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   well,well,well...here we go  a-
gain for another issue of the  aw-
ful mag.the awful,the naughty and
the brilliant splash welcomes you
again! hello!!!

   for us,this issue has a  very
special meaning.because now,it has
been one long year since we have
turned our mag's name into splash
and brought it to you for the fir-
st time.along this one year we ha-
ve been able to bring you 6 -some
good,some better- issues and sure
we feel the right to cry out:

  H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y

          S P L A S H

   this has been quite a succesful
year for us as at last people seem
to have recognised our existence!!
people did not only recognise us,
but also regarded our mag with th-
eir votes that it no more is a su-
rprise to see ourselves through da
top ten of any magazine...and here
it's right time to express our fe-
elings of thanksgivings.
   so this issue of splash is  es-
pecially dedicated to all splash
readers that have stuck us through
all the fucking shit!

       T H A N K    Y O U !

           WE LOVE YOU !

   after this little but meaning-
ful start now let's talk about the
contenment of this issue.at first
we must say that we are very proud
to bring you a FULL DISK issue in
the 1st anniversary of splash.of-
course it's not mean that we wrote
what we found to increase the num-
ber of blocks and release this ma-
gazine as a full disk one.first of
all we must say that we all agreed
to release a full disk issue,as we
are releasing it in a special time
so it must be different from  a
classical and normal issue.perhaps
you may please us with saying that
we all the time increase the qua-
lity(we must thank you all) but
this time we must not only think
the quality-improvement but also
some more specialities for this
private issue.

   and now we can say that we have
probably managed this.well,perhaps
you may think that we are too ar-
rogant but please don't say like
this before reading this issue.we
are presenting this chapter as the
first chapter in every issue as
normally but i'm not sure that you
read it as first.(perhaps second
after the charts,eh?) but if you
follow the order in the menu then
after every chapter you will agree
me more.yes,it is for sure that to
be arrogant is not a good specia-
lity but someone must also show
what he have done with some words
full of words of compliment after
his exhausting occupation.

   yeah,i didn't start with the
hard works etc. but the words took
me again to the same point.so now
i don't want to pass it without
spending some words.although mag-
editors will understand us better
than a normal person,i think  e-
verybody could easily see how much
we worked for this issue.you will
find a detailed narration of the
events took place in another spe-
cial corner.yes,i think now i must
really start telling the contents
as you probably start to be bored.

   in this issue we have some new
and probably the first-time ever
chapters in this issue.one of them
is called as TALKSHOW which you'll
find an interesting conversation.
and another part is ready for the
puzzle-freaks.yes,first time in a
magazine we are proud to present
you the SCENE-PUZZLE in this maga-
zine.also some special music parts
and some suprises are present in
this full issue of splash.some co-
mics,songs etc. are also present
in this issue.

   the new chapter which we star-
ted in the previous issue known as
personalities also attracted at-
tention and in this issue we have
3 seperate chapters of personali-
ties.i think the real lovers  of
friendship will enjoy and support

   in every magazine i think that
there must be also some articles
which make the reader think about.
so in this issue we also have se-
veral articles too in which also
the boss tries to defence himself
against the wrong understandings
or useless unfriendly attacks.so
we all ask you to read it special-
ly.also we have another topic re-
leated with the war between JERRY/
triad and HIBISCH/ex-hitmen.this
chapter was written by hibisch
himself in which he tries to clear
some points.i also posted a letter
to jerry and i asked him to write
a part of his own but still i did
not get a reply.perhaps in  the
next issue.(hey,jerry are you rea-
ding these lines?) if so please do
it as i want to release a objecti-
ve mag but of'course it can be ea-
sily discussed how much it is ob-

   also we have the normal parts
in every magazine has.if you say
this normal,then we have a chart
section which was obtained after
counting more than 130 votesheets
(of'coz 1 vs from 1 person per is-
sue),3 parts of full of addies,re-
views of the latest demos and an
advertisement of a party which wil
take place in the end of april.

   the interviews of this issue
were done by AIRWOLF/SUCCESS and
RRR/OXYRON so i'm sure that you'll
like them as they are full of qua-
lity questions and topics.

   yes,if i go on telling about
more of the contents then i will
reach to the end lines of this
chapter too as we still have more
and more chapters which i couldn't
managed to talk about until this
minute.but i think it will be bet-
ter for you to learn it as your
journey in the dark lines of this
mag goes on.

   lastly i want to give you the
credits of this issue of splash
which can be easily accepted as a
MEGASPLASH.we are not sure if we
can manage once more to release an
issue such this but time will show
this to all of us.but never forget
one point that we can't produce
anything if we don't see any sup-
port from you.yes,now the credits
of this issue,splash #15,the mega-

g'n'r gfx.............french flair
music 1 (exclusive)....guy shavitt
other musics.......mr.mouse,mateus
sprites in puzzle.............cube
co-editors.....the boss,axl,mr.dj,
thanx to mr.brain coz he has eaten
hi brain by designing the puzzle!

   and last here is the our well-
known addy once more.for your help
and all matters that are releated
with splash then don't hesitate
and write to:


   yes,now i think you are ready
for a new issue of splash.perhaps
most of you started to enjoying
the other chapter looooong ago and
have no idea what's written in the
end of this chapter but i want to
end this corner with this state-
ment.we will be very happy if we
can make you to pass good time by
laughing or by thinking! because:


           S C E N E !

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