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Lights, camera - ACTION...

Yes, welcome to another trip into the world of the wacko Bizman.. Lot's of things happend all the time. This time I would like to take you on a trip through various subjects. So grab your gear and let us get started - Yieee haaaaaahr...

Yappa dappa ding dong. I got the feeling that the previous issue of this magazine shook up quite some persons in the scene today. Especially my former group member RRR.

Well what can I say!!! I declared that he was kicked out of Oxyron. Apperently this isn't true. Hm, strange Coz I were there when the letter was written to him. I've tried to get in touch with the Oxy hq, but I have not succeded so far. I have left messages and sent them some sendings, but zip.. So I really don't understand what is going on. I've seen some notes from Timo saying that I might not understand the German nor the English language and that should be a part of the explanation. Well so far I haven't had much problems in that direction. BUT.. Maybe there has been some kind of mix-up. Maybe I interpreted his note wrong. Maybe it didn't mean that I was kicked just because he erased my name from the memberlist (erhm??) and maybe I was a bit too pissed off, to see the reality. Well I really do not know. But I know, that I do feel bad about spreading false rumours. No matter whether the relationship between me and RRR are good or bad, doesn't make it right to spread lies about eachother. So Timo if you see this (I think you do!), please accept my apology for spreading rumours saying that you were kicked. I still don't want to rag on your,nor do I want to get into any stupid wars. I got the feeling that it is the same thing with you. All I really want to, is to forget all about this stupid incident and continue my work as I used to. Things got out of hand, and now I think it's time to put an end to it. So Timo if you have anything to say/add then please mail it to me and I will bring it next time - ok! Still the best of luck to you...

Well in the meantime I have talked to Graham/Oxyron who told me that it was true; RRR wasen't kicked. But he was told to ask/talk to the rest of the group before acting in this way.

Ok enough about that.

Well, as said before, then the previous issue shook up quite some people.

People had claimed for a long time that proportional upscrollers couldn't be done. As my fellow co-editor Cupid says: Some even still think that it can not be done. Well I hope we/Skyhigh has convinced the scene that it really can be!!!. I am not 100% sure, but I do think that Skyhigh was the first magazine to bring it as a standard routine. Still I have heard rumours say ing that Triad have, or had, a magazine using similar routines. BUT, I myself hasn't seen this particulary mag or any other using it. So until someone proves me wrong I will claim that Skyhigh did it as the no. 1 !!!

As mentioned in the previous issue, then I'm aware of at least 2 more magazines who wanted to beat me by bringing proportional upscroll as the first. The two mags I'm talking about are: The Tribune and Vandalism News. So far though, I haven't seen it released, but let's just wait and see.

Ok, enough about that for now. Coz more changes has taken place starting from this issue. I've gained some more members for the Skyhigh staff. But why don't I mention 'em right here and right now!!


Stefan and I have come up with a brand new idea for a serie in this magazine. For people who know, or swap with Intruder it might not be that difficult to figure out what it is.

Oldies!!!! - No not lame old music, but cewl old demoparts ofcourse. Yes starting from this issue and into the future you will find an oldie, hand-picket by the Intruder himself. Furthermore you might find some interviews or other kind of interesting chapters. Watch out, is all I can say.


Some readers has asked for more 'text chapters' in Skyhigh. With 'text chapters' they meant chapters which wasn't 'the normal' c64-like. E.g. : charts, news, interviews a.s.o. So what is more logical than letting Christian join in. Some might know him from the Arcoss mag  : MENDIP where he used to be co-editor. Now he is under the Skyhigh force with new power. Check out his own corner + the VISION chapter which, in my eyes, has some very good ideas. Christian might also do some interviews + other exciting chapters. So better take care my friends.

In the previous issue I asked for help with some of the chapters. And guess what !! 2 persons has volun- teered to help me.


Jonas has offered to help me with the boardnumbers. BUT only the boardnumbers, no release chapters e.g. But Stefan has informed me that he will get a modem soon so he might do that in the future.


Sascha has offered his help with the charts. So from the next issue the charts will be taken care of by him. This time I did 'em again (I had done most of the counting and work when I got his letter - so..), but be sure to see his job in the next issue of Skyhigh.

Yes these where the new co-editors. I would like to welcome each and one of them. I'm sure we will have a great time.

Last time I wrote about this thought I've been playing with now and then. For those who can't remember what it was, I can briefly tell you what it was : What if you had the talent & knowledge of today, say 8-10 years ago. Or in other words: imagine you could draw like you do today 8 years ago. At the same time I touched the area around multi speed tunes. What if the composers had used multi-speed players back then ???

Well surprise, coz THEY DID .... Yes it's true. Zyron of Antic/Swemix/Remembers has supplied me with some quite cool informations about that (see the reactions chapter too!). Actually one composer used quadro players back in 1986. Some of the newcommers might not even know this certain composer, but for the ones of us who have been there for quite some years his name wakes up cool memories. But who were this composer then ??? Ok let me reveal it :


One of the real legends. Zyron also gave some exam- ples of legendary games he did :

- Terra Cresta - Wizball & Yie Ar Kung FU

Ring a bell ?? - Yes I thought so. But why do I write all this? Hmmmm, ofcoz I have a reason for it.


Looooong time ago I tried to start up a chapter with information from the past. A chapter with stories from the 'old days' so to speak. But somehow I never succeeded in doing that. Only one person responded. This person was no-one else than my cool Swedish buddy : Devil of Noice... I can't recall in what issue it was, but it was a part of the story about Horizon. The birth of the group, members and some records they did. - A really cool chapter indeed. Unfortunately that was all that happened. Such a shame....

