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   stop spreading originals and
          then what...?!?

   hey friends,here i am with you,
with another opinion poll type
corner.this time i won't directly
write an article on a subject but
i'll say my thoughts about an ar-
ticle which was published in anot-
her mag.

   the article i'm talking about
is the one which was was written
leated with not spreading the ori-
ginals.yes,i think all of you re-
membered it.dear remix wrote his
ideas in this article and asked to
stop original spreading.as  this
world is a free one everyone can
easily say his thoughts to every-
body.after reading it,some thought
appeared in my mind and now i want
to tell them to you.

   first of all,i want to start
with a summary of remix's article.
he wrote that there are two kinds
of cracking groups.the dependent
and independent ones.if the inde-
pendent big names of cracking stop
spreading originals then there're
two ways for the others.one  of
them is start producing demos,ga-
mes and stop cracking.and the ot-
her one is to buy the originals
from the company.this second way
will be a profit for the companies
and the first one will set groups
a course which is being more crea-
tive.with this method the several
versions of the same game  will
decrease and it will be just like
amiga-scene,a too less amount of
versions of a game.

   after this summary i think i
can start with it now.yes,as you
see this was another article which
was complaining about too  much
cracking and recommending another
solution to this problem.up to now
i have read too many articles that
say the cracking is giving harm to
this scene and the only way for o-
ur scene to survive is the legal
scene.in all of these articles the
main idea is to stop cracking the-
se one-filed games and start co-
ding something.but some others al-
so wrote some more articles which
say that cracking is the cause of
starting of this scene and this
scene will survive until the com-
panies stop producing new games.

   here i don't want to discuss
this point too much but i want to
mention something.i'm not sure but
eh..i think it was in BR.RECALL,
yes if i am not mistaken i read an
article which was talking about a
point which cracking gives harm to
the scene.the reason was that lots
of groups crack and spread their
crax everywhere.then little kids
could easily get these crax  and
don't pay anymore on originals.so
companies slowly stop releasing
new games as they can't get a nice

   yes,i think this is right.most
group spread their cracks to their
contacts and also to the guys who
are living in the same town,city
or country.so the selling-rate of
the originals decreases immediatly
software companies try their chan-
ces with new games but they every
time see the risks.so they either
decrease their amount of new games
or start to produce low budget ga-
mes which don't need too much time
and money to produce and which al-
so cost not too much for the cus-
tomers.but this time what happens?
because of the bad quality of the
games,the number of the volunteers
of these games are decreases.noone
interested in the c64 as they see
the products in amiga or in pc.so
i think we must stop spreading the
crax to the everyone we know.OFCOZ
we must spread it to the sceners,
what's the aim of the cracking!but
i think we musn't spread it to all
the guys near us in our  living
place.as you see i'm completely
agree with the article in the br.

   now we have came to the MAIN
thing that i want to talk about in
this chapter.i have made an intro-
duction with the summaries of the
articles up to today and now  i
want to comment on remix's article

   at first i must say that i ag-
ree that there are two kinds of
cracking groups.the big names of
cracking who can supply themselves
the newest originals by the help
of their members or friends in the
software companies and the ones
who are dependent to these big na-
mes.everybody knows the importance
of the first releases in the crack
scene.so the dependent groups have
no chance to make a first release.
we can see its effect so easily in
the charts as we can't see the de-
pended groups in the first places
of the charts.it's so normal.but
what these groups try to enter the
charts? they try to crack quality
as their only chance is this to
enter the charts.so most of the
time first-releases aren't the o-
nes that have the most quality.af-
ter you wait for a week or so from
the first release of a game,you
can easily find a better version
of this game.

   i think i'm a right person to
write such an article as ACCURACY
is a depended  cracking group.no,
as you know we AREN'T only a crack
group but also a demo group too.
some of you may be ask us why we
are cracking although we are de-
pendent in cracking.its  answer is
simple.the only reason for us to
be dependent in cracking is that
there is no software companies in
turkiye.yes,if you don't have a
company for c64 in your country
then this means that you don't ha-
ve a chance to make a first relea-
se and you are dependent to the o-
riginals that are sended by your
friends in other countries.we are
now the only group in turkiye
which is alive for 4 years in the
c64 scene.up to this time we rele-
ased some demos in which there we-
re cool routines and gfx,we are
trying to release a quality maga-
zine(guess what's it,heh he!) and
of'course we want to take a place
in cracking scene.it has a special
reason.we are the only cracking
group ever in turkiye and we want
to represent turkiye also in crac-
king.our only aim is to represent
as i have said although the lots
of problems we faced with.of'coz
everybody can discuss our cracks
speed or quality but we try to do
the best we can do with the speed
and the quality.and i don't think
that we are too bad.but this is
not the thing that i wanna say.now
i want from you something.please
just yourself in a scene in which
there is nothing called as origi-
nal swapping.please go on reading
and i want to show you some facts.

