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==Intro info and scrolltext==
      intro code by cris of amok       
  music by thomas mogensen of amok   
    logo by treat improved by chris   
    charsets in this intro by chris   
  copyright amok coding department   
  sex and crime main program coded by
          volker of amok             
      charset by omg of amok         
  logo by hein design of density     
      music by j.o. of amok           
hey, another fabulous production by amok designs !!! we wrote the main program in one week under time pressure !! now we are writing the scroll on a borrowed c-64 in venlo !! some new options in the new main program: joystick left/right for fast text-scrolling,all numbers for choosing the chapters, arrow up for print menu,arrow left for mailbox !! press space for auto-play!! adjust the speed by pressing +/- !! amok greetings to all our friends in thescene !!! space....

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[edit] Intro info and scrolltext

      intro code by cris of amok        
   music by thomas mogensen of amok     
    logo by treat improved by chris     
    charsets in this intro by chris     
   copyright amok coding department     

  sex and crime main program coded by
           volker of amok               
       charset by omg of amok           
   logo by hein design of density       
       music by j.o. of amok            

hey, another fabulous production by amok designs !!! we wrote the main program in one week under time pressure !! now we are writing the scroll on a borrowed c-64 in venlo !! some new options in the new main program: joystick left/right for fast text-scrolling,all numbers for choosing the chapters, arrow up for print menu,arrow left for mailbox !! press space for auto-play!! adjust the speed by pressing +/- !! amok greetings to all our friends in thescene !!! space....

[edit] Editorial

sex'n'crime #010           december 1989
2.........reactions  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8..........contacts and previews interview year  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music.......................jesper olsen
articles................omg,oliver malms

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
sweden:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
new zealand: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
new zealand: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


so, here it is...

the LAST issue of SEX'N'CRIME...
              ...for THIS year ! (hehe)

hundreds of letters arrived to save the
SEX'N'CRIME ! thank you very much !
we love you all ! (apart from some...)
anyway, x-mas is the celebration of love
all over the world... so, let us follow
this example and have peace in this
issue. actually we were sad to see how
some german pretenders misused their
"magazine" to improve their own image on
the expense of others. some of them try
to put us down on the few mistakes we
do and blame us for things we never did.
well, then... it's seems to get popular
to blame each other for small mistakes,
instead of correcting them. in fact we
DID send a correction of many mistakes
that MAGIC NEWS did, but our letter was
ignored. so, we finally decided to
contradict some obvious mistakes of
other magazines in public instead of
sending letters to them as that seemed
to be of no use.


[edit] Reactions

             * REACTIONS! *

you asked for a chance... we have given
it to you. in every point twice done,
and then done double, but you were using
foul tricks all the time. you complained
about dirty lies that others spread
about you. oh, poor you... but, it's
your own fault. you invented too many
lies about too many noble people...
of course these people hate you now and
use the same weapons you used... but,
nobody needs to invent lies about you,
as you already did more shit than anyone
could ever invent or dream of...
how come you are the most hated person
all over the world ? we never intended
to use SEX'N'CRIME to lead a war against
anyone, but someone must teach you a
lesson. you have offended us for too
long. and we are no longer willing to
remain in silence. you are a liar and
an equivocator and we will prove it to
the world.

dear TOM of SODOM...
i talked to you on the phone and you
seemed to be reasonable at last. we do
await your RELAX #004 and hope you will
correct your mistakes after all.
remember: we didn't start the fire.

hey, ACID...
you wrote into your NEWS ON DISK that
we in SEX'N'CRIME are too subjective.
see, we definitely try to be objective.
(at least we (!) TRY !) in fact this is
very hard to realize for a human being.
(you would know if you had ever tried !)
so, although it is apparent that our
language in this magazine frequently
reflects the moods and characters of
the writers, it often does so in subtle
ways. in addition, deeper and wider
impressions are being evoked, so that
the language of SEX'N'CRIME throughout
reflects its underlying ideas:
the onset of evil fostered in human
souls, doubt and insecurity (represented
in ambiguous words) and finally the
triumph of truth and justice. some
further suggestions may be done in the
text in general about the use of
particular words by which these wide-
ranging impressions are conveyed.


