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   i feel the honour of presenting
you a chapter which is full of the
latest news around and i want to
say to all of you that WELCOME.yes
we are together with in another
news part in another issue and i
again tried to collect the latest
news for you.i'm sure that you'll
like this chapter but i want to a-
polgize for if we have any mistake
or wrong info in an event or so.
then what you must do is simple.
just send the correction to  our
world-famous addy,we will correct
it in the next issue.you know our
addy very well but i want to give
it to you once more before star-
ting with the news.if you love our
magazine and want to help us then
please try to send the latest news
or rumours that re happening near
you to:


   i can start with it now.just go
on reading and look at what happe-
ned lately in our scene.

  -the first bbs ever for c64 in
turkiye is about to open in these
days. so accuracy will get a whq
called FIRE'S FOUNTAIN. the number
isn't sure yet so look in the up-
coming crax from us. the bbs will
store all acy warez (of-coz) and

  -kadem and falcon(ed:that's me)
bought pc's.kadem started to code
on pc so he will decrease his code
activities on 64.falcon sold his
amiga to sleepwalker and bought a
386 dx-40.he started to swap on pc
while sleepwalker started to swap
on amiga but both of them won't
leave the scene.

  -accuracy memberstatus changed a
lot as we lost and gained   some
members.PINA left accuracy to join
DEATH while NEWCOMMER left to join
new group EQUINOXE.MATEUS and DO-
MINATOR left the 64 scene and went
to the amiga.STORM SHADOW joined
our forces as a swapper and paper
gfxer while FRENCH FLAIR joined in
as a graphician.

  -MR.DJ started to swap again.al-
so mr.dj,steve and dozo has a new
shared plk now.just get in in the
contact corner.

  -DARKWIND and SHOCKWAVE/accuracy
sold their c64 and left the scene.
they bought pc now.

  -THE TRENDY DEALER/arm bought an
amiga 2000 and he also started to
swap on this machine.

  -OZONE will start a new magazine
under the name SKYHIGH soon.

  -GABRIEL/the force returned to
the scene and started to publish
his old magazine coolface.

  -MECHANIX 2124 was rebuilded and
started cracking.

  -LARRY left legacy and now he is
groupless.he don't think to join a
group now but he will go on his
swap activities.

  -ROGER/gp(an old scener) lost
his life in an accident.he drank
too much and then tried to return
his home with his bycycle.but he
couldn't go on and fell down on
the street.then a car came with a
very high speed and ....rest in

  -SCOW and CEVIN left extacy to
join VISION and they took their
mag with them.but they changed its
name.the new name of mirage is now
CULTURE.JAYCE(ex-dom,arcade) and
DECANE joined vision also.decane
left epic and wasn't kicked out.
the coop between genetix and visi-
on was splitted.

  -after the leaving of cevin and
scow the new leader of extacy is

  -MANIAX gained some members like
jive(ex-titron) as cracker,elwood,
mr.fantasy,joe(all ex-motion) as
coders.but cory and manopla stoped
most of their computer activities
and they will probably quit the

  -KIK/trinomic left the scene be-
cause of his school and he gave
all his contacts to his brother
dr.j/the force.

  -YEDO left ozone to join HEART-
BEAT as a coder and swapper while
spratt left as he can't afford for
a new drive.

  -YAZOO/oxyron seems to be back
in the scene.

  -SMD left epic to be a lonely
gfx label but MARIE joined lately
as a female-gfx artist.

  -SUNRISE will soon release an
anti-nazi demo from a music from

  -all australian section of the
force was kicked out for lazyness
and lameness.

  -GOREFEST/acrise left acrise be-
cause of their inactivity and joi-
ned PROXYON.proxyon will start re-
leasing their mag flashback soon.

  -black samurai and chyper left
jam to join game producing group
fashion d.black samurai changed
his handle into jim.jam kicked out
drowsy because of this lazyness.

  -JACK ALIEN left legacy because
he was bored of this group.he joi-
ned chromance but then he left and
joined the guys in X-RATED.

