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   ...and the doors of the hell
were opened by the rock-mania.be-
cause of the blood smell entered
at that point and 'KILL WITH POWER
screams,it seems that the end of
the world is near.he came back.e-
verybody was dispersing everywhere
in a deep clearence.at the  same
moment mesieh was going down from
the sky with a light matching.he
came back.but noone guessed that
he was FREDDY MERCURY.he was sanc-
tifying the people with the cross
in  his hand.all the things happe-
ned at this time.he came back.the
ground splitted,the sky roared.the
flying birds changed into dragons
while rats changed into one eyed
camels.everybody was screaming.he
came back. . .

   the creatures coming from the
splittings were eating the men and
crushing the other animals.the de-
vils,demons and angels which were
doing a co-op with the satan,star-
ted to build their world but some-
thing happened.AXL ROSE and HETFI-
ELD,the couple made it again and
started to sing the song 'die hard
to hunter' together.all things be-
came normal.but the rock-mania was
still continues. . . .

   ok,i think it's enough.i don't
need to explain the contents of
this part but i want to say that
rock-mania will be different from
other mags' rock-parts.cause this
part was prepared by me,axl.i col-
lect my power from my readers.be-
fore it's too late,let's  begin
with it.



black sabbath appreciation society
       p.o.box 2686 knowle
      west midlands b94 snq
        (price:10 pounds)


        thunder channell
      114 coombfield drive
          darenth kent
            da2  7lh
        (price:10 pounds)

          GUNS N' ROSES

  conspiracy,inc-the guns'n'roses
      fan-club p.o.box 67777
     los angeles, california
        (prize:10 dollars)


   -ANNIHILLATOR released their
third album 'set the world on fire

   -BADLUCK ,released an album
called 'bad luck'.the ones who li-
ke heavy-rock can obtain it from
me.the prize is 6,9$.

   -BILLY idol started the prepa-
rations for his new album.

   -after totaly 14 years AC/DC
released new 'live' album.

   -OZZY OSBOURNE is going to re-
turn to black sabbath.

   -NIRVANA published a collected
album called from old radio and
demo records.you will like it.

   -POISON closed themselves to
the studio and started with their
new album.everybody says only one
thing,'it'll be perfect'.wait and

   -double 'live' is coming from

   -VOIVOD started for a new lp
for their new album 'angel rat'.

   -queen's guitarist BRAIN MAY
said that he want to product with
g n'r.if this happens then nobody
can stop g n'r.

   -guns n'roses bassist DUFF will
release his solo album in the co-
ming days.he started with it in
last year.

   -SCORPIONs's new bassist is
ralph rieckermann .

   -LED ZEPPELIN's stairway to
heaven was covered again by the
australian doors , the rock lobs -
ters rolf harris and more .

   -venom prepared their album .
but the songs are their old work .

   -G N'R will prepare their new
single called by:ESTRANGED .

   -waaaooowwww. . .IRON MAIDEN's
soloist bruce dickinson will pre -
pare his second album at the last
of 93 .

   -wait a new lp from NIRVANA
called by MELVINS . i think they
have not other jobs .

   -the WILDHEARTS started to sing
helper group of alice in chains in
england .

   -oueen , eddie money , msg and
mr.big prepared an album called by
was dedicated to FREDDIE MERCURY's
memory .

   -MIND FUNK will prepare their
last lp in april . the specialties
of new album are new guitarist and
new drum guy and the name of album
is dropped .

   -tatatataaaaaaa . METALLICA is
coming with a new live album . but
none knows when it will prepared .

   you know they weren't all news.
but i haven't crack-menu to make
my chapter unlimited place . so ,
what do you think about the charts
of rock scene . which group or who
will take the apex ? do you con -
cern about it ? so, never & never
turn the menu and continiue to
reading this chapter .


          10 best albums
   1)pure cult - the cult
   2)rage aganist t.m. - ratm
   3)native tongue - poison
   4)stain - living colour
   5)dirt - alice in chains
   6)use your illusion - g n'r
   7)live: right here , right now
                      - van hallen
   8)metallica -metallica
   9)back to the light-brain may
  10)ten - pearl jam