[edit] Rumours and News

          * RUMOURS AND NEWS *

according to MAGIC NEWS "REFLEC and ZETA
were kicked out of CONTEX" and later
('last minute' news) "CLEAR joined
CONTEX". in fact REFLEC and ZETA are (!)
CLEAR, so CLEAR is NOT in CTX anylonger.
actually i'm a little sceptical about
CONTEX and their abilities as crackers.
i really LOOOOVE their great demos but
they released quite some strange cracks
in the past...
had been released 1-2 years ago. a pity,
as ROCKSTAR seemed to be an upper-class
cracker. these releases really made me
wonder about him. anyway, BUD was kicked
out again as they have a new original
supplier, called HIPSHOPS, who actually
is not a real member but their supplier
anyway. hopefully ROCKSTAR will do some
proper cracks again.

MAGIC NEWS also said "all members of
the swiss group ACT 501 joined GENESIS,
which caused the death of ACT 501."
complete nonsense. ACT 501 is still
alive. RASTER BUSTER rejoined his old
group HEAVEN 17 and METHUSALEM wanted
to join GENESIS under his new name
SEXTON. all members of ACT 501 are
where they belong. that's all.
MAGIC NEWS claimed to have "the best and
hottest news". well, in fact the german
party-line number was not the only thing
they have stolen from SEX'N'CRIME...

according to MAGIC NEWS "CENTAURI was
kicked out of GENESIS" and "HENRY left
GENESIS in order to join AMOK."
once more this is nonsense...
actually HENRY was a member of a group,
called CENTAURI and joined GENESIS as
he is a good friend of SONIX. he left
later on as he decided to be legal and
joined AMOK. also DRAX was not kicked
out of NATO but left on purpose.

MARXISTS were kicked out of X-RAY after
only a few days. they are now dreaming
of joining CENSOR... (oh, no !)

SPITFIRE asked DEREK B (former member of
NATO, SUCCESS, X-RAY, ARRAY, 711 and now
in CENSOR) to join ACTION but DEREK B
didn't want to ! a couple of days later
he then finally agreed. TWP was kicked
out of ACTION and now joined NATO.

TANNER of SUCCESS joined X-RAY but might
stop soon as he has some problems
with police. TREAT of SUCCESS changed
his name into VIP and joined CREST.
MAGIC CIRCLE of SUCCESS left the scene.

ROOZE and MAGIC (ex-CHANNEL 42) left
RTI and joined DCS. by the way, DCS
never was dead. MIK cracked a lot but
didn't spread it to much. but he finally
started swapping again a couple of weeks
ago. DCS: alive and kicking !

JITY left BABYGANG and joined the

FBR (usa) and some other americans built
up a new group, called INTENSE.

20CC left AMOK again as AMOK never used
any of their musics.

IMAGE of GENESIS stopped computing.
TRANSCOM lost some members. STINGER
joined GENESIS and UNKNOW is mainly in
the atari-st scene nowadays.

according to many different swiss people
not ALPHAFLIGHT made "the look" (music),
but a swiss guy, called IRONCAT of
WOLFEN. AFL just used it in their mag
"relax" and gave credits to themselves.

some members of HURRICANE are in war
with AHEAD. a lamer from AHEAD (as far
as i know it was AGARIC) has ripped the
disk-cover (!) that THOMAS ACKERMANN had
drawn for GENESIS ("be our friend or be
dead !"). the "genesis" logo was erased
and an "ahead" logo was placed over it.
even the "(c) by t.a. of amok" was
removed and replaced by a fat sign,
saying "agaric designs". laaaaaaame...
now lamers even ripp disk-covers !!

PYRAX of DYNAMIX stopped swapping and
joined BLUE CHIP. he already did some
quite cool graphics which will probably
be released soon. his former contacts
should get in touch with any other
member of DYNAMIX.

