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          DEMO REVIEW

  yep dudes! it's the allmighty
mr.dj on the keyz. as you can read
i wrote 'review' and not 'reviews'
and i should give my excuses for
it. but i have some reasons...
firstly i'm tired like hell, it's
two o'clock in the morning and
tomorrow i have to go to my lovely
(!) school. and the worst thing is
i have still a hell of work to do.
anyway, i grab my disks to found
a new demo and while i just start-
ed swapping again i can give you
only one demo... coma light sqr.71
from the wellknown group OXYRON.

  ok, so let's give it a kick and
start. first i wanna mention that
this demo only exist of 4 parts.
but the quality is as good as all
the other oxyron demos. well, give
it more details...

   the intro: hmm, i can't under-
stand such a low coded intro for
such a high coded demo?! on the
intro screen you can see a not
well painted picture logo with a
sprite moving on. nothing more is
going on. except the muzak but i
think i don't have to mention it
here and all in the other parts.

   part one: it includes a 2560
plot scroll. but of-coz not all
plots would shown at da same time.
nothing more is on da screen so ya
can admit that the design is a bit

   part two: an amazing fill vec-
tor routine rules in this part.
what can i say more than cool!

   part three: hmm, 4096 plots in
a big ball is shown. as i don't
have the time to examine the rout-
ine i don't know if there's a fake
routine in it. so i can't give mo-
re comment on this part. anyway,
real great!

   part 4: and the last part came
so soon. in this part you can see
a fill vector object with 2 small
others moving on it. this part is
very good coded for the end.

   well, all in all i can say do
not miss the demo and watch it for
yourself too. my rating for this
demo is 75 out of 100. when you as
k from where they lost the 25 po-
ints, it's from the design and
muzax. oxyron is working too much
and i think they deserves to be
higher in the charts.

   ok guys, now i am about to es-
cape. don't take this chapter 2
serious coz it's only full with my
options. if you wanna get your
demo reviewed write to my addy you
can find the contact corner.

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