Splash 15 ch34 How Did We Make

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       how did we make ?

   hi guys ! your favy author is
on the keys  ,again . i will try
to explain that how we made last
issue of SPLASH , which problems
we had and many many more . we
wanted to show you our profession
in the new face of the scene .
because there are more mags and
groups than the last years . i do
not want to say that there isn't a
quality mag . there are lots of
periodical magazines . ok , let's
go on . . .
   after twenty days later of last
issue of SPLASH , falcon called me
and said that we are (the world ?)
starting to prepare new issue of
SPLASH and he wanted a G N'R song
for a 'g n'r special' chapter . i
said "ok" . when i (fall in love?)
started to compose other members
were not (you can say weren't)
staying . in this chapter everybo-
dy tried to work more than the la-
st because all the members want ,
this issue better than the others.
in this time mr.dj. was improving
the mag's code ,the boss was using
his perfect literature ,falcon was
calculating vote-sheet & prepare
his writes (at this time my sister
burcu was having crazyness because
she was helping axl to translate
this chapter) , mr.brain(less) was
struggle on puzzle , dozo was col-
lecting disks and bettle-juice
(don't tell it three times) made
anything . although everybody was
excited . all members did whatever
they could .
   at the moment there were phone
and letter traffic for telling
what he did . neverthless we had
first our dry up and shrink . we
were upset about some of our fri -
ends leaving our group or scene .
however we continioued to our work
with "life goes on" . when mr.dj.
was struggle with code of puzzle
i and boss (bus) in ordered rock
parts . but falcon told us "please
don't write unrelated subjects
than i will (always love you) . ."
peh ! we are afraiding of him too
much ?!? and we wrote unrelated
subjects whatever we could .at the
time i both edit and compose"sweet
child o'mine" . but i got bored of
"sweet child o'mine" then i decide
to compose "don't cry" . i take it
to mr.dj. , but it was the worst
time of my life . because mr.dj.
did not like the compose which i
struggled a lot on it . he said
that it was composed before and
he thought it was worse .
   but ,what has happened to boss,
what was he doing , was he still
alive ? what a nonsance . ofcourse
he was still alive and he was wor-
king all of his crazyness & fast -
ness . also , he had too much e -
nergy that he decided to write my
chapter about children , again .
thanx god , i rescued my chapter
from him . (maybe he can try to w-
rite it , again)
   yeah ! here is the other hero
of my tale . falcon(etti) ! . . .
when you see serious part you can
guess that it was written by him .
but the reason of being serious is
to give you better magazine .
   like this ! after preparing the
songs and writings , step comes to
mr.dj . he had to crunch all parts
and he did it without sleeping all
night . after crunching he sended
finished magazine to all accuracy
members . especially falcon copied
disk without sleeping night(s) .
all stamps were cheated with care,
disk notes &envelopes were wrote .
and they gave to post offices .
   now , you are reading our last
quality magazine and we will inc -
rease our quality every month .
we hope that we will take the pla-
ce where we must stay .

         power and passion
          fun and fashion

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