WAVE (ex-ORION) and 2 members of the
belgium ACID crew joined LEGEND.

a couple of weeks ago a new group was
formed: LOTUS. some of the members are
STEVE and WATSON (ex-FUNTEX), the old
YETI (?!) and some members of MATRIX.
their version of GHOST'N'GHOULS was
quite good in fact.


the australian WOT will not join F4CG
or DEFENSE but keep WOT alive as a
demo-group. so, wait for their next
cool demos !


RICKY D. left VISION, changed his name
into PUNISHER and joined BABOONS..
AMOK aswell. the entire group MEGASTYLE
(norway's no.1 demo-coders) joined AMOK.

rumours said that TRONIC of ASIA had
joined GENESIS. in fact GENESIS has
never heart of that guy, so he sure
is not a member of that group.

a new french group, called COBRA.

who ever that DR.DEATH, who was said
to have built up a federation against
SPITFIRE, is... he definitely is not
DR.DEATH of PARAMOUNT ! actually not
even i know that guy. these "news" were
given to us by PARSON of WWE.
(his letter will be printed in SMASHER)
so, ask PARSON who that DR.DEATH is
supposed to be. DR.DEATH himself
suspects MANIAC (kicked out of PARAMOUNT
a while ago) of inventing this shit.
however, watch out for PARAMOUNT's new
"THE REAL DEMO 2" which will be released

RAISTLIN of GENESIS will soon start a
new disk-based magazine, called ENDEMIC.
(sequel of his former mag ROUGH GROUND.)

DOGFRIEND will move houses to nastved
(danish town) on 1.1.90. that means
faster cracks and faster spreading.
the next (and probably last) issue of
the DOMINATORS-magazine "BUSINESS" will
be released at their christmas-party
(26-30.12.89 held by dom, upfront and
trilogy) as well as the latest demo from
UPFRONT. however, UPFRONT will not take
part in their own demo-competition.

DRIVE is dead. SYS joined ALPHA FLIGHT.
TRANTOR and the dutch section of DRIVE
joined SPHINX.

MADMAN changed his name from 2BAD into
GLENN. WARBOY changed his name into
CRONOS. both were former TRISTAR members
who are now in ALPHA FLIGHT. they got a
nice paper-magazine, named "OUTBREAK".

LAZER apologised for their lame try to
cheat the charts in SEX'N'CRIME.
according to them the responsibles were
kicked out.

and ARMYANT left LAZER and joined

some rumours said, that NUKEBUSTERS are
dead. in fact only the german members
stopped. the (real) new zealandian
NUKEBUSTERS are still going like always.

THE SENTINEL who pretended to be legal
in ICON ARTS still is illegal as he is
TOM ARAYA of F4CG aswell.

KID NICE (ex-POWERS OF PAIN) was kicked
out of WWE. he built up his own group,
called "FREEZ DESIGN" (?)


[edit] News and Previews

         * NEWS AND PREVIEWS: *

THE FORCE (israel) finished a new game,
including 20 cool levels. each of them
contains a different music.

there will be a party in the summer'90
which probably will be held by MEGASTYLE
soon release "piece of cake 2".
also MEGASTYLE does NOT code games for
DENSITY's offer. by the way, of course
PRICE is a member of MSI aswell, even
though he was forgotten in the interview
in our last issue.
       o           o
HORIZONowill arrange a party in a big
school in varbo/stockholm (sweden) on
13-16 april 1990. to get an invitation,
write to: zagoo and bagder of horioon
kolmilevangen 3/14142 huddinge/sweden.

STAD of MAGNETIX started an "anti-war"
project. all demos should fight against
war, radical ideologies, nazi-wares etc.
STAD promised, all demos will be shown
on german television and many official
magazines will write about it. so, if
you want to participate, send a demo
including pacifistic ideas to:
the deadline is: 31.01.1990
each of those who take part will get ALL
of the demos.


