Splash 15 ch22 Peace Sells

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   oh my god,are there some people
that can understand this very  fa-
mous 'new world order'? that's in
fact nothing more than 'new world
order of exploite!' fuck...

   take a look at the europe...in
the middle of the 'most civilized'
continent,the serbians are massac-
ring the bosnians and everybody is
just watching!
   the thing the serbs are doing
are not a bit different than those
of nazis,only the players have ch-
anged,the roles stay the same...

   yes,the bosnians are being des-
troyed(yes,destroyed!) just  beca-
use their religion is different!!
can your stomach handle this? mine
can not! this is fashizm,racism or
what ever you call it but the max-
imum amount dishumanizm that can
be applied.that is disqusting...

   is there anyone that can not
remember the gulf war? is there
anyone that can not remember the
reasons...now please try to compa-
re the situations in kuwait and i-
raq...is there a difference? yes,
there's a differnce: the poor peo-
ple in bosnia could not escape  a-
way like the wealthy arabians and
certainly the conditions that the
bosnians face are much worse in
   so if the situation is worse in
bosnia,then why does the united
nations and the united stated do
not move their asses to make some-
thing effective?

   well,because there's no petrol
in bosnia!!!

   so,why should they do something
that the usa won't gain a shit!
of course they will move,when all
the people die and their bodies
turn into oil under the soil.but
then it will be too late...


   take a look at germany.i will
never understand why racizm is so
much popular than in other country
in the world.they aren't the only
country with a lot of foreigners,
but they are the ones to dislike
them most! just take a look at the
activities of the neo-nazis in ro-
stock! i just can not understand
how they were so cruel to kill in-
nocent people just because they
were turks!..this is disqusting!

   of course,in fact the nazis are
the very minority but the german
goverment tolerated really too mu-
ch to those suckers! the price of
it was the murder of three innoce-
nt people.they woke up when the
majority reacted extremely negati-
ve(thanks to the real germans!)
but it was again too late.a hope,
that this kind of things will be
much less in the future...

    then turn to africa.the people
of somali are starving to death
while we are throwing half of the
food on our plates to the dustbin!
they are experiencing a period of
great hunger because of the civil
war that is done with no reason at
all.just the personal profits of
their leaders and that's all! sad,
or what?

   in the past,there were battles
between nations,countries.and in
our great new world order,we have
a new way,civil wars...
   so,new world order? thanks,i
won't take it!

 look at your young men fighting,
 look at your women crying,
 look at your young men dying,
 the way they've always done bfore

 look the hate we are breeding,
 look at the fear we are feeding
 look at the lives we are leading
 the way we've always done before

 my hands are tied,
 billions shift from side to side
 and wars go on with brain washed
 pride,with no love of god or
 human rights
 and all things are swept aside
 by bloody hands time can't deny
 and washed away by genocide
 history hides the lies of our
 civil wars.
 i don't need your civil war,
 it feeds the rich while it buries
 the poor,
 your power hungry selling soldi-
 ers in a human grocery store
 ain't that fresh,
 i don't need your civil war

 look at the blood we are bleeding
 look at the world we are killing
 the way we've always done before.
 look at the leaders we follow,
 look at the lives we swallow
 and i don't need your civil war,

         civil war/guns n' roses

    this chapter was written not 2
fill the disk,but to wake some pe-
ople that may still be sleeping...

              the boss/accuracy!
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