So Zyron brought us a little bit more, but I could use much more... The problem is that I don't know, or remember much from that time. But there has to be some one out there who do. There has to be some old timers who hide a piece of the past way back in their minds. If you are one of'em why not share it with the rest of us!! Coz to me it's very important to know what I'm dealing with. I would like to know about the roots. It's something I feel is worth to be protected; worth to be common knowledge to everybody. Skyhigh has started to do something about it, by bringing old demoparts from the 'good ole days!!' What we could use is some information and facts about culminations reached within our beloved scene. Some examples could be :

  • Who did the first bluebox for the c64 ?
  • Which group was the first one who cracked a game?
  • Who invented FLI (some say Blackmail ??)
  • Who did the first diskmagazine ?
  • Stories of worldrecords, and who did 'em ?
  • Informations about some of the legendary groups as Dutch 1001, The softteam, Hotline, Ikari, FAC, Dominators a.s.o.

Wouldn't it be cool to hear something about oldtimers like : Speedcracker, TMC (Charles Deenen), or people who had handles, people are (re)using to day. I'm talk ing about :

Mad (One of the cewl old composers)

Bob (one hell of a graphician. He did several titlescreens for games)

Intruder (Yes there has been an Intruder before. The old Intruder was Dutch..)

And the list goes on and on.. I presume some of the newcommers didn't even know about these persons. I myself haven't been in the scene before 1992-1993 but I have had my c64 since 1984 and I have seen a lot of stuff from these days, so I would say that I'm a bit experienced in the area. Still I would like to know more, and I would like the interested ones of you to know it too.. So if you have something to share, please don't hesitate my friends.

Send it to me at this addy :


Ok, now to something different. -In the previous issue of this magazine I asked you to help me with updating the addy chapters. At the time beeing two guys did a wonderfull job by sending me lists with many changes. I would like to thank these two guys right here and right now :

A big yoho to : Nastiness, Inc./Angry & Walker/F4CG...

But to the point!!! Stefan has suggested to remove all addies. This would make more people start voting coz they want their addy in. But it has always been my intention to keep the addies and simply update 'em from time to time. It's one hell of a job and it cannot be done without the help of all you out there, but it is in my eyes worth it. BUT.. I'm willing to make a compromise. Maybe I should delete all the addies and start all over again.. In this way I'm sure to get rid of all the invalid ads. On the other hand, then many people has told me how cool they find all the addies.. So what shall I do ?? Please tell me what you think. I think if more people helped me with corrections like Barry and Jonas did it will not be necessery to delete 'em. But please let me know what you think.. Just send me a reaction for the next issue..


Ok, now to something quited different :


Hmmm, so what does this strange topic hide ?? Is it about letting people spell like they want to, or is it maybe about people spelling 'in a different way'

Aooooonk, times up!! - And the right answer was......

Well this might not be of a big interest for some of you out there. But for people who have counted some votesheets it might catch some interest. Becoz votesheets are what it's all about. Or rather what people write on them. You would be surprised by the handwriting on some of them. It really can be a tough job trying to read a reaction, an addy or the votes. But as said before, this is not what it's all about. What I'm trying to tell you is that sometimes its quite funny to count all the votes, becoz you see so many mistakes. Ofcoz it doesn't matter at all how people write on the sheets, but still it can bring some joy.

Lemme give an example: Skihigh !!! Eventhough people are not allowed to vote for this magazine, some still do. What really makes it funny is that they even cant spell it right on the Skyhigh votesheet. The right way is shown 'loud and clearly' at the top, and still they manage to do it wrong. Amazingly....

And there are more :


Most of them might be regular spelling mistakes, but the next ones are a tad different.


Well this is quite a common mistake, but also a quite big one I must say. Rob Hubbard was one of the best composers on this computer ever. Ron hubbard or : Ron L. Hubbard as his right name is, is the leader of the, in my eyes, fake sect : Scientolegi. (I guess I might have misspelled that...)


Again we're talking about to widely different things. I guess all know the difference, so all I'm gonna say is, that voting for Tribute as a mag is absolutely not a good idea.


This one is quite funny. Another Hip hop group has seen the light. So maybe Mr. Sex should change his handle to : Mc. Sex - he he!! Make it ruff..


Somehow I got the feeling that Reflex has forgotten to inform me that their mag has changed its name, and what about you Stefan, what do you think...

The last one was quite a shock for me. Another co-op has been build. Somehow I got the feeling that the members hasen't been informed about it yet - he he. Here we go :


Well I guess someone woke up and smelled the coffee as they saw that - he he!!

- Ok enough about that. Just have it in mind next time you're voting - ok...

Well I guess you all have noticed that I'm trying to hold on to the past, and in the same time conquering the future. Some might call that a strange mix-up. But actually it's quite deliberate. You always have to follow the progress; maybe even make the progress yourself, but in the same time stick to the roots. This is very hard to do, but still I try. The way I will do it is as mentioned before to bring an old demopart everytime. Second I will try to gather information from the past.

And third : I have another idea. Yes the head of the Bizman is cooking all the time!!! Well to the point. Besides the exclusive tunes, I have decided to bring 1 (one!!) old'n'legendary tune every issue. So starting from this issue there should be 3 exclusive tunes + an oldie.

So in case you haven't tried all the zax then I would advice you to load the 4th tune and check it out.

I'm ofcoz still looking for exclusive tunes for this magazine. So if you feel like doing some then don't hesitate at all. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules:

                LOCATION : $1000 - $1fff

                    INIT : $1000
                    PLAY : $1003

Singleplayer only......

Remember that your tune will be widely spread with this magazine + if there's free space on the disk it'll be spread there as well. Furthermore your tune will be in the next TUNEHIGH. So come on guys. Send!!

You know where to send it, if not then look above.

Ok I guess that was all the Bizman had on his mind, for this time. So all there's left is to say goodbye 4 now. See you in the next issue. PEACE...


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