[edit] One Year

        * ONE YEAR SEX'N'CRIME *

well, well... so, it is christmas...
1989 is almost over and SEX'N'CRIME is
exactly 1 year old now. weird times we
had... weird, weird times...
actually we had a little meeting at my
place about 1 year ago... it was a rainy
sunday afternoon and we were absolutely
bored. we were reading ILLEGAL and
watching a few demos. so, suddenly we
had the stupid idea to do something like
an ILLEGAL-demo. so, we started coding a
lame little main-program and typed in
all things we knew. we even invented
some funny (as we thought) crap about a
group, only consisting of girls, named
it was pretty funny to read all those
stupid letters we got as girls... hehe !
see, this text-demo was never meant to
be a real magazine but just a little
joke. we thought about a funny name...
news'n'charts sounded too serious we
thought so we took SEX'N'CRIME as the
name as sex and crime are what everyone
wants to know about (just check tv !).
well, we sp-eaded the program and then
forgot it. we didn't think about it
anymore until we got several hundred
letters all asking for issue 2,3 and 4.
first we didn't want to do more issues
but then the others persuaded me to
continue. we coded a new main-program
and then finally issue #2 was released
with a delay of approx. 4 months. yepp.
that was the real birth of SEX'N'CRIME.
since that time our magazine was out
every month until today... we always
tried to do a main-program that does not
look like a mega-demo but serves the
wishes of the readers. we thought our
last main-prog was ok, but many of you
asked us to do a new main-file as it was
boring to read the text in the same
outfit every month... so, here it is.
the new main-file... we tried to improve
a little... we had some small new ideas
and we hope you like SEX'N'CRIME the way
it is now. this is our christmas present
for our readers ! (hehehe...)
tell us, if you still want us to change
anything. anyway, since SEX'N'CRIME was
a big success, many people had the same
idea... more and more magazines were
started, vbut most of them are just lame
propaganda for their authors. this is
how i would rank the other magazines...

01. mamba           (crazy)
02. fatal news      (censor)
03. magnetic dreams (magnetix)
04. news'n'charts   (opal)
05. coococ          (dynamix)


[edit] Games

               * GAMES: *

CARRIER COMMAND on c-64 is pretty lame.
the amiga version is better by far.
actually the cool vector-graphics are
missing, so what is this game good for
after all ? anyway, nice graphics.
rating: 47%

TOM AND JERRY 2 is a lame sequel of a
lame game. nice graphics but a miserable
joystick control. awfull music...
this does not deserve more than 20%

COMPUNET is a pretty cool mixture of
DYNAMIX and TETRIS. very good graphics
and a cool music. everything was done
by members of the FBI-CREW. coooool !
actually i hate that they have stolen
the idea of those two other games rather
than inventing their own game. anyway,
the game in general is good. rating: 86%

DOUBLE DRAGON 2. another lame sequel.
ugly graphics, ridiculous music and a
bad joystick control. if you want to
play a karate-game, play RENEGADES from
but, this game is crap. rating: 23%


[edit] Charts

               * CHARTS *

all entries with less than 10 points
were skipped. sorry, but most "lamers"
just gave points for themselves, so
there were about 30 names in each list
with less than 10 points. remember:
these charts are weird but NOT cheated.
before complaining ask me to send copies
of the 47 vote-sheets to you.

             CRACKER CHARTS

01.    genesis        304      germany
02.    talent+ikari   270      england
03.    illusion       225      norway
04.    711            211      germany
05.    contex         136      finland
06.    censor         130      sweden
07.    success        113      germany
08.    action         109      germany
09.    dominators     106      denmark
10.    dcs             98      england
11.    nato            79      england
12.    paramount       74      germany
13.    legend          57      belgium
14.    dynamix         53      germany
15.    rough trade     50      england
16.    f4cg            36      italy
17.    nec             34      usa
18.    fairlight       33      sweden
19.    derbyshire ram  32      england
19.    crazy           32      swiss
21.    x-ray           30      germany
22.    transcom        27      france
22.    alphaflight     27      germany
24.    hotline         24      holland
24.    science 451     24      sweden
24.    fantasy         24      lazer
27.    lazer           21      austria
28.    atc             19      usa
29.    century         15      germany
30.    sphinx          14      holland
31.    light           13      sweden
32.    lotus           12      germany
33.    x-factor        11      denmark
34.    respect         10      ???
34.    excess          10      england
34.    falcon          10      holland
34.    raw deal        10      norway


