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welcome to the reaction section of the
mag.  sorry if the replies aren't what
wanted,but i'm doing this section,this
month as giorgio armani is studying for
his exams.  so i will attempt to reply
to the best of my ability.

also if you have any reactions to the
mag,please send them along to your TSR
contact nd we will do our best in giving
you an answer.

so sit back and enjoy yourself.  all the
best from your editor.
from bright light
i think that the link is getting better
month by month,and hopefully might have
a little competition with classic out

with both classic and noise dropping the
idea of a charts section,the link is now
the only real charts on the aussie scene

its nice after all,after all this work
to see myself getting a little praise
from the scene.  keep it up guys,i like
the new format.
from editor
thanks BRIGHT LIGHT for your very nice
reaction to our mag.  you know yourself
just how much work has gone in to try &
make our mag more enjoyable for everyone
to read.

we have given it alot of thought,about
the charts,whether to keep them at a
monthly basis,or to keep adding the
points together and have an over-all
picture.  we are still waiting to hear
from our readers,what do they prefer,as
we think,you the readers know what you
like about the charts and what you don't

from shockwave/system/lithium
a very cool mag!  good to see more scene
stuff,and less slagging!!  editorials a
little larger.

from editor
thanks simon,for the words of encourage-
ment,yes it is nice to see that the oz
scene,has finally gone back to the good
days,now that those responsibile,for
trying to destroy the oz scene,have gone
we hope to make our editorials enjoyable
and not boring,so thats why we try and
keep them small,so people will read them
and not just read the first page and say
fuck it its too long.

from cruze/lithium
not a bad mag,why don't you make the
rules for voting like this.  don't vote
for yourself,your group,and members of
tsr.  this will make it much much,more
competitive,as form is.  form is using
this style of voting,thus it makes it
much fairer.  no rules on productions

from editor
thanks richard for the remarks about our
mag.  you being an editor know how hard
it is in getting our magazines out,and
how much work goes in to them.

now about the charts,this is a sticky
subject,as our members don't vote for
themselves,so if someone else votes for
them,then why not include their votes as
they didn't vote for themselves.  we
think that if you send your vote sheets
out often enough and get a good response
back,and thats how people vote you,then
that is what they want,not us.  i can
assure you all the vote sheets i send
out,come back with someone elses addy &
reactions etc,etc,not the person to whom
i sent the vote sheet to in the first

i know its hard,as people will say,but
they always vote for the mag and members
that the vote sheet came from.  i really
don't know what the answer is.  as there
is only a couple of aussie mags,that
europeans want to read,so we have to
give them something.

we would really like to hear from our
readers,what do you think of the voting
system we are using.  do you like it
kept monthly charts,or would you rather
have a progressive total.

from jazzcat/bodycount
a very nice mag,still need more music in
the main program,but having the choice
to load music in,was quite cool.  text
amount was good,graphix and code were
col,but there is too much lamiga stuff
in the mag.  does the 64 scene need news
on the shitty amiga?  i think not!  nice
mag anthow.  also i am sick of people
writing 100% reply to all,in their addy
and when you send to them,you don't hear
FUCK ALL from them!

from editor
well where to start,first,thanks for
taking the time to fill in our vote
sheet,you are fast becoming a very good
swapper,you make sense in what you say,
keep up the good work david.

we are glad you like the mag,as to the
music,we had only 3 for the last issue
as everyone was busy doing something
else,but we made the mag like this,so if
you want to load your own music in you
can,its called freedom of choice,by the
way i hope you like NEPTUNE'S new tunes?

i think you are being a little hard on
the amiga scene,because there are quite
a few contacts in this mag,who trade on
both the 64 and the amiga,and to keep
everyone happy,we feel it is our duty
to keep the amiga scene in contact with
what is happening here and overseas.

i can only concur with you,about people
who make the 100% reply statement and
then forget all about it.

i issue this warning,if you do put you
reply 100% on your addie and don't reply
then you can rest assure that your add
will not be placed in this magazine
again.  if you make a statement on your
addie,then stick to it,otherwise we will
print a list of those who just want to
steal everyone's disks.

from blade/system
the link #10 was the best issue i've
ever seen!  TSR have done fucking well.
the mag looks better now,the coding from
giorgio armani was real cool.

this type of production should be
reconised by the world sceners!  go TSR.

from editor
thanks ronal,for the kind words,its good
to hear good vibes after you have busted
your arse intrying to impress everyone
with your wares.

i will pass on your sediments to daniel
about his coding,i know for a fact that
he is working very hard on his routines
and is always trying to make the mag a
little bit better,every time.

this concludes the reaction section,a
very big thank you to those who took the
time to reply.
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