  (and OBUTI)
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