Splash 15 ch26 The Talkshow

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   hello all our readers! welcome
to a NEW and SPECIAL chapter in
your favourite magazine.i'm glad
to say that this is a totaly new
idea.by the way i must also say
that i have never seen a chapter
like this in any magazine.so i ho-
pe nobody attacks once more this

   now,you may ask me what's this
chapter's contentment? as you see
from the title,it is a talk-show,i
mean it is a conversation,a chat.
yes,in turkiye in tv channels it's
a fashion to have some programmes
called talk-shows.i'm sure that
the television's in your country
do the same.in these shows the aim
is nearly same.a very talkative
showmen present the show,he welco-
mes some famous persons and ask
them some questions about general
things,their life,new projects etc
the main AIM of these shows are to
make the watchers funny,happy and
about the subjects.

   after some thoughts while axl
was visiting us we agreed to make
a talkshow like this.you may say
that although it's name is talk-
show we are making a write-show.
indeed we made a talk-show.how? we
(falcon,axl,beetlejuice) meet at
my place and put an empty audio-
cassette in the tape.then we star-
ted to make the show and we recor-
ded our chat to the cassette.then
after it has finished we rewinded
it to the back and started to wri-
te down what we talked.and in the
coming lines you will read what we
have done.

   the REAL important thing accor-
ding to me is that this record is
the true-words we have said from
our heart and without any prepara-
tion.and i think this gives a kind
of speciality to this chapter.also
i don't want to start without ma-
king one point clearer.every talk-
show has a kind of comedian in it
like having a guest.we also tried
to have a speciality like that to.

   last before starting i want to
say that i will be very happy if
you also do the similar records in
every kind of subject and send the
talkshow of yourself to us.to tell
the truth i don't think that some-
one will do it.but if you do i'll
be really glad.ok,now let's intro-
duce you who did what and  then
start the show.

 AXL:he directed this show.

 FALCON:i was the guest for this

 BEETLEJUICE:guess what he made!

   ok,the real start has come.just
read and enjoy the talkshow  of
this month.

  a:hello falcon and beetlejuice
welcome to this show.how did you
started with the scene?

  f:many years ago,when i was a
small sweet child...heh,back  to
reality.more or less it was  in
1988,i started with packing intros
in front of the games by  using
intro-makers.also i was working in
a computer shop from the day i had
bought my c64.then i thought to
write some letters to some other
guys.i also had some friends who
were doing this.i don't know that
if we are still friends now...one
day when i was sitting in the shop
a guy entered the shop.he said he
was the ventor of the joker crew.
at that time tjc was the best of
turkiye.i really was happy and i
asked some intro-makers and some
other stuff from him and he became
the first contact of me.and after
this i entered the scene.

  a:well,can you remember how we
meet first?

  f:i couldn't remember the worst
moment of my life so cleary.

  bj:i remember it now how i int-
roduced with falcon.i advice you
not to be friend with him...heh!

  f:hey,what i have done to you?

  b:only nothing!50 whips,several

  f:eh,is it so easy to be an acy

  a:hey palz!i started the words
but you are interrupting me...

  bj:i don't care,it's nothing to
me.now i'll talk about hoe we meet
one day,to stake out the chip(the
shop that falcon works) i entered
the shop.my aim was to sell an old
game called 'after the war' to the
chip.i think it was 1989.at that
moment falcon also entered there
and he insulted me by saying me
'lame'.then we didn't see each ot-
her for a long time.then we meet
again.at that time falcon was a
member of accuracy.we started to
talk.sometime later he said to me
he was too alone in ankara and as-
ked me to join.of'course i accep-
ted.then golem also joined as a
third c64'en in ankara.

  f:how did we meet with you,axl?

  a:i went to buy some new games
to chip.then our friendship became
closer.i all the time wanted some
intro-makers from you but you do
not give me any.then after  some
days you said me that 'if you buy
a diskdriver,i'll give you my int-
romakers.i bought my drive in the
morning of the next day and came
to you.then our friendship really
increased and we came to the posi-
tion of today.

  f:now i wonder if had a cold re-
ception to you.

  a:now,let's change the subject.
what's your opinion about the cur-
rent scene falcon?

  f:i still love the scene so i'm
still continue my activities.al-
though lots of surroundings laug-
hed at me when they saw me working
in front of my c64.all of them ask
if i'm still using it.

