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              DEMO REVIEW
g'day, it's ALCHEMY here, reviewing two
and FLATLINE by CADGERS. the scores out
of ten go as follows:
CODE   : the newer & better the routines
         the higher the score.
GFX    : logos, pics etc.
SOUND  : music & sfx and how well they
         fit in with the parts.
APPEAL : how the total package goes
OVERALL: a summarised score.
ok? i've saved the BEST till LAST...

the demo starts off with a pic of mickey
mouse in wizard robes and a logo. these
clear off,a few titles flash on and then
off again and big RESURGENCE logo then
sits in the middle of the screen while
a top & bottom scroller (with same text)
scrolls along. nothing greatly special.
the way in which the logos and pics
clear themselves after you hit space,
make up for the seemingly repetive parts
in the demo.
1: this part contains and ANCIENT logo,
and a scroller, which after a while, the
logo starts swinging, a T.A.T logo comes
up down the bottom and two RESURGENCE
logos (probably sprites) bounce in

2: another T.A.T logo which starts
swinging,a VIRUS sprite which constantly
scrolls from left to right, and a logo
in the middle that changes to the beat,
cycling through ANCIENT,TEMPLE, and

   these parts are the only parts that
stand out.these were ripped from FRANTIC
FREDDIE a platform game by CDS SOFTWARE
and released by AUDIOGENIC. freddie runs
onto the screen closely followed by a
big green monster, after running for a
while, the green monster's tounge shoots
out and grabs freddie who gets eaten.
absolutely wicked stuff. too bad the
other parts aren't as good as this!

3: there's a huge gfx scroller, a T.A.T
logo and scrolly starfield which has 2
VIRUS logos swinging back and forth.
4: an ANCIENT logo and a TEMPLE logo
constantly overlap each other at the top
of the screen, while a VIRUS logo sits
at the bottom. the interesting bit about
this part is the weird combine harvester
blade sort of scroll, which rotates in
cirles. unfortunately, after a while,
the scroller screws up.

   another reallt cool bit, ripped from
the same game. freddie once again is
running from the monster but when he
runs off the screen,he returns in a tank
and blows the monster off the screen.WOW
5: theres a RESURGENCE logo, a VIRUS
logo and a sinewave scroller with a
reflection that is out of sync (about
the only the makes this demo different).

   this is an ok part. theres a cool THE
END logo up the top which gets marred by
the RESURGENCE sprites bouncing up and
down over the top of it. the rest of the
screen is text, giving credits and
greetings. the good thing about this is
it is like a noter and you can press
space to turn the page, letting you read
it at you own pace.
ok, thats the demo. nothing new, nothing
great, but it could be worse. the
routines are good, the music fits in
well with the parts, and there are no
major faults its just that it's all been
done before, lots of times before. not
bad for one side. heres the score:

 CODE   : 5 - normal routines
 GFX    : 7 - some nice logos
 SOUND  : 7 - nice zaks
 APPEAL : 7 - especially freddie
 OVERALL: 6 - doesn't differ from what
              other groups do. nothing

   upon typing run, the screen wipes it-
self from left to right, then it swings
itself off past the border, it looks
really cool and you know this demo is
probably going to be good from the start
which it is. a scroller and a bouncy
CADGERS logo welcome you to the demo.

1: a CADGERS logo bounces down the
bottom of the screen while a really cool
afli shadow-dycper (A 15 COLOUR SHADOW
SCROLL) scrolls across the screen. also
has a FLATLINE sprite logo bouncing over
the bottom. this routine looks great!

2: this part starts with a stop-start
scroll and an empty screen, after a few
seconds, a tech tech (the things that
make the logos shimmer) FLATLINE logo
appears. after a little while more, the
tech tech routine turns into a tech tech
split routine with rasters. anyway, it
looks really cool.

3: next up is some 2 colour line art.the
pictures are of a lady (naked ofcourse),
a really cool gargoyle, and the last pic
is of two dragons and a wraith. the part
has a scroller called a "eci-doublesine
dxpp". well it goes from the bottom to
top and follows along a sinewave path.

4: this part has a (not too crash hot)
pic,logos,and a METAMORPHOSISING scroll
which changes from one scroll to another
which makes reading it VERY hard but the
effect looks really cool.

5: the next part apparently beats the
plotter record with 950 dots. it isn't
to amazing to look at but i guess the
beauty is in the coding.

6: this part has a lot of different side
border flex scroll effects. some of the
effects are borderline unreadable. the
are some good effects though. the scroll
is best looked at from a distance.

7: a short wait while you listen to the
music, well a medium wait, ok a long ...
ahh.. a FLATLINE logo comes up with a
CADGERS sprite swinging over it. that
must be all it does. well they call it a
16 char wide afli-tech with sprites, is
that special?probably the most unamazing
part of the demo, but it still looks

8: the last part before the end. it
starts off with a CADGERS logo scrolling
up,then a cool 20 sideborder bob scroll
in a dxycp. nothing special?
well then it changes to a 40 sideborder
bob scroll in a dxycp.still nothing too
well it then changes to an 80 sideborder
bob scroll in a dxycp. GENESIS had the
record with 64 bobs but it looks like
not anymore. this routine is also all
real time.
   a side border drop scroller which
scrolls from the bottom up and has the
credits, the utils used, etc. it is a
nice end to finish the demo.

this demo is the best of the two. there
are some cool routines here. it really
stands this demo out. great music as
well. heres the score:
 CODE   : 9 - great routines
 GFX    : 7 - not too bad
 SOUND  : 8 - good tunes
 APPEAL : 9 - lots of appeal
 OVERALL: 9 - a great demo
well that's the two demos for this issue
if your group has done a demo that you
want reviewed then send it in to the
editor or me. if you want any of the
demos that have been reviewed by me, tsr
wares, or normal swapping then send to
me (addy in the addies section).

until next time, catch you all later.
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