Splash 15 ch15 We Want It

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   hello all scene-lovers! yeah,i
started with these words because i
know that all of you love our sce-
ne.if not then why are you reading
this mag,eh? as everybody knows o-
ur computer hobby takes most of o-
ur time.but although this fact we
have other hobbies as we can say
one of them is sport.i am sure all
of you like sports.now,we want to
take some time of you because we
want to make you know something.
yes,now we'll try to take you away
from the scene for a short time.
because now i will edit an article
releated with 2000 olimpics which
was written by AXL.interesting?
then here it is:

            we want it

   hello to everybody!this month i
will talk about a different sub-
ject.i'll tell you about the rea-
sons of why we want to be the hou-
seholder of 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES.of'
course my article will not be re-
leated with poilitics or fanatics.

   as you know,sport-world is pre-
paring himself for a very big won-
derful organization,the 2000 olym-
pic games.today there are three
strong applicants for this organi-
zation;china,greece and of'course
turkiye.but,we the turks have lots
of special reasons for this orga-
nization.our first reason is that
we want to prove ourselves to all
the world.do you ask why? now,most
of the countries in the world have
some wrong images and thoughts a-
bout turkiye and turkish people.
the things that we could  learn
from the tourists visiting our co-
untry cause us to feel terrible.
because they were thinking that o-
ur women are sold with money or
couldn't marry with the men they
want.we only laughed at these tho-
ughts.but when we heard that our
men were taken to go to worship
hardly by the police,we were real-
ly afraid off.what a wrong idea a-
bout us!then we thought that 2000
olympics must be in turkiye and we
must approve ourselves to all.

   the second reason is that we've
the capacity of being able to do
this organization.we have  large
stadiums and closed sport-areas.
but now we are preparing some pro-
jects including olympic villages
and larger stadiums.

   our third reason is that all
turkiye want this from our heart.
yeah,we are making plans and pre-
paritions for this organiztion.an
example?here is one.we made a con-
tract with michael jackson.if the
2000 olimpics takes place in is-
tanbul then michael jackson will
take the responsibility of the mu-
sics and the show.

   fourth and the major reason is
that we want to introduce you with
our traditions and we want to show
you our hospitability.then what're
you waiting for? please help us
and feel happy.all the things for


   i think some decisions started
to take place in your mind.so what
are you waiting for.try to help us
for this organization.
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