   you want to continue cracking
but you can't find originals from
swapping.then what will happen?
of'course you will try to find the
new ways of getting the originals.
one of your chance is buying them.
buying them but from where? from
the company or from an independent
ruling cracking group? yes,don't
say me that independent groups
won't sell any games to other guys
i'm sure they will.you can see its
example in our current scene,just
look to the original selling ser-
vice of red sector inc today.

   in a scene like we image,these
big names will sell their origis
after they have first-released it.
why not selling? who can  reject
the offers of money? everyone in
this scene wants to have a money
supply for the requirements of his
group.so the trade starts immedi-
atly.it's for sure that these gro-
ups will offer their customers a
lower prize from the companies.be-
cause all the money they get will
be a profit for them.

   yes,we have looked to the point
from the side of selling.now let's
look from the customers position.
of'course there will be some guys
who buy these originals? why not
buying? this is the only way,pri-
zes are not high as the companies,
buying the originals from these
groups will be more faster  than
buying it from a shop.all things
are more available than buying it
from a company.so the money will
flow to these ruling groups and
not to the companies.so it won't
be a profit for the software pro-

   also that's not all the things
that could happen.more will follow
that.just like a thing like that
will probably happen.the group XXX
starts selling to originals with a
cool speed.then the group YYY sees
that xxx are earning very good sa-
lary so they also immediatly try
to get the customers of xxx.what's
the way of it? perhaps,they will
try to sell more hotter originals.
or may be they decrease their pri-
zes of originals.so some customers
normally leave xxx alone and start
to trade with the group yyy.

   when xxx sees that this move
from yyy,what will they do? of'coz
they will start some rumours  or
argues or even start a war against
the group yyy.so we come to  the
beginning of a scene in which no-
body loves nobody.why nobody?beca-
use although at first the depen-
dent group think that buying ori-
ginals are available,but by time
frienship between the two sides a-
re waste anyway because it's no
doubt that when money incomes in a
relationship then the releations
immediatly becomes chilly.at the
end we reach to a scene in which
everyone can do everything to gain
a profit from something.i'm sure
that too much bad things will hap-
pen.guys may be do some unfriendly
behaviours to their group members
too.yes,the money could easily ru-
in the friendship.

   would all of these worth fri-
endship? i mean of'coz the amounts
of cracks will not much as like in
current scene but it's for sure
that the frienship will not be li-
ke that too.what will you prefer?
the decreased cracks or the friend

   let's give another event that
can take place in such a scene.in
this scene big groups will spread
their cracks while dependent ones
will spread their demos,mags or
etc.of'course there will be lots
of friendships between the swap
partners.just think two of them.
x is a member of a ruling cracker
group and y is a member of the ot-
her group.x and y are good friends
and in every letter their friend-
ship goes on or even increases.one
day y wants to crack again so he
wants some originals from x.what
will x do? at first he will refuse
his friend y but he also won't be
happy for that.then after some ti-
me y wants origis again.this time
what happens.to decrease or end
the sadness on himself,x sends so-
me origis to y.but he asks from y
not to say it to anyone or spread
it around.y agrees this as the ga-
ined what he want.but it is also
obvious that this secret will not
live so long.one day will come and
everything will be understood.so
think about what would you do if
you have a member who spread ori-
ginals without saying to you.sure
your releations will effected so
badly and the frienship again des-
troyed because of such silly ori-

   may be you will say that i'm
too dramatic.may be i am but i'm
also sure that such things i have
talked about will happen.also an-
other point which i have not men-
tioned.may be some guys will fall
into a depression for not being
able to find the originals.so per-
haps they will satisfy themselves
with recracking and ripping,who

   at last i want to say my conc-
lusion.i'm sorry that i also spent
lots of words as i have started
with a general review but i think
i made you to think about some mo-
re points.i don't think that it's
a good idea for our scene's survi-
ve,to stop spreading originals.if
you ask me which scene would you
prefer,i will give my answer   as
today's scene without thinking.be-
cause although several versions of
the same game arrive my post-box,
although the shitty games i got,
although there are too much crack
groups in our scene,one thing is
clear so bright.and this's is:

     i love this scene all!

   and i will fight till its end
to all kind of enemies that could
easily give harm to this scene.all
of the sceners aim must be trying
to create a better scene without
causing any harm.this must be our
DUTY! nothing else.

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