  a:really true statement.i also
can't understand why they make fun
with the users of c64.for example,
we enter a shop and then a talking
about coding etc. starts immediat-
ly.i say that we are producing a
mag and everybody asks me if it is
on 64 or on amiga.when i say 64,
generally i get an answer like'bah
...i thought....'

  bj:you're right but this scene
will continue if there's still new
coming games.

  f:although the scene dies,i do
not believe that friendship will
die.if i leave the scene one day,
i want to continue as letter fri-
ends with most of my contacts.

  a:you said friendship and i re-
membered something.in the past,we
were good friends with some guys
in ankara.but then these people
got a generosity-complex by time
and changed very much.to tell the
truth once a time i was really
proud of for some of these guys

  bj:...because we are the members
of the same nation,isn't it true?

  a:of'course you're right.every-
body is in need of each other.but
in such a position,i don't under-
stand this cold-war.

  f:i also...

  a:stop!but i want to say that a
real friend can't end a friendship
with such small things.

  b:you're right.if the important
point is the development,i don't
think that this's the right way.by
the way i want to say that there's
no relationship with this subject
and my shoe-number.


  a:who're the best friends of you
let me ask.

  f:if we look to the subject from
friendship i really love all my
swap-partners and my group mates,
also THE BOSS.ok,it's just a joke!
but if you ask me to show an ideal
person then i'll show you derby-
shire ram.


  f:he's one of the oldest guys
but he's a very amiable,friendly
and really mature.another point
now.i was also a fan of aslive and
baze.i still can't understand how
he managed to write such long let-
ters to all of his contacts.today
i really admire tbb,airwolf and
incubus.especially incubus is  a
very active swapper of today.he
all the time writes long personals
send lots of photos with quality-

  b:before my start i wanna thank
to falcon for accepting me to the
group,golem for his closeness and
axl for being nothing.ah,your sym-
pathy is enough axl.pardon me,this
was a big lie!

  a:enough beetejuice!don't talk
more.by the way i have heard that
your home is on fire....

  b:heh!ok,falcon.let's forget axl
and talk together.which magazine
do you like much nowadays?

  f:today we have several magazi-
nes that i can't count now.of'co-
urse it's too hard too read all
of them.but i want to say that i
don't like anti-mags.because their
only aim is to attack.there're so-
me funny attack-jokes but i can't
say that they are a magazine.

  a:well,what's your opinion about

  f:it's one of the oldest magazi-
ne.i have the most of this mags'
issues.also i have the issues when
internal was a single-filed mag.i
keep them because it was the first
magazine that we entered the chart

  a:what's your opinion about the
problem caused by our review and
internal? my opinion is that the
boss' review must be taken as a

  f:i totally agree with you.this
must be taken as only a critic not
an attack.

  bj:some guys in the scene are
attacking each other with stupid
reasons commenting that you ripped
this from us etc.well we7re trying
to do our best and the reactions
we got direct us.there's no reason
not to do the things that our rea-
ders ask.i don't understand the
wars because of such reasons.

  a:now let's return to normal li-
fe and talk about the future.

  bj:more than one
     more than two
     more than threee
     more thaaaan foouuur

  a:stop it!don't lose yourself!

  bj:mooorreee thaaan fiiveee
     mooooorrreeee thaaann siiixxx


  f:i'll finish university next
year and i'll be an electronical
engeneer.but i don't know what'll
i do after that.

  a:and you trouble beetle!

  bj:when i grove,i'll be a truck
driver.as you know sometimes elvis
was a truck driver too.to talk the
reality if i interested in art,i
must do it for money.but if it do-
esn't happen,i'll interested in

  a:i think that we now stop this
conversation as the cassette is
coming too its end.

  f:ok,i hope that all will like

  bj:when will be the next one? i
couldn't interrupt it too much,heh

   yes palz!the end of this talk-
show has came to its end.i hope
that we will also be able to pre-
sent this chapters in the coming
issues too.i thibk it is nice.if
you want to make a show like that
but can't find the energy in your
body then what about sending us
your recordings after the confe-
rances in modem lines?

   i hope that you liked this part
i edited this part but the idea
was all of us,axl,bj and me.we'll
be very happy if you agree that it
was also nice.now please return to
the menu and select another chap-
ter from our long menu.

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