         10 best singles

   1)puss/oh the guilt-j.lizard &
                         - nirvana
   2)sad but true - metallica
   3)stop the world -extreme
   4)walk - pantera
   5)yesterdays - g n'r
   6)a better man thunder
   7)tragic comic - extreme
   8)haevan is - def leppard
   9)little baby nothing -ac/dc
  10)unsung -helmet

   now,it's turn for the rewarded
question of this month.first,let's
give some info about the reward.o-
ne of turkiye's favourite rock
groups is dr.skull.and you'll get
the 'rools for fools' album from
this group.or you'll get an album
called 'trailblazer' from penteg-
ram,a turkish quality trash-metal
group.you can select your present.
how to get it is so easy.just ans-
wer this question and send it to
the addy below.and now the QUESTI-

   'what's the name of the tour
which metallica and g n'r started

   it's very simple,isn't it? then
grab a pen and a paper,write it
and send it to:


   in the draw,one of our readers
will win the present and get his-
her present in a short time.we're
waiting for your letters.sooo ,
do you want a song words from
DEEP PURPLE ??? i can hear your
screaming . so , don't wait and s-
tart to read marvelous(-est)trace.
first take a deep breath and keep
your mind for SMOKE ON THE WATER .

        smoke on the water
   we all came down to montreux
   on the lake geneva shoreline
   to make records with the mobile
   we didn't have muck time
   frank zappa and the mothers
   were at the best place around
   but some stupid with a flare
   burned the place to the ground

   smoke on the water,fire in the
   smoke on the water
   they burned down the gambling
   it died with an awful sound
   funk and claude was running in
                           and out
   pulling kids out on the ground
   while it was all over
   we had to find another place
   but swiss time was running out
   it seemed that we lose the race

   we ended up at the grand hotel
   it was empty , cold and bare
   with rolling truck stones thing
                      just outside
   making our music there
   with a few red lights and a few
                          old beds
   we make a place to sweat
   no matter what we get out of
   i know we'll never forget .

   (deep purple - machine dead)

   i know , you got bored , but i
don't want to finish without wri -
ting this . it is the best rockers
and songs all over the times . it
was searched by KERRANG and NUMBER
ONE FM-ENGLAND . don't wait and s-
tart to read .


          OVER THE TIMES

   4-g n'r-sweet child o'mine
   5-black sabbath-paranoid
   6-ac/dc-whole lotta roise
   7-g n'r-paradise city
   8-deep purple-smoke on the wat.
   9-motorhead-ace of spades
  10-nirvana-smells like teen spr.
  11-skid row-youth gone wild
  12-black sabbath-war pigs
  13-quenn-bohemian rhapsody
  14-faith no more-epic
  15-iron maiden-nr.of the beast
  16-lynyrd skynyrd-freebird
  17-g n'r-welcome to the jungle
  18-ac/dc-highway to hell
  20-meat loaf-bat out of hell
  21-iron maiden-hallowed by the
  22-bon jovi-livin on a-prayer
  23-metallica-fade to black
  24-g n'r-november rain
  25-skid row-18 and life
  26-deep purple-child in time
  27-metallica-master of puppets
  28-whitsnake-still of the night
  29-slayer-angel of death
  30-black sabbath-heaven and hell
  31-metallica-seek and destroy
  32-ac/dc-back in black
  33-megadeth-in my darkest hour
  34-iron maiden-the trooper
  35-ac/dc-for those about to rock
  36-g n'r-civil war
  37-iron maiden-run to the hills
  38-metallica-for whom the bell
  39-pearl jam-alive
  40-metallica-sad but true
  41-def leppard-animal
  42-megadeth-peace sells
  43-black sabbath-sabbath bloody
  44-metallica-nothing else matter
  45-bon jovi-wanted dead or alive
  46-metallica-wherever i may roam
  47-faith no more-midlife crisis
  48-ac/dc-hell's bells
  49-led zeppelin-kashmir
  50-megadeth-hangar 18

   -IRON MAIDEN is in shock . they
are too low .
   -there aren't any OZZY OSBOURNE
songs . it is really interesting .
   -it's surprise 4 LYNYRD SKYNYRD
they are too high for their quali-
   -where's the SOLDIER OF FORTUNE
   -METALLICA is kicking all roc -
kers with nine masterpiece songs .
but we didn't see THE UNFORGIVEN
in top fifty .
   -g n'r is too low for their
engraving and we didn't see DON'T
CRY in top 50 . what a shame !
   -there is no song from KISS &
ALICE COOPER . fuckin' bitch !

   ok, everything will finish in
one day . like underground scene ,
life , our scene , sadness & many
many more will be ended . but love
and this chapter will never die .
coz , god with us . don't forget !
we will meet who passes from the
way of ROCK . (hz.mali)

   . . .and the gods agreed that
finishing to
           ROCK MANIA
for this month . . .

          (damned son of the god)
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