01.    contex         192       finland
02.    megastyle      188       norway
03.    genesis        120       england
04.    ruling company 103       holland
05.    blackmail       88       holland
06.    censor design   82       sweden
06.    nato            82       denmark
08.    density         69       holland
09.    horizon         59       sweden
10.    mdg             47       germany
11.    shape           44       ???
11.    the voice       44       austria
13.    fairlight       43       sweden
14.    beyond force    41       finland
14.    light           41       sweden
16.    cosmos design   34       austria
17.    hoaxers         32       ???
18.    upfront         31       denmark
19.    shadows         29       norway
20.    logic           27       ???
21.    origo           23       finland
21.    crest           23       germany
23.    x-ample         22       germany
24.    the black lords 17       ???
25.    triad           14       sweden
25.    quality         14       hungary
25.    atom            14       france
25.    impulse         14       ???
29.    atrix           13       ???
30.    royality        10       germany
30.    danish design   10       denmark
30.    t.a.t.          10       austria

             BEST CRACKERS

01.    snacky        genesis    104
02.    antitrack     711         50
03.    arrogance     success     48
04.    mr.lee        711         37
05.    sauron        illusion    32
06.    rockstar      contex      28
07.    syndicate     dynamix     23
08.    goblin        genesis     21
09.    bod           talent      19
10.    megasnail     nato        14
11.    just ice      ikari       11
12.    mik           dcs         10
12.    drake         contex      10

            BEST MUSICIANS

01.    ed.v.santen   20cc       144
02.    j.bjerregaard m.o.n.     119
03.    jch           amok       109
04.    jesper olsen  amok        82
05.    m.schneider   x-ample     76
06.    t.mogensen    amok        60
07.    ch.deenen     m.o.n.      59
08.    moz(ic)art    shape       54
09.    mac magix     trc         38
10.    ???           fame        37
11.    c.huelsbeck   -           23
12.    beat mashine  dynamix     20
12.    link          amok        20
14.    drumtex       msi         17
14.    skyline tech. horizon     17
16.    sidchip scr.  the force   12
17.    zardax        origo       11

            BEST DESIGNERS

01.    robert        blackmail   69
01.    scrap         contex      69
03.    hein design   density     52
04.    tpa           x-ample     44
05.    t.ackermann   amok        40
06.    brady         wot         36
07.    dutch judge   trc         35
08.    orc           blackmail   34
09.    flex          contex      29
10.    salem         x-rated     21
11.    redstar       logic       20


[edit] Contacts

              * CONTACTS *

remember: to get your adress in here
          you either have to VOTE or
          send some hot NEWS !



[edit] Interview

             * INTERVIEW: *

have you ever seen a perfect S'N'C ?!
well, me neither... hehehe...
sorry, once again we didn't have any
time to type an interview. but, who
cares, really ?! next time then...


thanks for news, votings, spreading and
general support to:

20cc,711,lazer,manowar,magnetix,unit 5,
tetragon,cosmos design,mega industries,
hurricane, damage,wot,process,tfc,fbr,
daniax,network,rough trade,dualis,crazy,
and all the others.

good bye now. please remember to spread
this issue to all your contacts again.
the more readers we have the better we
can report about all kind of news...

                THE END

[edit] Mailbox

              MAILBOX V3.0

-amok was in venlo on 23.12.89 !!!
-fuckinx to a little lamer having a
-'krollekopp' and living in kempen !
-his name: ??/??? (shortened form!)

D64 MD5: c076211e0b81c8876fbd6025d4809a7c

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