  -MAC SYSTEMS joined PROXYON as a
second group but he is still in

  -COMIC PIRATES got an austrian
member called THE WANDERER.

  -DARKLORD joined red sector inc.
but left after sum days to join

  -ICARUS/red sector inc. got his

  -SECURE is dead.two members will
continue on pc under the same name
'secure' but infact secure is to-
tally dead.jayce,merlin/epic and
mace/ex-secure are thinking of bu-
ilding up a new group,strictly de-
mo.also mace/ex-secure will move
his house and change his addy soon

GENETIX as a second group but they
are in ENTROPY too.

  -after the death of the group
fantasia,ex-fantasia and viper mem
bers built a new group called as
EQUINOXE.the will soon release a
demo called fuel.also the mag dy-
nasty is dead for sure.the new mag
of equinoxe is INGENIOUS BRAIN.

  -DMC/GENETIX quitted the scene
on 18.2.1993.so genetix also is
dead now.

  -all wtg members joined the u.k.
group ENTROPY along with REVHEAD/

  -rumours say that talent won't
crack anymore games for the 64 but
will be still active on the us bo-
ards running the bbs 'down by law'

  -NUKE/ex-curve joined DEATH.de-
ath will release a new magazine
called BRAIN WASH.also LEXA chan-
ged his handle into WANDERER.

  -JUNKIE/astral left astral to
join INTRUDERS and mystic arts.

  -MARKSMAN was kicked out of prox
yon while MURPHY left loa to join
in as a cracker and swapper.

  -OLLIE/pride/cadgers joined the
guys in CHROMANCE as a cracker and

  -SECTION 8 is dead now after its
rebuilt 4 months ago.all members
except the original member mark,
builded up SACRED now.the reason
was that they couldn't get what
they want with this group.

  -X-FACTOR was rebuilded  and
start to crack again.

  -SILICON LTD. kicked out some
members for their lazyness.these
members were:topic,ep,slam,uncle-x
rainbow warrior,sandwich,dr.will,
marco.they also dropped some board
too.they started to publish a mag.

  -COLLECTOR/ex-ikv/ex-the force

  -MR.MISTER/trance has got his
modem now.

  -RADICAL/amnesia joined ASTRAL
as a second group.also MEGA MADNES
will be released again.

  -CLIFF/sunrise quitted the scene
while SIR MANIAC joined sunrise as
a mail and modem trader.also VEC-
TOR/ex-varsity and ADAM T.A. joi-
ned sunrise.sunrise has now an own
bbs.reach it with XXXXXXXXXXXX

  -the real truth about MAJIC 12
is as follows.there is a double
leadership.appearantly majic 12
had been dead for a time,when cryp
todancer thought of rebuilding the
group.however speedy doesn't admit
the death of majic 12,so he states
himself as the leader.cryptodancer
made others join in when he wanted
to revive majic 12.speedy doesn't
approve them as majic 12 members,
saying that he(speedy)is the lea-
der and he never wanted them  to
join.so as you can see debates o-
riginate from the inability  of
compromission between cryptodancer
ans speedy.they both regard them-
selves as leaders.so the news sa-
ying '.....were majic 12 members.
that's a lie' is not a lie.but an

  -TWIST left dominators due to
internal conflicts.also IDOL and
JANEC stopped their activities.EC-
CO and SPIDERMAN rejoined x-factor
so the current members left in dom
and tricket.

  -BRUTAL and DUNEX are now in co-
operation and they started to re-
lease coop cracks.

  -HERCULES and FREDDY left heart-
beat to join the rebuilded XFACTOR
ACE is also back again and he is
in the x-factor too.

  -cst was kicked out of nirvana.

   these were all the latest news
that arrived us.of'course we can
have some mistakes in these news.
so if you see a mistake then just
correct us and we'll be very happy
also please all the time try to
send your latest news to us.now it
is time for you to select a new
chapter to go on your big journey
in this magazine.

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